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Should All the Religions of The World be Dissolved into One

Updated on February 3, 2012

This question was asked in Questions section of Hubpages – and had inspired me to write a hub on it as it is really a thought provoking question and I had been thinking on it since the day it was asked.

To make any conclusions on this sensitive statement, we must understand that every Religion of the world is respectful and it will not be fair to be judgemental about one based on an individual’s personal choices, beliefs and thought processes. However once we take a look on various religions, we will find that each one is basically built on the foundation of two pillars. One can be classified as its extrinsic nature, and the other can classified as its intrinsic nature.

Extrinsic Nature of a Religion

It is represented by the beliefs, Symbols, Rituals, festivals, epics & cultures that are associated with a particular religion and varies from religion to religion. It reflects the over all identity of that religion supported by various mythological stories. Every individual should be free to follow these rituals, celebrate the related festivals and to identify himself with the symbols of his religion. Its like a follower of Christianity will identify and correlate himself with the Book Bible and the symbol Cross, a follower of Islam will correlate himself with the Book Quran and the symbol Star & Crescent, a follower of Hinduism will see his identity in Book Bhagvad Gita and Symbol Om. All these things remind us not only us of our religious and cultural heritage but also create and establish a firm trust and belief in our religion and its philosophy.

Intrinsic Nature of a Religion

It is represented by the actual message spread by the Religion and its purpose of existence, which I do not think varies as aim of every Religion in the world is to make people believe in a Divine Power and thus allowing him to live life without fear and follow all moral and ethical values- which will eventually give him inner peace and thus happiness.

This will allows betterment of Humanity and thus Mankind. No Religion in the world recommends stealing, killing or even telling a lie for personal gains. The ultimate purpose of every religion is to instil the positive thoughts in us without getting inclined towards unethical deeds for momentarily pleasure or for short term benefits. The aim is to get a permanent peace and happiness (there is a difference between pleasure and happiness).

Nature of our Inner Consciousness

There is another pillar supporting a Religion, and is most important for serving its purpose- Its our true nature- the Inner Consciousness. Just like our body has got the tendency to oppose anything that is wrong and not good for it, so is the tendency of our inner consciousness. A small example of it is - when you smoke for the first time, your body opposes it, But over a period of time your body becomes used to it. Similarly if one tells a lie for the first time, he will feel not only nervous, but also uncomfortable as he knows from his inner consciousness that he is doing something wrong. But over a period of time he becomes used to it.

Our Consciousness always tells us, warns us in the beginning irrespective of our religion for all the bad actions & unethical alternatives we are opting for. But over a period of time if do not listen to it, it stops guiding us. It is up to us to make our consciousness a strong guide to our life or a weak spectator. The more we believe it the more it will guide us, the more we ignore its voice, and the less we will hear it.


It is our inner true soul and consciousness that helps us to stick to the basic and intrinsic nature of the Religion and not the external symbols or rituals. However since our rituals and symbols helps us in binding us or connecting us with our religion, one should be free to follow these rituals, to believe in his practices. On the other hand since all the religions propagates ultimately the same message of peace, truthfulness and ethics, if at all Religions are to be dissolved into one and a new religion is to be created- It has to be the Religion of our inner consciousness which guides us in our toughest of the times and help us in taking decisions even when there is an ethical dilemma. The voice of our inner consciousness is the strongest of all the religions and is our greatest mentor if we listen to it.


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    • chaturrajneesh profile image

      chaturrajneesh 6 years ago from India

      Dear IndiePharm, thanks for your comments. In a way we all are connected to each other through those common things in our religions.

    • IndiePharm profile image

      IndiePharm 6 years ago from Niš, Serbia

      All religions do have some common things so it is both funny and sad when I hear about faith conflicts, knowing that God doesn't differ people. I am deist myself, but an Orthodox Christian by belief, but I also think that all religions should unite together as one.

    • chaturrajneesh profile image

      chaturrajneesh 6 years ago from India

      Thanks Alocsin, I believe - we have different religion to cater to the needs of different people in different environment.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I don't know that that's going to ever happened, because people have different needs and grow up in different environments that are addressed by different religions. Voting this Up and Interesting.

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 6 years ago

      All religions are already connected, they are controlled by the Vatican......The only thing that will never be Religion is the true church, they are completely separated from any religious aspect, they dont even go to a place to "worship", they are joined together by the Holy Spirit.........