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Why God Loves Hide and Seek. Why God Is Horrible at It. and Why 1 Plus 1 Doesn't Actually Equal 2.

Updated on September 17, 2017
Austin Bingham profile image

Austin Bingham was a pastor for 2 years and now leads worship in the bible belt south of North Carolina.


Why God Loves playing Hide and Seek. Why He is Horrible at it, and why 1 plus 1 does not equal 2.

I will never forget the first time I stepped foot into a Church. To this day I can feel the red velvet of the pews rubbing up against the back of my legs as the tips of my toes barely touched the floor. That little white Church that sat on a hill at the end of the road captivated me from the very beginning and from then on, I was hooked. I became what can only be described as a "Church rat." If the doors were open, I was there.

Years later, I had grown large enough for my feet to touch the ground and began attending the youth group. One night, me and two of my friends were up late playing xbox. It was near the end of October and we had gotten bored with video games and decided to play a prank on our youth pastor who lived across the street from that little white Church.

Off to Wal-Mart we went. We waltzed right into the Halloween costume section and decided since our youth pastor was deathly afraid of clowns we would grab the most frightening one we could find. Before I knew it we were all at his back door which, to our surprise, was unlocked. His wife and child were out of town and we knew all we had to do was walk right up the stairs, open His door, let out a blood-curling scream and have a story for the ages.

My friends waited at the bottom of the stairs as I, the lucky one with the costume, tip-toed up the stairs and saw the door. As I was about to turn the knob, I heard a deep growl echoing from the other side. Me and my friends had forgotten to take into account the attack dog!

I quickly bolted down the stairs and hid behind a sofa in the living room. I peeked over the sofa from my hiding spot and realized that one of my friends had found a spot to hide as I had but another had froze right in the middle of the room, as if standing very still in the dead center of a living space makes one invisible to the naked eye. My youth pastor opened his door, walked down the stairs, flipped on the lights and saw my friend standing with his eyes closed in the middle of the room.

"What are you doing in my house?!"

Now what I am about to say is going to be shocking,

and you may not believe it at first,

but did you know that God loves playing Hide and Seek?

And did you know that He plays it just as bad, or if not worse then my friend who hides in plain sight?

Yes, its true.

Have you ever stepped back and took the time to realize that the "life" that we go about living on a day to day basis, is just plain weird?

I want you to participate in an experiment with me. Stand up and go to the nearest mirror that you can find, or if you have a mirror that is small that you could hold in your hand, that would be even better. Now look into the mirror. Take a long good look at yourself. What do you see? I can hear it now...

  • I see myself.
  • This is silly.
  • I have seen myself like this countless times.
  • I'm (insert your name here.) I'm 26 years old. I am a brother/sister, mother/father, aunt/uncle, husband/wife.
  • I am successful and I play the guitar, or whatever it is that you do.
  • I am like-able and fashion-able or spiritual.

The list goes on and on. Here is the problem. Everything that you just observed about yourself were things that you were taught. They are things that you have learned and were told about what you call "your self."

Now what is the problem with that?

The problem is that outside of what you have been taught about yourself, you know absolutely nothing. All there is staring back at you in the mirror is this sack of skin with very strange organs and eyes and all kinds of odd things. So as we go on we say "Well thank goodness that I had parents to tell me all of these things!"

Well here is the problem with that.

The problem is that your parents were taught all of the things that they "know" about themselves from their parents. And their parents were taught by their parents and so on and so on. Now think for a second how little you actually, really know about yourself. How clueless are you about what you call "your self" and the world and the universe that is going on all around you. If you do think you "know" something in a genuine sense, think about how unsure you really are about those things, and those things are few and far between. If that is true of you, then that means it was also true of your parents, and their parents and back and back and back you go.

If looking at yourself in the mirror is starting to either freak you out or make you chuckle then you are probably starting to see the Truth. If not, then you are still refusing to drop the "idea" of your self to actually see your true self who is staring back at you. Think about it this way:

Imagine you and I are sitting in a small room. It is just you and I sitting in two chairs facing each other. There is a small coffee table in between us with a cup of water and a single piece of paper and a pen. I cheerfully take the pen and begin to write the word "wet" mischievously blocking it from your view. I then ball it up and throw it and it bounces off your forehead. How strange would it be to assume that you would spontaneously appear drenched? It would be madness to put so much weight and trust into a simple word or idea however, we do this all of the time. Countries will go to war because of this very example. Churches filled with families will split. It is pure madness. It is like we are arguing over road signs that point to the beach when, just beneath the surface, both of our "symbols" and "ideas" are both pointing to the beach. The same destination. The words that we are using may be different, but the reality or experience is the same.

Very few people are actually aware of the "other" existence that we are all involved in. Between my Idea of you and your idea of me there is something else. I like to use the world "reality" because it is unbiased and doesn't ruffle any feathers. When I say something else between us you may be thinking in terms of concepts and ideas but try to look past that for a moment. I am talking about the person sitting right in front of you who is actually here right now. The actual person, not your idea of the person; not "I see my dad sitting here," forget all of that. I mean there is some sort of existence that is happening in the now that I do not have to manage or think about doing or keep up in any way shape or form. There is some sort of manifested "being" sitting in front of me or you that I can reach out and touch and experience right now.

