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So, You Don't Believe in UFO's? Up Close and Personal With the UFO Phenomena

Updated on February 22, 2018

Nick Pope (MoD) on UFO's

Recently Nick Pope, formerly of UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD), revealed that Britain's best quality up-close and personal UFO photograph had mysteriously gone missing from their archives.

Pope claims that this was no normal UFO photo, this was a photo of a metallic piece of clearly advanced technological machinery which was actually up on the wall in the office where he worked.

Pope claims that many other people would walk into the office, see the UFO photograph and ask questions like "what on Earth is that?", "Is it real?", etc.

This was one very detailed photograph that the MoD kept under wraps, according to Pope, because the MoD desperately wanted to get their hands on that technology, whatever it's origin, and who in the world can blame them?

Coincidentally, not so long ago, Australia's Department of Defense (DoD) also admitted that some of their UFO files had mysteriously gone missing too. Clearly, there are covert groups in existence probably within each government that are attempting to prevent a paper trail from being left behind and government officials have now officially acknowledged this fact.

Not only is information on the UFO phenomena being swiftly removed from the public domain before it receives too much exposure (eg on the internet), but it's also being swiped from official government records before it ever goes public too!

But What About Russia?

It seems that even despite the government attempting to declassify the UFO phenomena, the evidence is going missing before ever being made available publicly. However, the general public are rapidly waking up to a very real advanced technological presence which is potentially extraterrestrial in origin.

It is generally only the UK and the US that are completely unaware of the situation developing in other countries such as Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico. But whilst the US are waking up to such a presence, the majority of the UK's public remain completely unaware and mostly apathetic on the issue.

Not only is it government officials, astronauts and pilots that are now making such information public but the public themselves are giving the issue a strong helping hand.

In December 2011 as many as 25,000 witnesses all saw a UFO in the skies above them, many of them filming it on their mobile phones and digital cameras.

The UFO was extremely similar to the one released by the government of Ecuador and also appears to show five tendrils extended from the object. This UFO was witnessed by thousands of pro-democracy protestors at Russia's Bolotnaya Square.

UFO Fragment Falls To Earth

Also in Russia recently, a giant UFO 'fragment' fell from the sky. Russian authorities have already and rather surprisingly confirmed that the object does not come from a rocket or a missile and is not associated in any way with terrestrial or earthly space technology.

No radiation was found but the object was found to be partly made of ultra-strong titanium. Speculation that it had come from a bungled Kazakhstan rocket or satellite launch was also denied.

Finally Russia have admitted to being in possession of space technology that they believe did not originate on Earth!

Such honesty from a government such as Russia is massively significant. All Russia would have had to have done to cover up the incident was claim that it was a nuclear missile silo!


According to many sources including a small percentage of the general public, these objects are highly reminiscent of UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). However, the UK's MoD (Ministry of Defense) have already confirmed, as have many other government authorities, that they are completely baffled by this object and they have no idea what it is.

Surely an authority such as MoD who the entire UK rely on to defend their airspace would instantly be able to recognize a UAV?

And could this be a clue to the true origins of these unidentified aerial vehicles?

Given the fact that the US military are alleged to have reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology it makes perfect sense that some of their devices, such as UAV's, would resemble original extraterrestrial devices.

Conspiracy Theory

Despite Ecaudor, Brazil and Mexico all disclosing a genuine advanced technological presence potentially of extraterrestrial origin to their general public, there are two countries that remain highly secretive on the issue - UK and US.

Despite the US population rapidly waking up to this advanced presence, the majority of the UK's public remain completely unaware of the situation developing in other countries including the US.

Why, exactly, are the US and the UK being so secretive about this phenomenon?

Could this be a clue to the true origins of these objects?

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