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Snake Year Symbol: How to Tame a Snake for Good Luck

Updated on April 1, 2013
Snake | Source

Snake Year in the Chinese Calendar

Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art and science of living, recommends to have all the representatives of the Chinese calendar in your home. They will then help you to live happily every year. Each calendar cycle consists of twelve years. The year 2013 is known in Chinese astrology as a Snake Year. According to the legend, the snake was the sixth animal that came to Buddha during the competition.

The Snake Year comes after the Year of the Dragon, another mystical animal of Feng Shui. In astrology, they call the snake the younger sister of the dragon. The element of the Snake Year, just like that of the previous one, is water. The color is black. The main quality of the snake is the permanent renewal. That is why it is good to be like a snake during the Snake Year and "change the skin", leaving all the bad things behind.

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7-headed snake shelters Buddha from the rain, Wat Traimit
7-headed snake shelters Buddha from the rain, Wat Traimit | Source

Snake Myths and Legends

The scepter of the famous healer Asclepius is twined by a snake. The prototype of the well-known Evil Serpent who tempted Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit is also present in the Sumerian mythology. According to one myth, once Gilgamesh was returning from the dwelling of gods with the plant of life. One of the gods, who didn't want people to become immortal, turned into a snake and reaped the plant from the hand of Gilgamesh when he was swimming across the river.

In Buddhism the image of the snake in the samsara wheel symbolizes evil and cosmic energy in its negative revelations. Alongside with that a multi-headed snake protected Buddha during his meditation. In India, the cobra is often associated with Buddha himself who was able to turn into a snake and heal people.

The snake as symbol of eternal youth found its place in the mythology of Ancient Egyptians. The sequence of day and night was explained in the following way. At midnight God Ra exits His Sun Chariot and enters the body of a huge snake, from which every morning everybody gets out "child-like" and gets on the Sun Chariot again thus continuing the journey.

In yoga, they compare the inner kundalini energy of people to a snake that lies coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini means "coiled, serpent-like."

Golden Lion, Black Star and the Rod of Asclepius; Temple, Aldwych, London. July 2009
Golden Lion, Black Star and the Rod of Asclepius; Temple, Aldwych, London. July 2009 | Source

Snake Symbol

The snake is a universal and very complicated symbol. The snake and the dragon are often mutually replaced. In the East, they are mingled together, and symbolically there is no difference between the two. Also, the snake symbolizes female beauty. They say: "You are as beautiful as a snake." The snake is the symbol of mysterious powers, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, the capacity to overcome space and time, eternal youth and renewal. This animal has the ability to leave its skin every time when it grows out of it, and it can be reborn. It lives a long life and gets out of trouble even more renewed and beautiful. To understand the snake means to understand the world and the principles of its creation. Above all, it signifies transformation, wisdom and intelligence.

Snake bracelets
Snake bracelets | Source

Your Feng Shui Talisman for the Snake Year

During the Snake Year, the snake talisman will serve you good purpose. The charm will give its owner shrewdness, will, wisdom, patience, capacity to finish even the most difficult task. It will protect from unnecessary risk, false friends, danger and disappointment.

A snake amulet is especially good for women: it helps to regenerate like a snake. An image of a snake on a hadkerchief, or a snake bracelet will help a woman stay young and beautiful for many years.

The companions of the snake are an ox, a rooster and a monkey. They will bring good luck and harmony, will protect from negativity and bad luck. If you place them in the south or south-east of your house or appartment, you may improve your financial luck.

Those who want to get wealthier and improve their health cannot do without a turtle symbol which signifies wisdom and longevity. It will teach its owners patience and will help build a good career. Placed in the east sector of your appartment, it will bring good health to your family.

According to Feng Shui, the snake symbol should be placed in the north-east, which is the sector of Knowledge.

Lion, Wolf and Snake jade statuettes
Lion, Wolf and Snake jade statuettes | Source
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