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So you say you were hurt?

Updated on June 10, 2013

give it up already

There are times when we are hurt. There are times we are hurt badly.
We can carry around these hurts and nurse them and give them a home in our thoughts and emotions. Or...

We can give it up!

I know I for one spent many years Punishing innocent people for the wrongs that were done to me by others. That my friends, is a good way to stay lonely.

We have all been hurt. Just face it, we are not going to get through life without some serious wounds. The question is, how do we handle these wounds? Don't spend your days focusing on the pain you feel. Don't spend your entire life living in the past. There comes a time to pour in the oil and wine of the Holy Ghost into your wounds, and move forward.

There is a purpose for our pain. Never forget that. Sometimes the Lord hurts us, so he can prevent life from hurting us much more. Sometimes what we perceive as pain, is actually protection. If no other reason exists for your pain, then this reason does. To help others, and to be a witness to God's great Love and Power. We have a testimony! Use your testimony to build up the faith and hope of others. We were put here on this planet to make a difference in the lives of others.

Jesus said the Law is fulfilled in this, that ye love your neighbor as yourself. That is a powerful statement.

So let it go, Move past the hurt. Turn loose of the pain of your past, and Latch on to the wonderful future you have in Christ Jesus. And for heaven's sake, forgive those who have hurt you. Bitterness is a poison that will slowly kill you spiritually.

Being hurt gives you no excuse to sit around and let life pass you by. GET IN THE GAME!!

Be what you want the world to be. Be what you want others to be. Be the Christian that the world needs to see. Be Healed in Jesus name.

God bless


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