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Sexual Immorality and Its Consequences

Updated on April 23, 2018
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Matthew is a Christian who loves God. He's been an online writer for 5 years. He loves to share his faith with people all over the world.

Sex is something people take very lightly. They think it’s just another way to have fun not knowing that what they are doing has spiritual implications. The graveness of sexual immorality is something everyone needs to know about so they won’t see it as just another little sin. Many people even call it 'casual' sex; nothing could be farther from the truth.

First off, we have this wrong opinion that all sins are equal in terms of gravity or magnitude; no. There’s small sin and there’s big sin. Sure enough, every sin will take you to hell—small or big—but sexual sin is so grave that, unlike other sins, it has spiritual, mental, and physical impact and many people are not aware of this.

You might have a bit of problem with this claim of sexual sin being a more serious sin, but Jesus himself didn’t say all sins are equal. In John 19:11, when Jesus was speaking to Pilate he said these words: “Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.

You wouldn’t think Jesus was trying to be puckish when he made that statement; he meant it. There is great unifying power within the sexual union. God designed it to involve not only bodies but hearts and lives. It’s in the premise of sexual sin being a greater sin that I’m writing this article.

Do Not Commit Adultery With Another Man’s Property

Whatever a man does, it has to be within the parameters of natural laws and spiritual (God) laws. Whether or not you will operate within the limits set by the laws of nature and God’s laws shouldn’t be based on feelings. You should act based on the knowledge of the fact that it’s a law. And a law shouldn’t be defied.

Some of these laws, we strongly obey because the destruction is immediate; i.e., the laws of gravity, others we play with because the consequences are delayed, i.e., fornication or smoking.

Some people have tried to argue that you can defy nature with technology, and perhaps, they seem to be correct. Man has built houses on water bodies, powered themselves through the pulling effect of the force of gravity—out of the earth; temporarily stayed on planets that’s naturally not conducive to human life and so on. The truth is, with the aid of technology, you can stay safe while defying natural laws.

However, there seems to be nothing discovered yet that can keep God really happy with you while you’re busy going against him laws. The Bible strongly advises, “Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life” (Prov. 4:13). When you play with God’s instructions, you’re literally playing with your life.

Before a woman gets married, her body isn’t owned by anyone yet, because she hasn’t been spiritual joined to any man. Consequently, she is supposed to keep her body for that one person that she’s willing to marry because anyone who she decides to have sex with becomes joined to her, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The pleasure and intimacy of sex between two people is so scared that God had to make it between one man and one woman only; not two in any case. The body of a woman was given a physical assignment to only one man. It doesn’t matter how many men likes her; it doesn’t matter how attractive she is, if she’s married she’s only for her husband. And anyone who commits adultery with her is a thief and the woman, too, is a traitor.

The one who commits adultery with her is stealing in reality because he’s taking what doesn’t belong to him and making it his own. In God’s eye, the woman is no more where she’s legally supposed to be. She’s wrongfully and illegally joined to another man—she was stolen from the presence of her owner and joined to a thief.

That’s why, despite God’s hatred for marital separation, he makes permits it here because the spouse had already been separated spiritually from his or her significant other, so the physical separation could equally follow.

The reason for this is that sex has a spiritual implication: when you have sex with someone, you’re joining yourself with that person in the spirit realm and even God is aware of it. And God permitted that only the person who owns your body—your husband—should be joined together with you, hence, breaching the marriage covenant physically by joining yourself to another man is hateful to God, so much so that although he hates divorce (Malac. 2:16), he approved it only on this basis—unfaithfulness.

If unfaithfulness in marriage isn’t a problem with God, he certainly wouldn’t permit something he hates—divorce—because of it.

There are 2 critical things to note:

1. God joined married couples together

2. Only death can separate them

Therefore, since God himself is involved in the spiritual, physical and emotional bonding and joining together of two people in becoming one. No one is permitted to break that bond by any means.

Consequences of sexual immorality

  • It’s likened to Idolatry: In Isaiah 57:7-9 and Jer. 3:8-8, the Bible depicts a scenario of Israel going to offer sacrifices to other gods, and God called that adultery. Now, this has a direct link with sexual immorality in that your body was given a physical assignment to one person, which is your spouse, the same way the Israelites were obliged to totally love only one divine being—God (Deut. 6:5), because he owned them after all.

