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Significance of Clutter clearing in Feng Shui

Updated on March 20, 2014
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Anamika S Jain is a social media consultant and blogger. She is passionate about topics like astrology, numerology, feng shui and gemstones.

Importance of Clearing Clutter in Feng Shui

The first suggestion any Feng Shui Consultant or Expert may offer is to Clear Clutter off the House. Clutter is very bad Feng Shui and depresses and lowers ones energy levels. Clutter prevents the flow of Chi (energy) in Feng Shui terms and needs to be cleared. Clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward in your life. Clutter brings with it a sense of disorder and confusion. Many times we pile up so much that when we need something we find it difficult to find what we need because of that. Many times we also tend to not know what we have too. Therefore Clutter not only blocks energy it causes inconvenience and wastage of our valuable time as well. Basically, clutter can be defined as the things or possessions that you either don't use any more or do not love. These can be possessions that we believe may one day be useful, broken items that one day we intend to repair, spares that we accumulate for a potential breakdown, unfinished projects and unwanted gifts. In Feng Shui it is said that “nothing new comes into your life until you make room for it.” That means you need to start clearing out the old stuff you are holding on to in order to make room for new things to flow into your life.

It is always better to clean up and organize things on a daily basis. But when things are a mess it is a huge job to clean up all at once. So you can make a practice of doing the work in segments till it is done. Doing one work a day or working 10 minutes a day won’t be hard. I remember reading an article where a Feng Shui Expert suggested to clear clutter for 9 minutes a day or pick 9 things a day to clean up as the number 9 in Chinese Culture denotes completion. By the time the entire clutter is cleared you may even end up developing the habit of cleanliness. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Feng Shui Clutter Questions

Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui is a wonderful guide on Feng Shui written by Karen Kingston which deals with physical, emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter clearing.
Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui is a wonderful guide on Feng Shui written by Karen Kingston which deals with physical, emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter clearing.

Types of Clutter in Feng Shui and How to deal with it

Clutter in any area of your home represents stuck, stagnant 'chi' or energy. We normally accumulate different types of clutter. This can be broadly classified as

1. Physical Clutter: This refers to the obvious mess and jumble we accumulate in our homes. We can deal with this clutter on the basis of their usage. Keep things which we need daily, store things which are used occasionally and get rid of things which are broken and of no use. In India there is a saying that the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi do not come or reside in homes which are not clean. When dealing with Physical clutter get rid of everything that is useless, evokes negative feelings and serves no purpose.

  • Sell or give away the Old newspapers and Magazines which are of no use.
  • Sell or donate your unwanted items. This could bring you some extra cash or be used to someone who is less privileged.
  • Keep the necessary papers in folders or file it.
  • Donate old or cloths you don’t use to Charity or Sell it off. Keep things which are of regular use in an organized manner, store clothes used occasionally and donate or sell things which you do not need.
  • Get rid of all things related to broken relationship like old letters, gifts or things which reminds you of him. You need to get rid of all the old emotional baggage if you want to get into a new relationship. Read more on Dealing with Relationship Clutter.
  • Dusting and Cleaning the rooms from top to bottom which means walls, windows, doors, closets, furniture and everything in the room. Under the bed or in the closet are not places to keep clutter.
  • Replace the things which are not working with new or repair it. You should throw away broken crockery or mirrors.
  • Clean up refrigerators, stoves etc on a regular basis.
  • In Feng Shui, the front door is called the mouth of Chi. So make sure you do not block it.

2. Vibrational Clutter: This clutter refers to unresolved issues which has enormous potential to block your progress. Some of these can be

  • It could be Debts or Loans to be paid off. Make a plan to clear the debt and stick with it.
  • It could be pending bills to be paid. Deal with the same immediately.
  • It could be pending work to be done. Make sure you finish it immediately.
  • It could be as simple as an unresolved fight or conversation. Go ahead and resolve it.
  • It could be unanswered letters or emails to be answered. Take steps to deal with it and stick on to the plan.
  • It could be borrowed things from a neighbor or friend. Return it immediately.
  • It could be unanswered messages in the answer phone or calls to be returned. Deal with it immediately.

3. Internal Clutter: When the internal organs like the lungs or intestines do not function well we tend to become weak or depressed. Some ways of removing the internal clutter are by

  • Breathe Fresh air and do plenty of exercise.
  • Keep fresh plants into your environment which brings a freshly oxygenated atmosphere.
  • Drink plenty of Water.
  • Consume healthy food and do not overeat. Eat in proper intervals and chew the food you are eating. Do not eat during the 2 hours before you sleep.
  • If you have an unexpressed feeling or guilt you need to take off your chest deal with it immediately.
  • Get rid of all addictions which will affect your well being.Get proper rest and sleep.

Following these simple tips would surely bring in a significant change in your life. But for more results it is advisable you consult a Feng Shui Expert.

Recommended Books on Feng Shui

Here are two wonderful Feng Shui Guides for self learning.

  1. Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui written by Karen Kingston
  2. The Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home and Office - Secrets for attracting Wealth, Harmony and Love written by Carol M. Olmstead

© 2009 Anamika S Jain


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