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Updated on March 4, 2017

Seidr Healing, Forn Threifa

Seidr as Other

Seiðr is Wyrd Consciousness, the axis mundi of the inner and outer worlds. Seidfolk are of two worlds, for they penetrate profound consciousness in their exploration of transpersonal reality, or that which is beyond ordinary.

Seidr is an Old European shamanic practice, a magical and spiritual practice. It is pre-Christian so from today’s perspective, may appear sinister. In truth, it is the way and means of deep understanding, both personal and collective. Seidbearers seek out, find, and return with wisdom thought lost, with remedies for ailments, with strength of purpose, and with insight from loving Nature Beings, Ancestors, and Tivar (‘shining, divnie beings; gods).

Seidfolk are considered contrary in today’s society, for they embody the unused potential of the animating force within All That Lives. Other than Forn Threifa healers, they bring about transformation within their patients. Other than divination, they bring about disentanglement within their patients. Other than magic, they engage with the conscious identity of all they encounter. Viewing the world through Seidr eyes is to transcend the conventional for the causal, to forego religion for faith, to relinquish the comfortable for the uncultivated pathways in every aspect of life and living.


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