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Some more miracles of young Sathya Sai.

Updated on September 14, 2011

Baba and the European Officer

When Baba was a young lad of around 16 years or so, one European Officer was on a hunting trip in adjoining woods. He could spot a big tiger with two cubs. He wanted to shoot the tiger without caring for the newly born cubs. He shot the tiger and brought the carcass in his jeep. On the way, near the river bed Chitravathi, the jeep could not run due to some mechanical fault. Hearing that there is a wonder boy on the other bank of Chitravathi, he sent his driver to bring the boy to get the jeep started. Hence the driver alighted and came to the village in search of the wonder boy. Baba was sitting in front of a house. The driver came there and explained the situation to the young Baba. Baba told him, I will come there personally. They both returned to the place where the jeep was still. Baba accosted the European and told him without any fear, "Why you have shot the tiger? Its newly born cubs are searching for their mother and it is a pity. If at all you want to shoot, do it with a camera and not with a gun. Now do as i say. Bring those forlorn cubs with you and hand them over to some zoo.

The European was terribly upset at the rebuke and he requested Baba to set right his jeep. The jeep has started on Baba's order and he brought those cubs back to hand over them to the zoo! After some time, the European returned to Baba with the skin of the tiger for presenting the same to Baba. Now it is being spread below Baba's throne at Prasanthi Nilayam, the new temple constructed during 1950. Once a naked sanyasi(recluse) was brought in front of Baba. He was lame and the devotees carried the recluse on the palanquin. Saibaba admonished him and gave him a piece of cloth to wear. He said, "Why are you bothering others to carry you. You can stay at any place but i will see that you get food and water. Hearing the command, the recluse got ashamed of his hypocrisy and promised Baba, that he will wear cloth and stay away doing penance! Though Baba was physically young, he always told even elder people appropriate advice and they listened to his advice and abides by it. Once there was heavy gale of wind and rain and the river Chitravathi raised to danger mark. The entire flood surrounded the village Puttaparthy and it was reaching the temple. Baba came out and asked the river to recede without causing any damage. The water level immediately started going down and the village was saved from the catastrophe. Rest in next hub.


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    • raakachi profile image


      7 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      It's very interesting to know about Sathya Sai Baba. Thanks for your sharing!


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