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Should Christians Commit Suicide?

Updated on December 31, 2018
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Christians and Death
Christians and Death

What is wrong with religion? Controversy. Religion has so many unanswered questions and shrouded in such secrecy you have to begin to wonder if it is fake or real. I myself is not tied to any religion, but I do believe that there is a being which is the creator of order. I would not say creator of the world as that would lesson the greatness of the creator(s). Order is much more complex than simply creating a plane of land. By creating order, everything in nature naturally synchronizes and that takes godly intelligence. Not a big bang as some atheist may believe. But I am really not here today to speak about creation. I am simply trying to understand a miniscule part of the creation cycle. And that is, how death really works for Christians?

Death For Heaven

I have spoke to a lot of religious people of various faith. Mostly being christians and have asked this question time and time again and have always given the run around. It is said that you must be born again in order to see Gods Kingdom. That no man comes to the father but through the son. Does this mean that you must die in Christ before you go to heaven? Well, I typically get an astounding Yes! You must die in Christ and be born again inorder for you to enter the pearly gates of heaven. But then I ponder and begin to question my self. If you have to die in Christ to see heaven, why are Christians and other religions groups still here on this currported plane? Why are the leaders of man who are devout Catholics still around? What is the purpose of living here on Earth if heaven is waiting on Christians? Why not simply commit suicide and then enter heaven? It appears that writers of the Good book has thought through all this before and has made death by suicide illegal in the sight of the Lord.

So what this eventually means is, you can get shot, stabbed, thrown off a cliff, eaten alive by leaches, poisoned by your ex-wife, die in Christ and go to heaven. But as long as you decide to do all what I mentioned to your own self, then that death is null and void. Meaning you will not see the gates of heaven, but forever wonder in purgatory.


God Forgives All Sins, Why Not Suicide?

So what does God really have against suicide that he will forgive all other atrocities except one in which someone wants to get to be with him quickly and decided to take their life to go to heaven? Why marginalize against how death comes if it leads to the same result? Why forgive molestors, killers, politicians and lawyers and not forgive someone who has taken their life to be with him? I don't know about you. But I do smell a rat somewhere and it maybe that of mankind putting their own little spin in the Bible to make sense of nonsense written.

Then again, shouldn't there be exceptions to the forgiveness of suicide? So what happens if an individual becomes mentally unstable to a point where he/she simply cannot make rational decisions anymore and ends up taking his/her own life. Will that insane person be condemned to hell simply because the flesh has failed and the soul becomes confused? That would be a hard pill to swallow knowing that God knows the state of the person and yet still sentences them to hell.

Do Souls Know How Their Bodies Died?

After a body has seized to exist on in this realm and the soul has left that body. Does the soul know that suicide was the reason why they have existed that body or are souls oblivious to the act of death and simply confused and needs to be lead to the light by God. If that is the case, wouldn't it be really dumb to put suicide souls to the left and all other death to the right? What purpose would a God have in having souls being tormented in purgatory for all eternity. That does not sound Godly in anyway. It sounds much more like what the creature called man would do. As the hearts of man are viciously evil and will always seek to ensure the pleasure of only self and be joyful in the anguish of another.


There are many things written in the Bible which can spark debates for centuries. Once the hand of man has meddled with the word of the creator you will get loop holes, confusion and many questions that simply cannot be answered correctly. The Bible was written as rule, law, guide and regulation of control for how man should live. But it is the same men that choose to corrupt the writings to suite themselves and to keep the people as sheep.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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