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Signs of Demontic Possession

Updated on January 13, 2012

Before Reading this Article

This article is not to diagnose anyone, or anything with possession of any kind. I wrote this article simply for knowledge. I am not a doctor, professional or church member of any kind. Also, do not diagnose yourself. Please consult your local church, or doctor about any issues you think you are having.

Even though possession happens more then you think, it also is rare. As Science denies the possiblity of someone physically capable of being possessed, most churches will be interested by it.

  • Changes in personality. They sometimes gain darkness, and like deeply disturbing things.
  • Can have multiple personalities, or names for themself. (this can also be a mental disorder).
  • They isolate themselves, and seem less talkative.
  • They become hostile, and out of character. Some start using foul lanuage they never did before. Some even get violent and try to hurt innocent people or animals.
  • They abandon their religious belives, or any religious activites they may have done before.
  • They will have changes in hygiene, and dressing.
  • They may hurt themselves, for pleasure. (this can be associated with depression and mental disorders)
  • They may threathen and abuse things for no reason.
  • They have torn up, marked over, destroyed religious or God related materials.
  • They have nightmare, or night terrors. Sometimes even urinating on themselves.
  • They have blackouts in their memory, or dont remember doing or saying certain things, usually containing violence.


  • Animals may become frightened of presents of person.
  • May gain inhuman strength.
  • They can speak in different accents, or tounge never shown before. They also can have different gutturals from high to low. Also, they can have more then one voice coming from them at the same time.
  • Eyes can become all black, as that of a shark. They may also have a staring issues, almost never blinking.
  • They might be able to predict the future, or tell something that happened in the past without any possible way of them actually knowing this. They can tell you things about someone they just met, that are true.
  • Some can even read your mind, or tell what someone is thinking.
  • You could find scratches, welts and sores on their body. In areas impossible for them to be self afflicting.
  • They can be catatonic, but this can also be caused by mental witness.
  • They can almost "glide" when they walk, or sometimes levitate.
  • They can sometimes memic a voice of someone you know perfectly, even if they have not been around them for a while or they dont know them.

Things They Might Be Able to Do

If asked or challenged to they may be able to:

  • Make knocking sounds without moving.
  • Make things shake without touching it.
  • Read your mind without you speaking.
  • Make items disappear and reappear with touch them.
  • Make things disappear and are never to be found again.
  • Make a unsourced growl.
  • Mainifest lights, odors, and scratching sounds without obvious sources.
  • Knocking on house door without someone being present on other side. (Mostly three times in a row)
  • Untouched, but started random fires from open flame.
  • Lights, lightsockets and applicances can blow on their own.
  • Make doors, cabinets, drawers and sliding doors open or close by theirselves.
  • Make animals spook and run, or growl at nothing but seemed air.
  • Glass may break with no reason.
  • Start a physical attack without some physically being touched. (bites, scratches, kicks, punches, hair pulling etc.)
  • Levitation of people or objects
  • Spazes at talk of God, or anything religious, more so during prayer.
  • Huge tempatures changes, quickly.
  • Feelings of stalking, or a darkness. Some people just gather real fear towards this person with no actual cause.

Calm Down

Half of these signs, abilities or warnings can be very mistakened.

These are some symptoms of mental diseases, disorders, depression, drug use and your typical teenagers. Dont freak out, again consult your doctor if you believe you or someone you know has mental problems, or need help deciding that. Also contact your local church to help with certain unmistakeable possessions. Feel free to leave comments and questions on here also, I am alway happy to offer advice. I am not a professional, doctor or church memeber of any kind.

Movies og Exorcism

Based on a true story about possession of a young girl.
Based on a true story about possession of a young girl. | Source
A very old, but well known Exorcism Movie.
A very old, but well known Exorcism Movie. | Source
A daughter tries to seek if her mother is possed or mentally ill. In theatres now!
A daughter tries to seek if her mother is possed or mentally ill. In theatres now! | Source
A preacher tried to debunk exorcism and prove it is not a real action church members should do.
A preacher tried to debunk exorcism and prove it is not a real action church members should do. | Source

How Do Possessions End Up?

All Possessions end differently. Some end up with the person losing their life, and some end up to make it only a bad memory and everything back to normal. Exorcisms are usually number one suggested method to help with demon or devil infestations. All Exorcisms are different in everyway. Sometimes everything can go wrong, and sometimes they go smoothly. Depending on the advanced progress of the infestation, so can take minutes and some can take hours. Multiple tries are sometimes conducted if they are not all fully cleared of body and mind. Many movies, like Paranormal Activity, The Exorcism, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and more recent, The Devil Inside shows more fear realted moments. Dont get me wrong Possesssion is nothing to play around with and need to be taken very serious. These Movies gather angles that most likely wouldnt exist in possession or exorcisms. They add alot of dramatic scenes, and postures.

Keep reading, I always have more to say on the Paranormal and Mental Aspects.

Next Hub is coming soon!


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