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Slavery‎ ( Slavery the birth of Poverty).

Updated on February 11, 2016

Slavery‎ ( Slavery the birth of Poverty).


Slavery (Slavery the birth of Poverty).

Slavery‎ ( Slavery the birth of Poverty)

The earliest form of slavery was in 11 000‎ BC the Neolithic regime.

The Ancient Greeks 500 BC enslaving other nomads and other less fluent tribes.

The Romans 9BC

The Arabs enslaved western African amongst other countries Sudan, Mali and Ghana.

At the height of slavery 1600 consignment of ships were seized by the British West African Squadron 150 000 African slaves aboard were freed during this period 1809 and 1860

Treaties were signed with over 50 African state rulers or states in 1861, anti slavery trade.

The highest number of slaves in a period in a single country was between 60 000 and 80 000 slaves in America.

There are three types of slaves




A slave was not allowed to own wages, he worked for the master and survival shelter and food.

Many atrocities took place, indignity, discrimination, and rape the birth of the coloured races and tribes.

Symbols of Slavery.

Race supremacy.

Stripping of ‎your nationality and being forced to Live in a foreign land.

Giving up the right, to worship and pray to your Creator and God heritage and birth.

The oppressors knew the power of faith.

So the tools of brain washing came to life.

All races have a race, culture and creed.

Certain food they consume according to their terrain and geographical location.

Herding cattle, for grazing so they can be healthy and we milk them milk.

Slaughtering livestock when feasting or rituals according to our believes.

Farming for survival.

Harvesting crops when the time is right, according to the season of the crop.

Yes there was tribal warfare.

Yet poverty was escalated by the slave trade, and new ancient world order of the monetary system.

Who will ever know what are the intentions of our fore fathers to discover new continents, spices amongst other luxuries.

Let us not undermine the skill to construct a ship that would sail half way around the world 6 to 8 months.

Then sail back to the king and Queen to give feed back on the riches which they have discovered.

Empowering and enriching the colony and Dynasty.

Then these great magicians invented guns the most advanced tools of combat at the time.

Intimidating natives when faced with resistance.

Yet that was not even.

Africans their land and God are one, Their ancestors were always by their side no matter how dark the days got.

Religion was bought to the continent of Africa.

It was not supposed to save us, it was designed, strategically to distract, tame our minds and oppress us and loot the riches of this beautiful land, at the end of the day, these treasures and riches belong to God.

No race is more supreme than the other.

That is the principal of evil at its core racism.

‎Slavery could be the birth of Poverty?

We still have breath.

We have life.

What are you going to do with your gift of life?

With education.

Love of self and our parents.

The government can uplift our society.

We can reverse the ills of yesterday, making tomorrow the paradise it is supposed to be.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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