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Infinite is the wisdom is God!

Updated on February 12, 2016

Infinite Wisdom

He continues to guide even after shedding his body!

Infinite is the wisdom of God. We are all finite individuals and hence our wisdom is limited. But a charcoal in the affinity of live ember catches fire slowly and become red ember. Hence, if we develop the nearness to god, we too will acquire a fraction of his supreme wisdom. In cold climate, people sit near the fireplace to warm themselves. If you sit far off, and complain that the fire has no heat, it is your foolishness. Come near and enjoy the warmness, the fire confers! In a similar manner, cultivate a nearness to god and you too can enjoy the cool rays of grace.

How one can cultivate a nearness to god? How far is god from us? It is the distance between you and god. If you go nearer, he will come nearer. In fact, god is closest to our self. If one realize this truth, he will not become wanting and suffer grief. Hence god is aware of all our innermost thoughts. None can hide any secret from god since god is aware of the thought, even before it arises in one. Many criminals think that they have committed a crime without anybody aware of it. He doesn’t know that god is seated in his heart and he knows everything and nothing is a secret to him.

One man named “Halagappa” was a hard core criminal and he evaded arrest for more than twenty years. Once he heard about Sathya Saibaba and came to Puttaparthi. Swami called him in the interview room and revealed the inner most secret. Instantly, Halagappa fell down on the feet of Saibaba. Saibaba directed him to surrender to the police and he assured him that he will be given a new life after the completion of ‘jail term’. Putting his faith on Saibaba, Halagappa confessed his heinous crime to the police. He was immediately put in jail and he was sentenced to several years in prison. Since he was guided by Saibaba, he felt remorse for his crime and prayed sincerely every day. After many years of imprisonment, Halagappa was found to be a good behaved criminal. Hence the government has preponed his release. Immediately, he rushed back to Saibaba. Saibaba then created a cheap plastic ring for him and asked him to remain in the banks of river Cauvery in Srirangapatna. Miraculously, the cheap ring started oozing ‘nectar’ continuously nonstop for all the twenty four hours.

Many devotees started gathering to the place where Halagappa lived. They received the ‘nectar’ in small bottles and started taking it in. It was found that many diseases were cured by the effect of ‘nectar’ produced from the ring. The place has become a pilgrim site, though Halagappa maintained his simplicity, praying Saibaba for the welfare of those who came to him. Bhajans were sung regularly. His Ashram has become a holy temple. Many foreign devotees visited the place, took video of the nectar oozing ring. Here, I found two things very interesting. Saibaba has revealed the crime, asked him to confess and promised new life after release. He gave him only a cheap plastic ring. But it has revealed a very profound miracle which goes on even today! Now Sathya Saibaba has already left his mortal coil. But the gifts and talisman presented by him to many continue to shower the blessings. Though he has left the physical body, His omnipresence continues to guide many people around the world till date.

Everyday more and more miracles are being reported in the forum posts with clear evidence of holy ash submerging the photographs. He pervades the universe and transcends it too, being an incarnation of God. Hence never think that you can commit a bad deed without anybody being aware of it. Here I am reminded of another episode when he corrected one of his students. The student was a smoker. Saibaba warned him ‘not to smoke’. The boy not only smoked but uttered a lie in front of Saibaba. Instantly Saibaba has waved his hands and produced a photo with the student smoking cigarette. It was as though taken in front shot. The boy immediately fell on the feet of Saibaba and promised to quit smoking then and there!

One day, an Inspector General of Police accompanied his friend to Puttaparthi just to test Saibaba’s power. The General boasted to his friend, ‘there is a top secret’ in my life, which I have not revealed even to my wife. “If your Saibaba reveals it, ‘hats off to him’. He told this as a challenge. On that day, Saibaba called the Inspector General and his friend to interview. As soon as the IG was face to face with saibaba in the inner chamber, Saibaba told him the very secret which this IG has safeguarded in his heart. Not only that, he revealed many more events in the life of the Inspector General. No doubt, the General fell on the feet of Baba and pleaded pardon for not believing him earlier!

Message of god's wisdom!


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