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Sickness in the body of christ

Updated on June 7, 2012


One evil which I have seen under the heavens is the malady that has crept into the church over the years and difficult to be ridden off; the ailment of eternal security, this evil like the HIV aids has now developed to a mature state and started invading the strength of the body of Christ (the young generation). This indeed is a spiritual epidemic. What do they mean by eternal security? Did the Old Testament prophets prophesy it? Did Christ preach it while on earth? Did the early apostles publish it? From whence cometh this teaching?

What meaneth this?

Eternal security as they call it is a doctrine or theology that disregards the teachings of the Old Testament of the bible and not in consonance with the New Testament. They teach that the born-again experience that was tearfully and painfully provided and preached by the son of God has now created or given man the liberty to live in sin. For their deception lies in their belief that after one is born-again (once), even if he continues in sin, the Lord will not see the sins but the blood of Jesus. This is nothing but blasphemy, for they paint the Lord whose eyes is too holy to behold iniquity (Hab1:13) as blind; forgetting that His eyes runs to and fro the earth (IIC hron16:9). They even go to the extent of creating a false peace in the heart of men in sin by teaching and portraying the Lord as too merciful to destroy a child that falls back to sin, almost equating it with the chronic errors of the Jehovah witnesses.

Did the prophets teach this?, Did Christ preach it? Did the early apostles publish it?

Did the prophets teach this? Nay. For Ezekiel gave the account by the Spirit of the Lord in (Ezek3:20, 18:26) “if a righteous man turn from his righteousness and commit sin, he shall die and his righteousness shall not be remembered”. Did Christ preach it? Have you ever thought about what Christ meant by saying the following words to different people: “Go and sin no more” (Jhn8:11) “sin no more lest something worse come on you” (Jhn5:14). Does this not mean that man by nature has the tendency to go back to his sins? For the flesh lusteth after the Spirit (Gal5:17). Did the early apostles publish it? Apostle Paul by the Spirit said in (Rom6:1-2)”shall we continue in sin that grace should abound?” God forbid was the answer. So from whence cometh this teaching that honours and give preference to the flesh and thus makes the cross of Christ of none effect?

The ultimate answer

The answer to that question is that it came from nowhere else but from the pit of hell! This seasoned devil incarnates who parade themselves as preachers of the true gospel, gathering innocent sheep that the master; the great shepherd suffered for without the gate that he might have for himself a people without wrinkle (Heb13:12). Indeed, these are those spoken of by Paul as teachers having itching ear speaking lies in hypocrisy, (IITimo4:3-4)

The word of God stands sure, thus we have a more sure word of prophecy (IIPet1:19). Heaven and earth may melt away but God’s word stands. God’s verdict on any sinner that refuse to repent still stands “the soul that sinneth shall die”(Ezek18:4,20). Dear reader if you have got yourself entangled in this evil situation; I proclaim deliverance unto you, come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord (IICorin6:17). The Lord is able to keep you till the end (Judevs24) after your salvation. Do not deceive yourselves with the assumptions of men that kills the conscience, for it cost God nothing to destroy the whole world. Lucifer the father of sinners only committed the sin of pride. He earned for himself alongside with other deceived angels eternal damnation. If the Lord did not spare them, then he will spare no one. The Christian life is a spiritual journey and can only be lived by faith and not human strength, belief, theology or philosophy. Knowing the terror of God, we hereby persuade men (IICorin5:11)

If you want to give your life to Christ or rededicate it to him, just pray this prayer: Dear Jesus, I acknowledge my fallen state, have mercy on me. Forgive me all my sins. I accept you as my Lord and saviour. I accept and receive your Holy Spirit to help me walk in the way of God, for Christ sake. Amen.

If you think there is something we should know or you have some questions we must get answers to. Why not contact the apostolic desk of the Cyrus Library on 08095078839 or 07033301600 or email:


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