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Sins of Babylon

Updated on May 4, 2010

The hundredth hub is a momentous occasion. Hard to believe that this milestone has been reached but there is so much more to talk about and discuss. The path of Karaism has no limitations but in all my sermonizing I failed to discuss the weaknesses that afflict all of mankind. It's easy to shout with fire and brimstone but much harder to admit that we are all weak and succumb to the frailties of trial and tribulation. That is what makes us whom we are; no matter how far we fall from righteousness we still possess that capacity to redeem ourselves. That is why I'd like to dedicate this 100th hub to the one common denominator that defines all of us, that being our penchant to fall into sin. You must undertand that we were never expected to be sinless. All that was ever expected was that we would find our way out of the quagmire and prove ourselves worthy. We all have the capacity to do so but some of us prefer to remain within the arms of the whore of Babylon. To those others, I give you my latest psalm.

The Whore of Babylon

I am a lover unto Babylon,

Let me rest my head upon her bosom,

Taste the breath upon her rubied lips,

And find comfort between her enfolding arms.

I see the smooth and easy path,

That leads me towards her swaying hips,

To lie between her inviting thighs

And find solace in the depths of her soul.

I know that I have strayed from you,

And forgotten all that you have commanded,

I am a sinner and yet I have found pleasure in sin,

Condemn me for I have proven all too human.

If this was not the way that you intended,

Then why have you spread temptation before me,

I am weak and have not the strength to resist,

But all this was known to you long ago.

Punish me if you think you must,

But remember that I am nothing but flesh,

Succumbing to the delights that dance before my eyes,

As I have always done throughout the centuries.

Yea, though I am a lover unto Babylon,

You know that I am ever strong in my convictions,

And never have I abandoned the truth and the path,

That You have laid down before all mankind.

In the end I will find my destiny,

I will sail upon the course that was intended,

I will set my lover aside and realize you are my one true love,

And I will rest upon your shores that bring safe harbor.


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    • ramonalfonso profile image

      ramonalfonso 7 years ago

      How very true. It never lives us not even at 72.

      But when we look beyond Babylon.

      We see it cannot hold us, and we go on.

      Congratulations on your hundredth hub.


    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      very interesting hub read thanks