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Slowing down of thoughts will ensure Peace!

Updated on July 18, 2017

Don't worry; calm down!

Slowing down of thoughts ensure peace!

The slowing down of thoughts ensures peace in human beings. But thoughts seem to arise involuntarily without any effort on our side. Even if we sit quiet, thoughts seem to rush from nowhere. When more thoughts rush in, we get agitated and loose our precious peace. In this regard, it may be understood that the most valuable possession of human beings is “Peace of mind”! How this peace could be ensured? First of all peace is not available as a commodity in any supermarkets. Some people wrongly believe that if they had enough money, they will get peace! In the world, we observe that there are many rich people holding billions of dollars in their possession by way of shares, properties, lands and gold! They are the owners of “Fortune 500 companies”! For instance, Bill Gates tops the wealthiest man in the world. In India, it is Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries. Jus ask them, “are they peaceful in their life with possession of such huge wealth? Of course they are the top most share holders in their companies and they are reaping profits, we can’t even dream off. I can vouch that none of the wealthy lot is peaceful or happy! Why? Philosophically, the man who is content with what he has is the peaceful man. Contentment grants peace! But rich business people never become content. They want to expand their business empire more and more in many countries! When their thoughts always hover around expansion of business contributing more profit, their minds are automatically agitated and perturbed. In this world, there is cut throat competition in every field. Hence to retain their position in business world itself is greatest struggle! Hence there is no question of peace or joy in a rich man’s life until he becomes content with what he have! Riches at best can give one comfort, luxury and conveniences and many attendants to take care of his various needs both in office and home!

Observe the mind!

Contentment will lead to peace!

Hence there is no possibility of slowing down of thoughts in a discontented man. When you have no other work to attend, just observe your thought patterns. The mind is the most fickle instrument in the world! Just like a monkey, the mind jumps from one thought to other in a second. From the same mind we get different contradicting thoughts. Whenever we plan something, the mind rises myriads of objections. Many thoughts rush in, ‘how to execute the plan and what will be the outcome etc. The individual becomes more confused as tol how to proceed when contradicting signals are received from the mind. At one time, the mind say ‘yes’ to a proposal and instantly it create a doubt whether it is possible? The mind is the most unsteady element and it oscillates like a pendulum of the wall clock! The pendulum swings from one end to other within a second! It cannot remain static at one position. This is possible only the entire key is unwound and there iis no more tension in the mainspring connected to the key hole! When we want the wall clock to indicate time, we first wind the key to full tightness. The pendulum is slightly oscillated manually. Automatically, the pendulum starts swinging with the tension of the main spring. In a similar manner, our desires agitate the mind for fulfillment. For instance a Young man looks at a beautiful girl walking on the road. Instantly, the mind commands the body to follow her and engage her with some conversation. The desire for friendship with the girl is the reason for agitation of the mind. In a similar manner, our sense organs lead us to crave for something. The mind is always interested in comforts and pleasures for the body with which it is attached. When some fear enters the mind, it becomes anxious to wriggle out of the fear. This knee jerk reaction of the mind creates more restlessness in our mind. Hence the adage, ‘Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure! The luggage we carry on our mind is the myriads of desires we hoard. They exert more weight on the mind than the physical luggage! Hence the best way to peace is reducing the luggage we carry on our mind. Hence, reduce the desires one by one. We may desire for essential basic things. Beyond that it becomes luxury. For instance, mobile communication has become the norm in the past one decade. What for it is intended? It is for making phone calls, and receiving calls from others basically. Then the facility to send and receive messages was convenient. Then the feature phones were converted into smart phones by facilitating access to the internet! Though it is a technological achievement, all troubles started with mobile net. Youngsters were seen browsing the social platforms continuously even while they compute to their schools and collages. In many places, they need to cross busy thoroughfares. Many road accidents were then attributed to using mobile while crossing busy roads and railway tracks. In India, the number of such accidental deaths seems more than other countries. Also the new development in mobile handsets, the “Selfie” has claimed more lives of youngsters when they become crazy to take “Selfie” in some dangerous environments!

True happiness...

Desires and new technology gadgets obstruct our Peace!

Ultimately, it seems that newer technologies instead of catering to the overall welfare of people create more problems in societies especially in the life of youngsters. Cyber criminals have become more since mobile platforms are never safe against malware and secured transactions.. What is the cause of all these problems? It is the limitless desires of people who want more recreation even while moving from place to place. They were not taught ‘contemplation’ from their younger days. When the mind is not otherwise busy, one should engage in repeating the names of God. This has been a practice in many religions. In Christianity, we see many nuns silently uttering the name of Jesus or Mary when they attend their chores. In Islam, five times prayer is must for every devout Muslim. In India, there is a tradition to chant the names of god, conduct congregational singing just like choirs in churches. These sounds disinfect the atmosphere polluted by desires and greed. Hence never try to satiate the mind with the fulfillment of each desire! Observe the thoughts standing apart without involving in the thoughts. This is the sane way to slow down the thoughts!

Peace is the most valuable possession!

Wealth and possessions cannot contribute Peace!

Do you agree that addiction to gadgets robs our peace?

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