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Song Downloads From The Future - A Bizarre Experiment In Parapsychology

Updated on December 28, 2015
sparkster profile image

Marc Hubs, author of "Reflections Of NPD" is a writer/researcher on the mind, science, psychology/psychiatry, metaphysics and consciousness.

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

A Bizarre Experiment

In 2007 I carried out the most bizarre and, as it turns out, most successful experiment I have ever attempted. Admittedly, this was a rather strange experiment which stretches into the verges of the absolutely surreal. However, the intention behind the experiment was really to test the limits of the information I had learned and to see how effective it truly was and to really test the boundaries and the limitations of the human mind.

I was always fascinated by the human subconscious and how and why it was so powerful and I spent a large portion of my life studying it, researching it and experimenting with it and by 2007 I had found myself learning a great deal about topics like telepathic communication, precognition/premonitions, astral projection and remote viewing, the studies of which fall under the category of parapsychology (paranormal psychology). Whilst I had been an atheist and a skeptic (although an open-minded one) when originally researching these topics, what I had been learning seemed to make so much sense and seemed to explain a lot of things which had not been explained by mainstream science and this process started with dehypnosis - removing the belief systems which had become installed throughout my lifetime as a result of the societal conditioning I had been subject to over the years.

Just the dehypnosis alone proved to be quite an enlightening experience and there had already been many times throughout my life where I had attempted to test the powers of consciousness and got successful results. Of course, much of the time I couldn't prove this and usually ended up putting it down to coincidence. However, thanks to the bizarre 2007 experiment (and further experiments since), I now know differently and I no longer believe in coincidences, only in synchronicity. In 2007, my partner (at the time) had gone away and I had the house to myself for five days. It was during these five days that the experiment took place - an experiment which would have profound, long-lasting implications, although I didn't realize that at the time and it wasn't until many years later that the results of the experiment would begin to show (except for two very weird events).

A Strange Idea

In order to truly test the capabilities of the information I had learned, I needed to come up with an experiment which was so far out there and so bizarre and surreal that it would defy all the possibilities of ever happening by chance. When people have had success after using the Law of Attraction and other similar techniques that are labelled as positive thinking, skeptics are quick to assume that those things probably would have happened anyway or that the person just attracted luck subconsciously because they were feeling lucky. I wanted to test the real limitations of this kind of thinking and so I came up with the most unlikely plan possible.

I had lyrics to a few songs I had started writing but at this time in my life I was feeling quite disheartened by the direction my life was taking and I had lost the motivation and ambition to continue writing them. This seemed like a good way of truly testing the power of the parapsychological techniques I had learned by having to combine a load of them together - during the five days alone, I would finish writing the songs, compile them into an album, name the album, design an album cover then choose the most unlikely artist in the world to actually release that album with those very songs on it in the year that I decided, without ever even speaking to any member of that band or ever meeting them and without them even knowing that I wrote the songs!

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

What's even more ridiculous is that the only physical form that these songs would take, on my part, was in the form of a text file containing just the album title, the song titles and the lyrics. The actual music, the notes, the instruments used, etc only ever existed in my mind - I didn't write them down anywhere and I didn't even bother picking up a guitar or sitting at a piano or keyboard to play the songs. They only existed in my imagination. If this plan was to work I would therefore have to rely on a combination of techniques including using the Law of Attraction to develop a well-formed visual outcome of the finished product with strong emotions attached to it, telepathic communication to channel the songs to each of the band members, cosmic ordering to ask the source field to make it happen and consistent and coherent superconscious thinking.

Sounds even more ridiculous, doesn't it?

Not only that but each and every song would have multiple hidden meanings, especially for me personally, and I would intentionally include many subliminal and direct messages for myself in the songs just in case it did come to fruition in the future - kind of like a reminder to myself to say look, the experiment was a success! Now it's time to use these techniques to turn your life around!

