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Secret Santa - does he really exist?

Updated on December 9, 2013

Will you be doing Secret Santa in your workplace, school or college this year? You know where you agree a small amount to be spent (say £5), you pick a colleague’s name out of a hat and then when they open their present they try and guess who has bought it?

Sounds easy enough, although I remember an accountant in one of the places where I worked who was not happy to receive a child’s abacus. The atmosphere at that festive lunch was then as frosty as the weather outside!


A real Secret Santa

Mind you I did experience a “real” Secret Santa once. A Christmas card arrived, addressed to our two grandchildren and containing a £20 note. There was no postmark on the envelope, the greeting simply said “From Secret Santa”, so who else could have sent it?

God = Secret Santa?

The question is, do we treat God as our Secret Santa? And perhaps not just at Christmas?

We can find ourselves regularly preparing lists of things and help we want from Him. Of course the requests may not be selfish and just for ourselves, but all the same, does He feel as if we only believe in Him for what we can get out of it?


Meeting needs

If we play Secret Santa the right way, we try and find out what the person we are buying for is interested in. We can then get them a gift that will be useful to them, and if we really choose well, one that they need.

Now if we can do that, how much more we can trust God to give us what we need, when we need it. It may be that we don’t get what we want, but what good parent ever gave their child everything they ask for?

At this Christmastime, may we remember the best gift that God gave us, in the shape of His Son, Jesus.

Our present to God

And if we want to give God a present, we can do no better than heed the good advice in Christina Rossetti’s popular hymn “What can I give Him, Poor as I am.... Yet what I can I give Him, my heart.”


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