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Can We Prevent Undoing Ourselves?

Updated on August 1, 2013

The House of Our Undoing

Have you ever heard the phrase "our strengths can be our weaknesses?" In this dualistic world we inhabit, there is nothing more perplexing than staring at the paradoxes we live with. We:

Push the love of our lives out of our lives

We do our homework to constant unrelenting rock and roll.

Note that It's always darkest before the dawn.

And - our strengths can be our greatest weaknesses.

Getting through this life requires balancing and understanding duality. How we tread across the ground is based upon a complex internal measurement of muscles, stress, speed and strength. When we push the love of our lives out of our lives it can be because of a host of miscalculations. Too strong there, not attentive here, missing and ignored issues, overly emphasized issues. We get so used to having noise in the background, we literally can not calm our brains unless they are overly stimulated, so that then we can restfully do our homework. The darkness that we have had all night does seem to get darker just before the dawn. And this leads us to those big bad words: Perception and Balance.

Perception and Balance

How we perceive and balance ourselves has to do with how hot, heavy, mild, caliente, cool or just plain "mahvelous" we think we are. It is in this formula that we can address the House of our Undoing. In astrology it is the twelfth house that is called the place that we "undo" ourselves. But also, in astrology it is where those planets on our eastern horizon are rising. This is an area of great strength and emphasis. So, in essence, right there where they rise and become fully strong, they are near and approaching or leaving the 12th House.

Baseball Teaches Much

Stars are spheres. Baseballs are spheres. You can throw too hard. You can swing too hard. Those who don't know much about the game can't understand why successful batters perform between around a 270 average and a 350 average, with outliers understood, most everybody who is good bats at those levels. How do you force players to perform poorly in baseball as batters? You change their perceptions. They see an apparent hard thrown ball drop suddenly. A curving ball changes speed. Whiff, whiff. A "change up" is a pitch that appears to be coming in extremely fast, but as it parts the pitcher's palm it is much slower than what the batter thinks it will.

Sometimes it is not good in baseball to be too fired up. It is easy to be so fresh and excited that you swing so hard that you only nick the ball. The swing is so hard that it completely misses the ball, just nicks it, pops it up, fouls it off. Our lack of judgment and our perception are the things that determine our success in life, not just how strong or powerful a particular characteristic is. People often marvel at the refinement of skill that baseball requires. They remark that hardest thing to do in sport is to successfully hit a 90 mile an hour rocketed baseball. And I will note that it is here where they are most easily "undone".

After A Life Time of "Stylin"

As the years go by, we tend to develop what we call our "strengths". But like many a 250 hitter who perennially swings too hard, and keeps on "looking good, but not hitting good", we are sent down to the minor leagues. But that does not bother us. We got our "style". We got our "Mojo" working. We may swing and miss, but oh what a pretty stance we end up in, all curled around like a pretzel in our grand attempts.  Because we are so (proud, self deluded, unthinking or option-less) we end up developing our grooves and our looks that give us a sense of comfort, but don't really do us that much good.

We are "UNDONE" by our strengths because we started "stylin'" because originally, they were simple undeveloped strengths, but our pride did not make us add the nuances, take notes and try to improve. So, simply our strengths became our areas of undoing. Since, unlike baseball, we don't have batting averages and won loss records, we tend to FEAR CHANGING BECAUSE WE MIGHT LOSE WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL.

"You Can't Shush Me, I'm Joe Jones!" - Mars In Scorpio in 12th House

The kid was proud of expressing himself when he was 12. He had a ready comment and a critical analysis of every little event. This ability led him to the debate club, and got him into school politics. Because he was quick on the uptake and had those charming verbal talents, he had some friends who would step in and fight for him when he got into trouble with those guys who didn't know what clever was, or how to be intimidated by a "big mouth". This got him through college and into a great sales job. But his mouth started getting him into trouble. He started talking back to his immediate supervisors. A couple jobs later, he decided to start his own company. Being his own boss, he could talk back to himself, and laugh and abuse his employees.

He was a high energy guy and knew his business and became very comfortable as a small business man. He started to learn how to shut up when someone who was valuable to him was also exercising their rights to be a "butthead". His clever mouth kept on growing, only because he stopped from offending several sales managers who held big accounts. But then a big night came. He had been drinking, and the cops stopped him. He was profusely out of control, and the officer told him to quiet down. He came up with those words that started an avalanche. "You can't shush me, I'm Joe Jones!" Turns out the cop could shush him. And he went to jail. His original strengths became the inhabitants of his House of Undoing. Since then he treads a little softer and processes his environment along with his own "temperature". He is now trying to balance and alter his perceptions after a strip search, a fine and a day in court got him to look at himself differently.

"If I Just Confess, I'll Be Forgiven" - Venus in Pisces in 12th House

Some people are born with "strengths" which are endearing, self effacing, engaging and apologetic. He had grown up in an environment which rewarded him for being accommodating and endearing. At first, these people, when they are young, seem to be diplomats. They have lots of friends, are a part of several cliques. Being often intelligent, they can be so engaging that life rewards them in one way or another and this pushes them forward into falsity and over acting conduct and behaviors that seem unreal or eventually, insincere.

Because we lose our clarity of Judgment and Perception, and are unable to see ourselves in order to correct ourselves. Our House of Undoing -- loaded with talent and power, can spell doom for our reputation and resume.

Samuel was at a key point in his life. He valued this girl friend. She was persuasive and complicated. She was the kind of woman he imagined he could wed. She made him pretty nervous, and of course, hyper alert. These are the times when our House of Undoing tends to rule the day. A heated discussion at a party evolved quickly into raised voices and political epithets being hurled. Samuel stepped into a social and verbal hole. He wobbled a bit, lost his sense of courage and certainty. His overly sweet and apologetic manner seemed to elevate its head at the most inappropriate time. The kind of woman he really wanted was noticeably dismayed at his weak response. It was her political party that was getting lambasted. You know, it was not really that he lost her that night. But he thought he lost her that night, and thus he did lose her that night! His old strength had taken up residence in the second story of his House of Undoing.

It Seems We All Carry Monuments To Self That Once Were Just Indulgent Efforts At Grandiosity

Sometimes our brains can stop working and we stop worrying about how we are doing. Then, there are other times when we have spent years building "concretized" images of what used to be whimsical personal stylings. Sometimes the House of our Undoing is not so serious. Other times, it is life changing. Sometimes we can be just downright offensive because we are so darned proud of ourselves. The "Devil Take the Hindmost" -- "My friends are my friends and the rest of you be damned."

America is a great place. I absolutely love America! But one thing about us is that because self expression is such a sacred right, we can develop callouses where our refined sensibilities could be. We are not big on self restraint. We are not big on manners. We are more coarse than we used to be. We are in a sense a "stubborn and stiff necked people". Most of these kinds of analyses should be left to the individual. How can you upbraid what seems to be collective behavior. But one final thing about the House of Undoing - Maybe it's the House of Undoing that acts as a signpost along the way. Maybe nature puts it there on the Sphere, so that we can learn that a sphere keeps on turning, forming a nice circle. Maybe we could all learn to smooth out our circles and thus glory in the beauty of balanced and well perceived self development.

After all, there is no need to be afraid of changing. Because what makes us special is not our style, but things much more important. Our hearts, souls and character. You won't lose what makes you special, you will gain what is most refined. Christofer French is the Founder of

First House / 12th House


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a well written hub which is very thought provoking.


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