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

The Songs & The Album

You might be disappointed to find out now that I'm not going to mention the actual song names here or the band that was chosen for the experiment. I wish I could but unfortunately, I am unable to for legal reasons. I can, however, speak privately about it and have done so with many people. I have also attempted to attract the attention of members of the band and have dropped some hints to them - I'm sure they would have had some surreal experiences themselves as a result of the experiment. For those that do already know what band it is and those who may be able to work it out, here are my descriptions of the songs and what they actually mean to me personally (although all the songs have multiple meanings):

Track 1:

A song about a real-life experience involving LSD and Ecstasy that I and a now deceased friend once had. Additionally, the song is also about achieving a higher state of consciousness. The song is also about the speed of thought and was also intended to be a pretty cool and appropriately titled driving song.

Track 2:

A song about revolution without revolt, or peaceful revolution. The title was taken from a headline from my local newspaper and the song was also inspired by the reality of secret government surveillance, lack of freedom and human rights. Really about people finally stepping outside of the box, thinking for themselves and taking control.

Track 3:

A motivational song about getting past being stuck in life, overcoming the frustration and realizing that you have to go out there and get the things you want in life. Additionally, the song is about time getting short and having to act now and follow your dreams if you really want to live your life. This song was also used as a tester during the experiment.

Track 4:

Many meanings to this track, although at it's most obvious level it's a song about cocaine (although it was actually originally meant to be about using amphetamine to stay awake). Aside from that, it's also a song about at least three different real-life women who I have had experiences with, some good, some bad.

Track 5:

This song is about faith and was really written when my faith in having this experiment actually manifest was wavering. I seemed to be a bit lacking in the faith and belief that these techniques could actually work so successfully and I wanted to get back the faith that I had started with. I knew that if this project did manifest in the future, it would be a sign that my other long-term desires have been manifesting too.

Track 6:

A song about being in a relationship with someone who you never seem to get to spend any time with. You never ever seem to be in a room where you're alone together, there's always someone else around. You never get a chance to say the things that need to be said. What I didn't realize at the time is that this was intentional distancing from me in order to protect secrets.

Track 7:

An amusing song about an amusing friend I once had. He was very wacky and was a bit of a gangster wannabe. His name was Graham but everyone called him "G" for short. He would come up with all sorts of plans and blueprints to carry out large scale crimes like bank robberies. He never actually committed any of them though. He wasn't a criminal, he just did it for fun.

Track 8:

I titled this song but didn't write it.

Track 9:

A deeply emotional song for me personally, this song was about a woman who suddenly cut me out from her life entirely after a psychic had told her that her deceased grandmother claimed I was no good for her. There were many things we needed to discuss and many things I desperately wanted her to know but could never tell her because I never saw her again. All I would have needed is just one day.

Track 10:

A song about a woman I liked who was only around very briefly in the past but who was treated very badly by my ex's family. She had a fallout with my ex's family and stopped bothering with them. There was more to the story that I had been told and I felt sorry for her due to the way she had been treated so I went looking for her to find out what really happened. I didn't find her despite the fact that she lived locally. It wouldn't be until several years later that she started coming back in to my life.

Track 11:

I titled this song but didn't write it.

The Power Of Thought

In order to carry out this experiment, I used a combination of psychological techniques deeply and intensely the entire time. This involved a mixture of auto-suggestion (self-hypnosis) to remove all limiting beliefs, visualization of well-formed outcomes, the law of attraction, developing strong emotions linked to the thoughts and focusing on manifesting that outcome. There was also one other technique I used which has turned out to be immensely powerful.

I absolutely immersed myself in it and convinced myself that I was actually doing this for the band and eventually I absolutely began to believe it. I did it with intent, with belief, with faith and with desire and I did it without any limiting beliefs.

To set a realistic timeframe for the manifestation of this experiment, I decided to give it seven years before the album would be released. This would give the band enough time to finish whatever they were currently working on and give them to time to get the songs written, rehearsed, recorded and released. There were, of course, other things which I worked on manifesting too once I had learned how to use these techniques.

Chronesthesia: A Download From The Future

As mentioned above, track three was used as a tester during the experiment and it was appropriately titled for what it was used for. I only had the house to myself for a limited amount of time, I would have to wait seven years to see if the experiment worked and I wanted some kind of absolute knowledge that what I had discovered was truth.

