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Shagun and Nirgun

Updated on January 26, 2017

What are the gunas --
The two are shagun and nirgun
Deviya shakti roop is shagun
The male Shiv roop is nirgun
These are the two energies of the Universe
They are inseparable though they appear diverse
Male and female together are whole
When they are two bodies and one soul
What is their between them to compete
When without each other they are incomplete
Each has to play their different role
Why do people want only a son
When knowing well he alone cannot the world run
Why is a girl child shun
As she of her family is the sun
The house hold chores by her are run
The whole struggle is about satisfying hunger
Be it of the old or younger
How foolish wanting a daughter in law but not a daughter
In the womb itself they do her slaughter
Though she is the one who serves all food and water
Why do parents between a son and daughter deferentiate
Why don't they for simply being their progeny appreciate
At birth itself calling her an outsider from themselves the daughter they separate
And for their son looking for a mate they are desperate
Isn't this mentality simply down rate
It's high time this outlook changes before it's too late !


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