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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman

Updated on March 2, 2011

While the Scorpio man and Aquarius woman will initially be highly attracted to each other, this will probably fizzle out over time due to the extreme differences in how deeply each is capable of feeling passion. Mentally, they will be intrigued by one another, and they will find each other very entertaining -- but when it comes to the boudoir, there will be a noticeable disconnect. This disconnect may not be very disturbing to the Aquarius woman, but I suspect the Scorpio man will not be able to cope with it for very long. Then again, if they've got favorable aspects in their birth charts, these things may be a non-issue. But if they haven't, well, things don't look all that promising, I'm afraid. To learn more about the love compatibility between the Scorpio male and Aquarius female, do read on!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man prides himself on being able to seem enigmatic and detached, thereby drawing women to him like a flies to a great big pot of pea soup. But while Aquarius woman will find him more interesting than most of the men she's encountered in her life, she will not even come close to falling all over herself to get his attention. In fact, if he's not keen to give it to her, she can pretty much take him or leave him. (In the beginning, at least!) This will knock Scorpio man for such a big loop that he will not know what to do with himself. As a result, he will take her indifference as a challenge and go into full pursuit mode. Aquarius woman will find it flattering, naturally, and the more interest he shows, the more of her time she'll put aside for him. But it's unlikely that Aquarius woman will ever fall madly in love with Scorpio man, because she will view most of his needs and wants as childish and annoying when it comes to how much of her affection and attention he demands. Aquarius woman is not one to be tethered to a man's arm, and she will not enjoy any attempts at such. If Scorpio man wants to lasso Aquarius woman in, he will need to be much more subtle and let her have the impression that she's falling in love with him because she wants to -- not because he wants her to!

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is very relaxed and laid back. She's friendly and congenial and most of what bothers other people will roll right off her back, because she's cool like that. But she doesn't want to be pestered and she doesn't want anyone clinging to her. This doesn't mean she doesn't need a fair amount of affection and attention in the boudoir, but she will quite possibly view Scorpio man's intense need for her entire soul to be a bit taxing. By the same token, Scorpio man will not be able to fathom how any woman could be so lukewarm when he puts the moves on her. He will take this as a clear sign she doesn't love him, and this is where the real trouble begins, because a Scorpio male whose ego has been wounded is not a pretty sight. He can become downright mean when he thinks he's being toyed with, and Aquarius woman's laid back attitude to romance can make him feel like that is precisely what's taking place. If Scorpio man wants to be with Aquarius woman for the long haul, he must realize that her boudoir style is not as intense as his, and this should not be taken personal. If he can't cope with this, however, things could become very bumpy.


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