I decided to work on manifesting track three so that it could be downloaded two days later from the Gnutella file-sharing network so that the song would literally manifest from the ether and trickle down through the ethernet onto my hard drive. Because I knew, even if this did happen, that my mind would go into a state of cognitive dissonance and I wouldn't be able to believe it, I also worked on manifesting an even more peculiar event to wake me up to it if I ended up deleting the file thinking nothing of it.

Two days later, I search the Gnutella network and there it was but as soon as I saw the title, something strange happened. My mind refused to accept it. I downloaded the file and had a listen. It was the song, with my lyrics, being performed by the band I had only selected a few days earlier. How could this be? Immediately, I began trying to rationalize what had just happened. I sat there in utter confusion for a few moments. Although I could feel the energy around me and was in what I can only describe as a higher state of consciousness, I ultimately ended up convincing myself that it was just my mind playing tricks on me and that I must have written the lyrics out subconsciously, thinking that they were mine.


After convincing myself that I was just fooling myself, I deleted the file. Then, when I emptied the recycle bin with the file in it, something very peculiar happened. A pile of children's toys that were in the corner of the room behind me suddenly jumped up into the air of their own accord and seemingly threw themselves all the way across the 21-ft room!

Needless to say, this also caused me to jump with shock and it's not something you usually expect to happen at three o' clock in the morning! Again, for a few moments I sat there in a state of confusion before eventually convincing myself that there must be a rational explanation. As you can tell from my article about paranormal experiences, even many years later I never linked this event to the song download... until recently.

During these five days, I also worked on manifesting my perfect future and I thought it out carefully and worked on manifesting it so that it would all unfold gradually over the following seven to ten years. Once I was done, I just left it to manifest and forgot all about it and got on with life.

Karmic Force

From what I could gather, what I had learned was a form of karma and in order for it to manifest, I had to offer something in return although this could be something small in comparison to the final outcome (I have also concluded that karma ties in with quantum entanglement).

It may sound strange but what I offered back then was to become a writer and learn and reveal the secrets of the universe in the form of 230 articles and two books! In other words, the only reason I became a writer in the first place was because of this experiment and yet I never even realized it until recently!

Back To Reality

Once my partner and children had returned from their five-day trip, everything soon returned to normal, we got on with our lives and I never thought about the experiment again. Literally, I completely forgot all about it as though it had been erased from my memory despite the fact that my life was about to change suddenly and dramatically.

Things fell apart and I found myself single, jobless and homeless for a very short while. Soon after this, in 2008, I had an encounter with an alien entity who communicated with me telepathically which, as you can tell from my article about it, I still didn't link to the parapsychology experiment... because I had somehow forgotten all about it. Perhaps I suddenly had more important things to worry about and put it to the back of my mind, I don't know.

The same thing happened with the alien encounter. I couldn't rationalize the experience and so I put it to the back of my mind until a later date when I might perhaps be in a better position to be able to deal with it. It wasn't until a few years later that I would consciously recall the experience and write about it.

I would then spend the next few years getting my life back together before I would begin having more paranormal experiences starting in 2011 and escalating through the following few years. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I now know that all these experiences are a result of the experiment and that they led me into deeply researching and writing about many topics, as though it was all done completely by design.

I have published over 230 articles and about to publish my second book... and guess what?!

A Wake-Up Call

When checking out the rock charts in mid-2015 and despite still not remembering the experiment, I noticed that the band had a new album out. The cover and the title immediately looked familiar to me but it didn't still trigger any memories... until I listened to it.

The first time I listened to it, it seemed strangely familiar and I couldn't work out why. I had to listen to the whole thing immediately again. The second time around I realized that some of the lyrics belonged to me and again, I went into a state of confusion. How on Earth did this high profile rock band get hold of my lyrics?! I was baffled!

I had to keep listening to the album repeatedly trying to work out what was going on and that's when fragmented memories of the experiment started gradually coming back to me. The subliminal messages on the songs were working their magic and over the following week or so I started remembering more and more about the experiment and what I had attempted to do.

