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What are Some true beliefs of the Muslim Religion? and When was the quran written?

Updated on August 20, 2013

The Quran was written in the same time revealed. Once a verse is revealed, prophet Muhamed dictated it to a writer and recites it to his companions, so hundreds, thousands of them memorized the quran and revised it with him many times. Since then and for the past 1400 years Muslims had the same book all over the world, typical copies from the original.

Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam(Peace be uopn him), made special arrangements to have it written down. When Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), used to receive a revelation, he dictated it to a Companion, who wrote it down on anything that was available: bark, stone, bones, leaves, etc. The companion then read, what he had written, to the Prophet. If there were any mistakes, Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH) would correct it and then let it be brought before everyone. Prophet Muhammad also told the order of the verses, etc, and they were written accordingly.

So, in the days of the Prophet Muhamad one copy of the Qur’an existed of what he had gotten written under his personal supervision. It was not in book form but in different parchments. Other Companions also had collections of the Qur'an for their personal record but no standard copy of the Qur'an in book form existed. Later on it was compiled and put in book form.

For more info, a very simple explanation here:



SomeTrue Beliefs of Islam:

1-There's is no God but Allah(oness of God)

Allah is simply the Arabic word for God. Allah for Muslims is the greatest and most inclusive of the Names of God, it is an Arabic word of rich meaning, denoting the one and only God and ascribing no partners to Him.

It is exactly the same word which the Jews, in Hebrew, use for God (eloh), the word which Jesus Christ used in Aramaic when he prayed to God. God has an identical name in Judaism,Christianity, and Islam; Allah is the same God worshiped by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The foundation of the Islamic faith is belief in the Oneness of Almighty God - the God of Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus. Islam teaches that a pure belief in One God is intuitive in human beings and thus fulfills the natural inclination of the soul. As such, Islam's concept of God is straightforward, unambiguous and easy to understand. Islam teaches that the hearts, minds and souls of human beings are fitting receptacles for clear divine revelation, and that God's revelations to man are not clouded by self-contradictory mysteries or irrational ideas.

As such, Islam teaches that even though God cannot be fully comprehended and grasped by our finite human minds, He also does not expect us to accept absurd or demonstrably false beliefs about Him. According to the teachings of Islam, Almighty God is absolutely One and His Oneness should never be compromised by associating partners with Him - neither in worship nor in belief. Due to this, Muslims are required to maintain a direct relationship with God, and therefore all intermediaries are absolutely forbidden.

From the Islamic standpoint, believing in the Oneness of God means to realize that all prayer and worship should be exclusively for God, and that He alone deserves such titles as "Lord" and "Savior". Some religions, even though they believe on "One God", do not make all of their worship and prayers for Him alone. Also, they also give the title of "Lord" to beings that are not All-Knowing, All-Powerful and Un-Changing - even according to their own scriptures. Suffice it to say that according to Islam, it is not enough that people believe that "God is One", but they must actualize this belief by proper conduct. In short, in the Islamic concept of God, which is completely based on Divine Revelation, there is no ambiguity in divinity - God is God and man is man.

Muslims believe that Allah's sovereignty is to be acknowledged in worship and in the pledge to obey His teaching and commandments, conveyed through His messengers and prophets who were sent at various times and in many places throughout history. However, it should be noted that God in Islam is One and Only. He, the Exalted, does not get tired, does not have a son (i.e. Jesus) or have associates, nor does He have human-like attributions as found in other faiths.

Jesus peace be upon him is a true prophet like Moses, Noah, etc.

2-The Prophet Muhammad:

The final prophet of Islam is a real documented and historical figure. He lived in the full light of history, and the most minute details of his life are known. Not only do Muslims have the complete text of God's words that were revealed to Muhammad, but they have also preserved his saying and teachings in what is called "hadith" literature.

This having been said, it should be understood that Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad was only a man chosen by God, and that he is not divine in any way. In order to avoid the misguided wish to deify him, the Prophet Muhammad taught Muslims to refer to him as "God's Messenger and His Slave". The mission of the last and final prophet of God was to simply teach that "there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God", as well as being a living example of God's revelation. In simple terms, God sent the revelation to Muhammad, who in turn taught it , preached it, lived it and put it into practice.

