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Significance of Words and Manner of Delivery

Updated on April 11, 2020

Words are not just the combination of letters which gives a meaning. If say honestly words are energy. Energy which flows one part to another, from one person to another person, affects, transform, lead you to the peak, take you to the trough, make you brave, change in fearful, make you scholar or moron.

As we all know that energy are of two types, constructive and destructive, provides you ultimate happiness or deep sorrow, fill your life with full of joy or give you a life where you have only dejection.

Many times you had gone through from an experience that words changed your frame of mind completely. Let us take an example. You are in a conversation with 'A' and funny conversation is going on. 'A' creates a joke on you and both laughed. What will happen if he quote a joke on your family? In nanoseconds the whole environment will change. The atmosphere who have a pleasant environment before sometime will sudden change into a tension-ed one.

Nature of delivering of our words is also as important as our selection of words. If you are seeking for help from someone, can you said like that

Hello Mr./Miss/Mrs., do this?

What are you thinking? Will your work get done?

Never. If you want to your work done, you have to say like this, ‘May you please do it’.

Words and their way of delivery are the most magical thing in this world which have reversible effect in nature. At some places we have some exception also but they are very less in number.

There are few stages for choosing the words and their nature of delivery.

  1. What is the situation.
  2. What we want to say.
  3. To whom we want to say.

So we have to analyze above stages in our mind before we will say anything. Although you are angry, you can not raise your voice in front of your father. The manner of talking and your words, you can use while fighting with your friend, you cannot use the same with your siblings. Your style and of course words, can never be same when you are expressing your love to your spouse, your family and others.

But sometimes what happened, you choose right word and your way of delivery was wrong so the person might misinterpreted you and the scenario will change and sometimes your intention may right and your words are wrong.

Take an example and clear the thing. We always hear from our elders that there is a very thin line between joke and idiocy. By your words or your way of delivery, you cross the line then although you do not have any bed intention though the things will change. If you want to teach a lesson to someone, in spite of scolding, choose your words and talking style in a advisable manner, not only that will beneficial to the person but also person will have a sense of compassion towards you in a long way ahead.

We all are aware that many battles were fought in ancient India only due to the inappropriate words and delivery.. We also found that just by few words, one won the heart of other and harmony had taken birth at many places in history on the other side.

We have several examples where words changed a illiterate person into a scholar, a dacoit had become a saint and writer.

Always use beautiful and encouraging words. Have an adorable style of speaking, which attracts everyone. Whenever you find a situation to use the harsh word to someone, make sure those words will not harm but they will put the light on the right path which must be follow in front of that person.

So we have to be very careful about our words and their delivery, as both are very powerful. They can boost up anyone who is about to quit the life, enthusiast the person who lost the hope for everything, give the victory to someone to who is about to lose. On the other hand they can change an awesome environment into a bad one in just a second, take down the person to the land who will be at the peak in a while.

© 2020 AndazeAkash


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