There’s an interesting connection between the relationship that exist between a man and his wife, and that which exist between God and Israel:

  1. God redeemed Isreal from slavery so He owns Israel; a man pays a woman's bride price so she can become his own.

  2. Israel was to worship only God (spiritual communion), a man is to copulate with only his wife (physical communion).

  3. God made a covenant with only Israel; A man makes a marriage covenant with only his wife.

Interestingly, the only times where Paul uses the word ‘flee’ was only on the issue of sexual immorality and idolatry (1 Corinth. 6:18, 10:14). The other place is in 1 Timothy 6:11, where he was telling Timothy to not let money be his pursuit; that is, not to idolize money. The other time was in 2 Timothy 2:22, where he was admonishing him to flee youthful lust, and sex is tops when it comes to youthful lust.

  • It depicts breaking a spiritual covenant: When a man and woman gets married, they’ve just made a covenant between themselves that even heaven recognizes. In fact, God is the One at the helm of this covenant, thus, joining them together (Mark 10:9, Malachi 2:15). And he is so strict with covenant breakers that he literally cuts them off. That means to be sent out of the kingdom of Heaven.

To illustrate, remember Jesus telling his disciples the only premise tenable for divorcing their wives in Matthew 5:22, he said, “…whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery.” You see, God is so serious with covenants that he cutoff anyone who violates them. In order words, he permits the man whose wife unfaithfully broke their marriage vow to divorce her even though he hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). God doesn’t like unfaithfulness in marriage.

Now, if a man puts away his wife for any other reason, that doesn’t mean the spiritual covenant between them has been broken, hence God isn’t in support of such action; He won’t permit divorce in such cases. She’ll have to breach the binding covenant between them spiritually by having extramarital affairs before God can permit her divorce physically.

  • It’s a joining together of divinity with obscenity: Have you ever heard someone have sex with Jesus? Maybe not, but it happens a lot, especially when a Christian commits sexual sin.

There are some things people do and they just don’t know what they’re really doing—it’s implications. Consider this question: have you seen anyone steal from God? You’ll probably say ‘no’, yet many church goers are stealing from God every time they don’t pay their tithe (Malac.3:8-10). Of course, it doesn’t look that grave, but it is. Sexual is just that way: People think it’s fun; God thinks it’s not! They call it 'casual' sex; God says its dangerous outside marriage!

1 Corinthians 6:17 explains that, “he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.” Accordingly, anyone that is a Christian, and joined to the Lord must not join himself with another person apart from his or her spouse because he’ll be joining the Lord in himself with a perverse person. What a combination! So it’s you, the Lord, and your sexual sin partner being joined together.

And guess what, if you’re found to be in such mixture of holiness and worldliness—neither here nor there, neither a true Christian nor a pagan—God will spill you out (Rev. 3:15-16). That’s gruesome. It’s like being cut off, or treated like an alien, susceptible to the enemy’s attack.

  • It involves demon transfer: One way the enemy or Satan attacks a sexually promiscuous is by demonic manipulation. That’s why sexually transmitted diseases are very much prevalent among those who commit sexual sin.

While having sex, these demons get transferred between the two or more persons involved. Remember, the word copulate literally means to join together, here when the demon spirits between both folks join together, they have access between both bodies. Now, the Bible makes it clear that, just as anyone joined to the Lord is one spirit with him, anyone involved in sexual act with another fellow is also joined as one flesh to that fellow (1 Corinth. 6:16-18). This isn’t something to play with because the number of demons that gets transferred to you has a direct link with the number of persons the other fellow has previously had sex with.

You might only have sex with one person, but if that person has had sex with countless number of persons in the past, your life will, all of a sudden, be filled with myriads of demonic activities. Sure enough, you might not be possessed with demons that quickly, but you’ll surely be manipulated by them.

To be possessed is like being totally controlled by them like the man Jesus met in the country of the Gadarenes in Luke 8:26-33. However, to be manipulated is to be like Mary Magdalene, who was perfectly in control of herself, yet Jesus cast seven devils out of her (Luke 8:2).

Ever wonder why they call it sexual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It’s an internal course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, Sexual sin is not an ordinary sin. It’s has serious implications.


We’re admonished to flee sexual immorality because of its strong force of attraction. Although, it’s not our fault that our bodies have a very strong feeling towards sex. Yet, God will hold us responsible for indulging. So the best tactics is to flee from it.

© 2018 Matthew Joseph


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