3- Freedom of religion:

Freedom of religion is laid down in the Quran itself: "There is no compulsion (or coercion) in the religion (Islam). The right direction is distinctly clear from error." (Qur'an 2:256).

4-Women in Islam:

The image of the typical Muslim woman wearing the veil and forced to stay home and forbidden to drive is all too common in most peoples thoughts. Although some Muslim countries may have laws that oppress women, this should not be seen as coming from Islam. Many of these countries do not rule by any kind of Shari'ah (Islamic law) and introduce their own cultural standpoints on the issue of gender equity.

Islam on the other hand gives men and women different roles and equity between the two is laid down in the Quran and the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Islam sees a woman, whether single or married, as an individual in her own right, with the right to own and dispose of her property and earnings. A marriage gift is given by the groom to the bride for her own personal use, and she keeps her own family name rather than taking her husband's. Both men and women are expected to dress in a way that is modest and dignified. The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: "The most perfect in faith amongst believers is he who is best in manner and kindest to his wife."

Violence of any kind towards women and forcing them against their will for anything is not allowed. A Muslim marriage is a simple, legal agreement in which either partner is free to include conditions. Marriage customs thus vary widely from country to country. Divorce is not common, although it is acceptable as a last resort.

More info :

-Women In Islam: Beyond the Stereotypes.

5-The Five Pillars os Islam:

1- The belief (Imaan): That there is no God to be worshipped except Allaah (the one God) and that Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) is His Messenger.

2- Performing the prescribed prayers (Salaat): five times a day.

3- Fasting (Siyaam): Once a year, from sunrise to sunset throughout the entire month of Ramadhan.

4- Charity (Zakaat): Which is paid to the poor and needy once every year.

5- Hajj: Which is the pilgrimage to Makkah once in a lifetime if one is physically able and can afford it financially. Pillars are part of a building. The building in this case is the perfect human being who cares and protects the rights of all creations and fellow humans, thus establishing a society in which truth and justice and peace is supreme.

6-When someone becomes a Muslim :

The words that are spoken when one becomes a Muslim, are few but so significant. With the utterance of these words, a person acknowledges Allah as the Creator and Sustainer of all, and the messengership of His Prophet (peace be upon him). With these words, which come from the heart, a person steps from disbelief and ignorance to knowledge, light and guidence. A person can only reach this state by the Mercy and Guidance of Allah the Almighty.

[There is no god worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Prophet]


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    • profile image

      Naaz siddiqui 

      4 years ago

      great hub...:-)

    • Vizey profile image


      9 years ago

      There might be few people who are doing wrong actions. The whole community should be not be blamed for wrongdoings of others.

    • Goodway profile image


      9 years ago from India

      May ALLAH Bless you.

    • Puffinburger profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Very Good Hub. Insightful, and fulfilling.


    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Egypt

      thnx alot for the support, Sufidreamer

      I really appreciate it

      CW: thanks again....I'll add that soon :)

    • Sufidreamer profile image


      9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Nice hub, Mezo - I love Islamic culture and history, hence the name!

      This is a great hub and I hope it breaks down some of the mistrust caused by ignorance. To judge Islam by the actions of the Taliban is like judging Christians by the actions of George Bush.


    • countrywomen profile image


      9 years ago from Washington, USA

      Mezo- Great hub. Also can you include verses in Quran which highlight this:

      1) A Muslim has to respect everyone and not treat others as infidels (common misconception about tolerance)

      2) Violence and taking life of innocent people in the name Allah (Jihad Misconception about)

      3) Using the name of Allah for bad deeds results in conclusion (also that 72 Virgins in Heaven misconception)

      4) Finally what is ordained by Allah for those who are non-muslims but who lead their lives with love and kindness to others. (Merit for good intentions and noble actions)

      Looking forward to your reply or better still adding it to the hub.

      Great hub Mezo. Surely a thumbs up from me.

    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Egypt

      it's important to note that this hub doesn't aim to talk about other religions or compare religions to each others as the author doesn't know alot about other religions.....but i can provide information about Islam, my own belief.


    • Siu profile image


      9 years ago

      <!-- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -->

      Mezo, thanks for replying!

      <!-- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -->

      I started writing another commentary, but I need to do some research, and it'll probably call for a page all by itself. :)

      Peace and blessings!


    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Egypt

      Top stuff : thnx alot for your comment, plz tell me if you needed any links.

