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Simple and Effective Real Magic

Updated on January 7, 2010

The most simple and effective magic of the law of attraction is the changing your own thoughts. You know the words from the movie secret that the thoughts become things. So changing your thoughts can change your reality. Changing your own reality is no more difficult with magic of thought shift. Observe your thoughts carefully. They are all about the present circumstances and the things happening with you now days. Maybe you are also thinking about your past experiences and inviting the same in your future.

Remember just these words that shift in your thoughts shifts your realty. Create a virtual reality around you that you want to experience in your real life. Now think over that virtual reality. Thinking on that virtual reality is more important than that just watching it. That is because thoughts over that virtual reality make those virtual things more real for us. Thus same things will get attract towards you. So observe your desired reality and think over it. This is the time to change your life. All the magic of life is just within the three words, "Thoughts Become Things."


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    • profile image

      seraphim11 7 years ago

      Interesting hub.. Leaves alot to think about. :)

    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 8 years ago from Maharashtra

      Yes!!! Thats the real challenge! I am agree with you.

    • John Arumugam profile image

      John Arumugam 8 years ago


      I have seen the movie "the secret" and I have read the book also. But my challenge has always been to focus on the things that I want rather than what I dont want.