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Gaia Speaks, So I Listen

Updated on September 2, 2017
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Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.

Nature Meditation

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She speaks, so I listen.

We are born into her abundance, as all creatures are, nurtured by her love. While our egos question such harmony during life, we all merge back together upon death. She is the ever-blossoming child of spring, the prosperous free-faller of summer, the beautiful, but withering soul of fall, and the test of winter. She is the supreme mother—continuously caring for her children, yet rarely interfering in their arduous development and learning process. If you enter her gardens and sit quietly, you will learn more in a day than you would in a lifetime without her.



Children understand her, while most adults have forgotten her subtle breath. Their minds are filled with news of war, death, and destruction. Society fears her untamed structure, for it has not yet figured out how to completely box her off. It sees her gifts and is filled with a lustful greed, promoting empty promises to pay her back in full as it takes more than is needed.

Silly humans, with what will you pay her back? All of life springs forth from her. She asks only that we appreciate her graceful abundance. Alas, we are too busy playing in some illusion we have created for ourselves.

"We have no time to appreciate! We must make money so we can buy food!"

She cries out, "I have no cash register. It's free. But only take what you need and save the rest for the next person."

We respond that this is not possible. We may have food for today, but what about tomorrow? We must plan, plan, plan! Create a future for ourselves! And so we are taught to forget the magic of the moment and learn how to construct a well-working logical future for ourselves (in our mind) that MIGHT (if we rape and pillage the earth enough) come to fruition. Meanwhile, while adults live in an egoic-driven fantasy, reality washes over our eyes, waiting for us to wake from our self-induced hypnosis--our dream.


Rising Action

There is no doubt that reality and nature are scary. They hold the unknown. We don't like the unknown. For example, when our ancestors didn't know a territory on a map, it was marked with a dragon or monster: "Here be dragons." There are no monsters. We are the monster which created such a notion and media perpetuates the idea into the world so that others live in fear and want. Alas, we are humans and we prefer to believe that we know things, so we live in lala land--suckling at the artificial teet of The Man and Machine, instead of being truly nourished by the Mother.



Spend more than a few days basking directly in her presence and you will become a completely new person. Your mind will start to purge the junk thoughts given to you by society, and you will begin to understand the eternal now of life.

As stated, society hides the now from us. An understanding of the now is our enlightenment and we would be useless to society as enlightened beings. This enlightenment is eternally here, right in front of us—the NOW!!!—yet few will ever open up enough to receive this present of present presence. It's happening right now. Can you feel it?


Falling Action

Life is both thought and no thought. We come into this world with partial understanding—no thought (in this sense, no thought means no distinction). Yet, we leave this world completely confused. Why is this?

Go into the world and learn, but your education should not end there. We must come back to a more sacred existence--a subtle understanding rather than a forced knowing. At some point, we must become children again (in mind) so that we may see the true beauty of life. Only through innocence can we see life as it truly is—without distinction.


Humanity is almost complete, but we are not there yet. We, as a whole, have moved from an age of innocence and have nearly mastered the age of knowledge. What is left? We can either venture into space—killing and taking much as we do—and forever seek new, finite knowledge. Or, we can return home, as a prodigal son might, realizing that all we could ever want and so much more is right here, now—universal knowledge and understanding. This is it! Stop searching for greener grass. It is right here, literally, under your feet.


Let Loose Your Vision

Don't give in to the media and how it twists your mind. Go out into the world with love, in an understanding that you get what you give in this life. We are all looking for the same thing. There is not a person on this planet that is searching for something more than happiness—the ultimate quest for fulfilling the ol' ego. However, so long as you seek with want in mind, you will never truly find it. Leggo of that ego for a moment, sit in nature, and if you look out with unwanting eyes, you will find it—happiness.

Alan Watts: The Nature of Now

© 2017 JourneyHolm


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