Even after eventually realizing what had actually happened and how it had happened, it still took me months to actually digest that information. It played on mind for literally months on end and it all seemed so surreal and yet at the same time it all makes so much sense. The experiment was an astounding success and a result of this experiment, I have successfully achieved downloading a song from the future, I have made objects move with my mind, I have influenced a high profile rock band and have had experiences with UFOs, orbs, shadow entities and all kinds of other metaphysical phenomena.

If someone had told me they had experienced these things ten years ago, being as familiar as I am with the human mind, psychology and psychiatry, I would have seriously questioned their sanity. Yet I have now seen plenty of the evidence for myself and know all too well that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

© 2015 Marc Hubs


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    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      3 years ago from United Kingdom

      That's amazing that your family also experienced this phenomena. When it's just one person, it's easy for others to label them as crazy or delusional/hallucinating or paranoid but when multiple people are involved and they all experience the same thing, you know there's got to be something to it. I was always fascinated by how people could have group hallucinations/delusions when under the influence of LSD - how is it that they can all experience the exact same hallucination without communicating with each other? That to me is perfect evidence of a collective unconscious which suggests that these experiences must be real on some level.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 

      3 years ago

      Strange that you mention the moon. I, too, had umm... one crazy incident with the moon, and Orion accompanied the moon that night. Deception is on a MASSIVE LEVEL!

      (Note that this same night Michael the Archangel and Christ Himself visited our home...then came the moon, invisible moon like beings, (I call them "Friends", and they are not the good kind.. I saw a Leprechaun, live flesh puppets less than 2 ft tall and many evil entities including Satan. He was acting like Christ... I was fooled at the time and learned shortly later that I was indeed speaking to the devil and not Christ. (h)e was bending shadows and using technology to deceive me. It was a very strange night that has continued to teach my family Truth, for Truth Himself visited us! That night made me and my family capable of seeing the deception around us today. A great example of how God uses evil for Good. That night was horrible but God gave us much Wisdom from it.

      Never really talk about it too much to too many people because of how "crazy" it sounds. It's hard for people to accept and I don't blame them. Thanks for providing the atmosphere here in this article to share #Truth.

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Indeed, people seem to be incapable and unwanting to step outside of the mass delusion we have been living in for so long and on that note, a few of the songs on this album are about exactly that. I don't know if you know what band or album it is but once you listen to it you will know. I've had many such experiences, some of them also involving the moon. If one thing is certain it's that physical/material reality is an illusion and is just a reflection of our collective inner consciousness.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 

      3 years ago

      With Truth comes trials. We really understand more than you know, our life has been just as strange. One time in 2012, the moon and Orion stopped its orbit to come down upon me and controlled me for several hours.... but we hardly tell these stories because Truth is a package we all must carry with care. People seem to run, hide and even hate Truth, they would rather choose a lie.

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing! It's truly appreciated. I have already received a little ridicule over publishing this article but that's to be expected. Like I said, if someone told me this ten years ago I would have thought they were crazy. At that time, I was an atheist and a skeptic, I didn't believe in God and I didn't believe in anything paranormal or supernatural. However, when this experiment took place I was in a desperate place in life and I absolutely wanted what I had learned to be true. I could never work out why I had started experiencing paranormal phenomena over the following years because I had forgotten all about the experiment and even that fact alone baffles me. What made me forget? I don't know!

      What I do know is that the universe has delivered and I have, since the experiment, managed to achieve a state of higher consciousness once again. Not only that but my ultimate desires in life have been manifesting over the course of the last few years and there have been times when it played on my mind. I thought I was going crazy but believe it or not, I actually have physical evidence that this is absolute reality and I can do it again and again and again.

      As I mentioned, there is one technique which turned out to be immensely powerful, so powerful in fact that it can be used to contact alien entities which I've already used it for and here's an even more surreal thing about it - they show up on photographs and videos when you record them.

      The last eight years have truly been an awakening process.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 

      4 years ago

      This is an amazing story. This story, to me, represents the physical and spiritual battles we all face with strong, fervant prayer. Congratulations to you for the victories you have experienced in your search for Truth. I, too have searched out Truth and this is Truth: "that it is not i, but it is He"

      Thank you for this Truth inspired article. Sharing this via FB and HP followers. I'm even giving it a Tweet!


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