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Should Christians use the cross in worship?

Updated on January 18, 2016

This symbol of the cross is much respected and extremely loved by many Christians; let’s say millions of them around the globe. Majority have necklace that has this symbol across their necks. What comes to your mind when you see a person having this necklace with the symbol of the cross around their necks? Obviously the first thing that comes to your mind is the word Christian, because their place of worship at the top of the church is the cross, and that’s why it is considered the principal symbol of Christian religion. But the question still remains should Christian use the cross in worship?

What Christians say

Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, and by having this shows that they value his death and that, they follow Jesus. Many believe that this symbol is holy, and that by having it will help you avoid temptations. Some even say that it helps to scare away evil spirits. Others can’t even pray when this symbol is not present.

But after Jesus died did the Christians of that time use this symbol? If it is so important could they have missed recording that in the bible for our sake?

Did the Early Christians use the cross in worship?

To think about it there is no proof that for the early 300yrs after Jesus death, those who claimed to be Christians used it in their worship. 100 yrs later after that century, a non- believer emperor Constantine became a convert to apostate Christianity and they promoted the cross as their symbol. Whatever their motives the symbol had zero work to do with Christ. This symbol is in reality pagan in origin. “This symbol is also found in both non –Christian and pre-Christian cultures.” states the new catholic world encyclopedia. Why then was this image promoted? Believe it or not it was used to make it easy for pagans to accept Christianity.

Did Jesus die on a cross?

Again Jesus by no means died on a “cross”, there is nowhere in the entire bible says that two pieces of timber were positioned across one another at any position. Greek translated cross as “stau-ros”, which means a stake or an upright pale.

According to the bible writers they somehow used another word for the instrument used for Jesus death like in 1peter 2:24, galatians3:13, acts 5:30; 10:39, 13:29 this word basically means a stick, tree, or timber.

Further proof comes from Paul the apostle, at Galatians 3:13 he says that Christ by purchase freed us from the curse of the law because he became a curse as a substitute for us, for it is written a curse is every man hanged upon a stake. Also try to look at Deuteronomy 21:22, 23. This mean of putting to death made someone a curse. So tell me would it be okay for Christians to beautify their homes with images of Jesus impaled?

What does the bible says about the use of images?

There is nowhere in the bible that’s says Christians should use any form of image in worship. In fact God tells us how He wants to be worshiped in the bible, He says plainly at exodus 20:4, 5 that “you must not create for yourself a carved image or a form of anything that is in the heavens ,or that is on the earth underneath ,or that in the waters below the earth”. Take a look at Isaiah 42:8 1john 5:21 and psalm 115:4-8. So now tell me is it okay for Christians to use any form of image in their place of worship? Isn’t that idol worship?

Now it’s clear that He doesn’t want any form of image to be used in worship, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a cross or a stake or anything else. The use of image is something detestable in His eyes.


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