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Some of John Connor's Revelations

Updated on July 25, 2009

Some of John's Revelations

When you are close to God it is significantly peaceful, beautiful and beyond any earthly comparison. This was my experience and the after-affect has been wonderful. I now truly sleep like a baby and I look forward to my dreams each and every night (they are extremely helpful, think of them as a form of effective council; however, that also is another story). I wake up well-rested each and everyday. Another interesting after-affect is how easily and quickly I “fall asleep” I am quoting my wife when I write “his head no sooner hits the pillow and he is gone and it takes a freight train to wake him!” “Before his coma he was the lightest sleeper in the world, any sound would wake him.” She surely does know…

There is nothing new here, just reinforcement. Prayer is the most wonderful method of reaching Him. Although I have no idea if, why, when and how He does answer. My experience suggests that He does indeed answer (do not expect it to necessarily be what you want). Apparently after I passed on, within three days my mother-in-law received a call from the 700 Club and although she has supported them (once or twice) she never communicated with them-they indeed called her and asked if there was anybody that she wanted them to pray for. Keep in mind before that call some were already praying for me (perhaps an all-points bulletin was necessary. I indeed required significant help, quite a situation to say the least)...

“Life” does not end when we die; we carry on “in spirit”… My experience suggests that indeed your life does flash before you as you pass; however, for me I kept going back before my birth to a time and place much like Eden that had been described in our Bible. To me it appeared like a place untouched by earthly man. It was void of any buildings etc. It was indeed wonderful (and if I may add there were no snakes - at least seen by me…). Perhaps you could picture it as a cathedral of forest/wilderness...(for what it is worth). My memory recalls flying to a base of a significant hill; at the base of the hill were a great number of people (millions). I flew into the crowd similar to how an airplane lands. I began to walk up the hill at the crest of the hill were two pillars/rock outcrops. When I reached the outcrops and past between them I was alone. I was intercepted by two "people" (no indication of arms; although they were bipeds...). They talked to me in unison and said "do you want to stay or go back?" I did not reply immediately; however, after replying "Is it ok if I go/come back" I woke out of my coma and I was staring at my wife; she said I just said "Is it ok if I come back" although it would have been significantly difficult for me to speak...

The sacraments that were given to "us" from Jesus and passed on via his disciples are of profound, significant assistance. We should use them to "ease our burden" and facilitate communication and the way to holiness. They are invaluable-priceless, the real treasure we should "fight" for...

I believe this is the most significant of the revelations, God is with you; even when you think he is not (I could reflect on this so profoundly when I awakened, He was with me throughout my life…). When I awakened out of my coma I had been infused with the memory/knowledge that He was with me every step I had taken (God forgive me for the things I have done and failed to do...) - it was like we were yoked together! My experience suggests that you cannot see Him, you may not feel His presence; however, He is right there with you, helping you! John Paul II's words just prior to his passing are so profound; "Be Not Afraid" I understand this (now)!

Some of our greatest 20th Century role models for mankind are: John Paul II, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and interestingly enough, a non-Christian, Mahatma Gandhi. There are many others…

More precisely it perhaps is not the type of religion you practice it is how well you emulate our Greatest role-model and that emulation will assist you profoundly not just later on; however, (just like my father used to say) RIGHT NOW!

One more after-thought that has nothing to do with my coma and I have no quantitative evidence of this; perhaps, we should contemplate that Michael Jackson was rescued and it would be wise not to judge him. Although it is debatable how great he was(he could definitely sing and dance 10,000 times better than I can) I believe he is in better hands now. He was simply rescued from the madness that enveloped him...


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      Jasmine 8 years ago

      Wow!...just wow!...That was has definitely touched me in so many! I need to read more!