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Self Belief: How Blacks can Overcome Oppression

Updated on December 31, 2015
It happened in a church
It happened in a church | Source

A Stance of Respect

In memorial, the Israeli way.
In memorial, the Israeli way. | Source


Now (or any moment) is not the time for prayers. While it is proper to mourn the loss of precious lives, it is imperative that Blacks and others grieve rationally. The suffering experienced by the Negro race ought to be enough for the events in Charleston, South Carolina to serve as a bellwether for change. The fact that a lone terrorist had the gall to walk into a Black establishment regardless of whether it was a church, demonstrates the danger that Blacks continue to experience in the United States. That sense of whether Black lives matter has been put to the test over the last few centuries. With a track record that exemplifies the need for increased vigil over the lives and property of African Americans, it is time for a national day of remembrance for those who have fought, fallen, or survived the brutality or racism.

From the days of slavery on, Colored people have had to brave the onslaught of white supremacy. As racism is the most primeval form of groupism, those who perpetrate crimes against human beings based on their chemical makeup is particularly base. Just because someone has darker skin or curly hair does not give anyone the right to hurt or even kill based on these superficial indicators. And what do Blacks do? They forgive their aggressors and forget about the terrible times.

In Israel, there are two occasions, Yom Hazikaron and Yom HaShoa, where Jews observe in solemn remembrance of military members killed in battle and those who lost their lives to terrorism and the atrocities of the Holocaust, respectively. At a designated time, a siren sounds prompting Israelis to even stop traffic to get from their cars and stand in silence in somber reflection. Blacks in America ought to have similar observances. The horrors of slavery remain a blight on the formation of the US. While there exist some ceremonies commemorating the Black experience in America, few show the outright cruelty of the nation’s Original Sin. Perhaps there could be a siren to sound to recognize the first slaves taken from ships to arrive in the New World. Maybe African Americans could hold events depicting the strife of living under the crack of a slave master’s whip.

Martin Luther King Stood for Something

King's legacy continues, whether right or wrong
King's legacy continues, whether right or wrong | Source

The Virtue of an Idea

Mr. Evers' message
Mr. Evers' message | Source

Malcolm X Sought Justice

Malcolm X represented Black radicalism.
Malcolm X represented Black radicalism. | Source

For the Cause

It is like incidents which took place in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church that illustrate the destruction of Blacks in a terrorist context. The assailant sought to specifically murder Black people. That ought to suffice for Blacks to say that they will not stand for any more moral breaches and acts of cowardice taken against their race. For Black lives to matter, African Americans must stand guard against such criminals who seek to harm them. To curb these hostile actions, Blacks ought to be assertive. Their very existence hinges upon suppressing these lone wolves and greater factions.

It is a simple observation that Blacks are far too forgiving and obsequious. In regard to protecting life and property, Blacks have acquiesced in the acts of force exacted against them in the name of faith and turning the other cheek. This is by no means blaming the victims but it is a statement to empower those who have been vulnerable to incursions throughout history. The three M’s, (Dr.) Martin (Luther King, Jr.) Malcolm (X) and Medgar (Evers) all received a bullet for the cause. And two of them (King and Evers) saw death at the hands of white men. After each man’s demise, the arrests of their attackers became top priority but they were forgiven by the majority of Blacks. For them to let the savages wage terror against their lives, Blacks have constantly relinquished power into their hands. All the head in hankerchief Negroes who morally absolve the brutes of the nation and world ought to stand before the forum and confess their iniquity. They are part of the reason that all criminals who initiate force against innocents continue to inflict evil. It is by their sanction that they cease being victims and aid in the actions of their assaulters.


President Obama's trip to Selma

An Alternative to Faith

The roots of these infractions of course remain in faith. As believers, Black Americans jump quickly to forgiving those that have slighted them. With the Judeo-Christian tradition being profound and revered within the African American culture, Blacks cling to the notions of offering their enemy alms and letting go any wrongdoing that that enemy may have committed. It is difficult for Blacks to even contemplate finding justice or to put it directly, making sure that those who act against them get what they deserve. They are reluctant to punish evildoers because they find it to be good to love those enemies. Based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, they hesitate in judging their attackers. Even the word of the Hadith leads Black Muslims to seek the holy work for words on forgiveness. But Black Christians seem to be ever the ones to extend the olive branch in reconciliation. The Negroes who kneel at the feet of the Father to abet the criminals who mean nothing but hazard reward evil rather than addressing and stopping it.

What is to be done? Firstly, for Black Americans to continue to hold onto irrational and detrimental ideals is the real crime. No amount of malice brought against them can outdo the hindrance that they impose upon themselves. So when the families of the slain members of the church in South Carolina say that they forgive the assailant, they are only perpetuating the idea that it is okay for such actions to be carried out by anyone with an irrational plan and weaponry. Next, though they may be forgiving of such despicable deeds, Blacks ought to instead look toward doing what is right and rejecting any notions of forgetting whatever monstrous actions have been acted out against them. Their constant grovelling to those who oppress them only prevents Blacks from progressing. From the bridge of Selma, Alabama to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland to the highways of North Charleston, South Carolina to Charleston the sanctity of Black lives has been tested. Whether from the pistol of law enforcement or from a lone gunman, the loss of African American lives has been made evident. For Blacks to go on believing that racial tension in this country is a thing of the past would be a devastating position. If that had been a Black twentysomething in a synagogue, would the insistence on finding out who he was and what business he had there been considered? Since he was an apparently unassuming white male who happened to stumble onto a Black church, did that free him from any questioning of his intentions? Lastly, the Black Americans who wish to see this nation improve its ties to race ought to look inward and correct long held ideals of victimhood and the inability to cope with existence. By having belief in self, Blacks may have a chance to defeat the vicious nature of the past and anticipate a better future.


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