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Sikhism and the world

Updated on December 28, 2017
Inder Pal Singh k profile image

Inder pal is an enterpreneur from mohali, punjab (India) who is a commerce graduate from the Calcutta University.

Whenever you come across a person with a turban and beard, with unshorn hair and a pleasant smile with an ever ready helping attitude and a welcoming nature with folded hands, take a breath because he is no one else but a Sikh.

Sikhs are beautiful and jolly natured people who practise this very young religion called sikhism. With a very natural and un- edited appearance, they swear to maintain their natural looks with unshorn hair and beard, sporting colourful turbans with an intention to cover their head, always.

Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak Dev ji, who is also referred to as the first sikh Guru, way back around 550 years. Being believed to be the messenger of the almighty himself, who took birth on earth with a particular mission to create this religion to create awareness among all the masses against the ill concepts and malpractices of the so called religious heads of different sects, and to create a brotherly atmosphere where every one on this earth is entitled to live peacefully among the masses.

Sikhism is a very practical religion with no frills attached and way away from the exploitation of the people in the name of religion. Every concept in this religion is scientifically practised and astonishingly accurate and conforming to the modern researches. With a motto of belief towards the existence of one God behind every religion and faith on earth, the common message is clear and loud towards co-existence and brotherhood. That is why you will always find a helping attitude in every sikh towards people of different faiths and without discrimination.

No wonder Sikhs have migrated to every country on this earth with visible ease and have adopted the environment but have not parted with their original belief of love and co-existence with others. With steady hardwork and un- relenting attitude towards the environment and adjusting to the given atmosphere they easily have emerged as winners and the only type in the world who have adopted different living conditions in different nations on this globe.


An American Sikh
An American Sikh | Source

© 2017 Inder Pal Singh k


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