      Siu:thnx for stoppping by and commenting

      What I said is what we Muslims believe in and what's in Quran. We believe that God has no sons, no wife, no partners, he's only one, so the concept of trinity is not present in Islam, the faith in Islam is simple with no confusions, no God but one God (Allah).

      We also believe that Jesus peace be upon him didn't say he's son of God, and wasn't crucified. As other prophets of course he had enemies and people that sought to kill him.

      So, we believe that Jesus ,son of Mary, is a normal human and a prophet like others, each prophet has of Jesus's miracles was his birth without a father that's why the quran refers to him as son of Mary.

      Muslims believe in one God and that he had no sons. Christians believe in trinity. So believing in one of them means you disbelieve in the other opinion, that's the situation but with respect to other people's beliefs.

      We don't believe he claimed that he (jesus peace be upon him) is the son of God. In other words we believe that these phrases in the bible nowadays wasn't in the original bible. In the Quran : that jesus said he was a prophet and slave of God

      Quran [4.171] ( O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not "Three" - Cease! (it is) better for you! - Allah is only One God. Far is it removed from His Transcendent Majesty that He should have a son. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender.)

      Quran [5.116] ( And when Allah saith: O jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto mankind: Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah ? he saith: Be glorified! It was not mine to utter that to which I had no right. If I used to say it, then Thou knewest it. Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Thy Mind. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower of Things Hidden ? )

      Peaxe and blessings, Siu :)


    • Siu profile image


      9 years ago

      <!-- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -->

      Hello Mezo,

      I got some questions for you. :)

      When you made the statement "Jesus peace be upon him is a true prophet like Moses, Noah, etc,” what exactly do you base this on? As you already may know, in the Holy Bible, it is written that Jesus made claims that plainly stated that he is the son of God, thus, I think this was one of the main reason they sought to kill him; for blasphemy.

      So then, if you accept that Jesus was a prophet, are you disregarding some of the things he said? How do you come to a conclusion that Jesus is something other than what he himself claimed to be?

      If one were to say that if all Jesus said is not true, then by all means he would be a liar, and if this was a fact, then how can he be referred as a "good prophet"?

      Hope to hear from you soon. :)

      Peace and blessings my friend.


    • topstuff profile image


      9 years ago

      Very simple and nice explanation.It would be more better if you provide links to other relevant islamic sites.Thanks

    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Egypt

      ranarules : thnx for your comment

      AEvans: anytime i'll be glad to answer your requests if i can :)

      thnx for stopping by and commenting

    • AEvans profile image


      10 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Thank you for writing this hub I was waiting for someone to answer the request and I respect the Muslim religion as I have many friends that are such. I hope that this hub will shed light on the religion in a positive way as being a Chrisitian I know myself that other religions believe in the same God. As for the women hidden behind the scarves, here in the U.S. I do not really see that, howevr I do know as you stated in some countries women are still oppressed. Thank you again for writing it!!! :)

    • ranarules profile image


      10 years ago from GUJRANWALA, PAKISTAN

      it great hub ----- especially to finish misconcepation in non muslim minds

    • Sufidreamer profile image


      10 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Great hub, Mezo. It shows how the extremists of any religion twist religious texts to suit their own ends. I prefer to read about the 'Islamic Golden Age' as an example of Islam, rather than listen to twisted Mullahs speaking for a violent minority.


    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Egypt

      thnx alot for your comments and support, i really appreciate it

      thnx again for the advice, yes Muhamad SAWW is the most beloved human being ad he also taught us that he's a messenger and God's slave (just like all of us : Abeed).

    • quiet tracer profile image

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      Beautiful, Just beautiful

      I appreciate your work. I also have a suggestion for you.. It is better to call MOHAMMAD S.A.W.W as ALLAH's most beloved Human being than calling HIM anything else (see what did you call HIM in underlined phrase in 2nd true belief of Islam).

      Anyhow, this work is really admirable. You threw wonderful light on Islam and its beliefs and this is really needed nowadays when the world has started considering muslims as terrorists because of a few black sheeps like Talibanz who are actually not muslims from any angle. Islam does not allow what they are doing. They are killing real muslims in Pakistan and som other countries but they claim to attack those westerners who favour president bush.

      Thanx for the hub


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