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Seeing-God-in-the-wind-as-a-way-to-help-explain -God - to - others

Updated on January 11, 2016
the storm is coming
the storm is coming

Feeling the wind of the spirit

Wind, you can't see it, can't touch it, can't smell it. Yet it's power is undeniable it can be completely still and we feel it's absence or it can form a mighty tornado and we can't deny its destructive power. Often when trying to explain how I know there is a God I often use this analogy. I can't "see" Him, but I feel, hear, and see His power. I can also feel when He is absent. I prefer to feel God as the gentle breeze on a spring day bringing forth all the smells of the earth being made new after the harshness of the winter, but sometimes I need the fierceness of the storm winds and God knows which one I need. Often times we get to napping in that calm and when the storm comes we want to retreat to the storm cellar and hide instead of facing the storm. Seeking God during the storm is a necessity and most Christians do this when life is raging around them they are reminded that God is in control and they seek Him till the storm passes and all is calm again then they return to doing what they want with the mentality that everything is ok so doing Gods work and fulfilling His call for our lives is no longer important. This is the most important time to being doing Gods work it's during this time that God will fortify and strengthen you in preparation for the next storm. Ahh bliss how we feel on a hot still day when we step into the shade of a big oak tree and a cooling breeze stirs and cools us down. That's how we feel when God shows us HE is taking care of us in that valley when there is no end to our troubles When we take the time to rest in HIS presence and word HE will provide a calming breeze if not to the storm to us and give us a peace in knowing that He's with us even in the valley. Then there's that Wild rush of wind when you reach the top of the mountain. When God moves in your life and there's no denying it's the work of GOD it's like you could leap out into that air God created and soar like an eagle high above the world!!The song Wind of the Sprit really speaks to me of how the sprit rises up in us to do what we saw as impossible to do become possible when we allow the Holy Spirt to move within us! This is my testimony to that without studying my bible I can't feed my spirit which is very hungry because the more I study the more I receive someone once told me you can't pour from and empty cup and you can't spread the word of God without filling yourself with the word of God first.


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    • Mommy Needs a Nap profile image

      Michelle Clairday 2 years ago from Arkansas

      Love your analogy using the wind. We absolutely have to seek God in the storm. Thank you.