That my friends, is the real you.

One day some ancient peoples decided that we are going to call ourselves "human beings." They knew that we existed and we ate some sort of material that gave us nourishment and decided to call it "food." The "food" didn't start existing the day we decided to call it "food." Its not really "food" at all. Its just what we are all agreeing to call that "stuff that we put in what we call our mouths." Our definition for and agreement upon the mental concept of what we call "food" does not do anything but take our attention away from the actual thing we are talking about. Not to mention that the people who decided to call it "food" had no clue what they were doing anyways!

Here is where it really starts to get interesting.

Here is something that seems simple.

We all learn this.

What does 1 plus 1 equal?




Now before you stop reading and toss this whole article up to absolute madness, lets take a deep look at this thing.

1 plus 1 does not equal 2 because there is no such thing in reality as 1 or 2 because that is a system of numbers that we made up! The same people as you, who had absolutely no clue about anything except what they had learned, which was all "taught nonsense and agreed upon concepts" that were given by people who had no clue (called their parents) made up that number system! In reality, there are not "2" apples, there is only an apple and then an apple and then an apple. These "words" and "symbols" that we use are an attempt to make sense of a very strange and wondrous world that we know absolutely nothing about.

And so,

Why is God horrible at playing Hide and Seek, even though he loves it so much?

Take a look at that mirror one more time.

All of those things you used to describe that "thing" looking back at you were words you were taught by parents who were taught these same words and put the same amount of importance upon them as you did because You accepted the immature notion that what they were telling you was the truth.

Don't feel bad. Most everyone is fooled. I was too for a very long time until the God of universe saw fit to show me a bit of grace.

When you look into that mirror, as I hope you are now, I hope you realize that you are not your name. Maybe it starts with an "A" or a "B." Mine starts with an A for Austin, but of course, now we know that Austin does not exist because the letter "A" does not exist because the alphabet doesn't exist because in reality, we made that up too. All learned, conceptual, symbolic language that you were taught is not actually true In any way as you know it at this moment. If we have stumbled upon the Truth in any way whatsoever, it is likened to playing darts in a football stadium in the dark and hitting a bulls eye from one corner of the end zone to the other. It is called grace and I am thankful for it.

So you know what I think you are looking at in the mirror? God. He is hiding in the one place we never imagined that He would be hiding. Every day when you wake up, He is the first one to greet you. He is the last thing to put you down at night. When you cry out for him He is "Close to the brokenhearted." He is closer than you are to your own self because what you have been taught to be some separate "self" does not actually exist at all. It is just God. The incredible, actual Good News is that as you read this article, God reads it and he writes it. Whatever they call you, it only leads you farther away from the Truth. Jesus wasn't elevating Himself above us all when he said things like "I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." He was a Man who had a proper perspective of who He actually was. He knew that the "Way and the Truth" was the very "Life" He posessed. He was trying to communicate that salvation and awakening were not achieved by outward ethical behavior or dogmatic, religious, ritual acts. He was trying to communicate that the very "Life" that you have been given qualifies you. By existing you are part of the family. You do not "try" to exist, you just do. It is a "free gift of salvation." Religion produces hypocrisy and guilt. Existing, by it's very nature, is Life. Those who "lose these false ideas of their lives" actually find their life. Those who "find, or accept their immature and misunderstood teaching of their lives" will inevitably lose it. There is no "you." There is only God.

Everywhere you look,

Its just God.

Playing hide and seek with his own self,

and hiding out in the open in hopes that you would find Him. (Or He would find Himself.)

In reality you have found Him countless times, you have just been fooled into thinking otherwise.

This secret brings into mind the sharp words of Jesus when He says things like

  • "Wide is the road that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path that leads to life."
  • Or "The way that seems right to a man."
  • Or "Doesn't the scripture say that we are all gods?"
  • Or "When you are faithless, I remain faithful. For I cannot disown myself."

As you look into the mirror, I hope you realize for the first time that you are looking at Divinity. You are looking at the Godhead. You are so much more than you have been taught. There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing needs to change about you or this world for things to become "right."

1+1 does not equal 2.

God loves playing hide and seek.

And God is horrible at it because He (or actually you) finds Himself (or your self) every time He (or you) looks in the mirror.

I write systematically. If you read enough of my articles you will see that I have a plan that I like to stick to. In this one however, if you are clever enough, and you have awakened to this deep insight you will see that the best way for me to close this discussion is to admit,

There really wasn't a discussion at all because there is no such thing as words and concepts, and there is no such thing as the word "discussion." So if anything, I may have done more harm than good by pointing you to the road signs telling you how to get to the beach instead of the beach itself.

And who said that this thing called "life" isn't strange?



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