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Soul Retrieval - What is it?

Updated on March 25, 2012

I came upon a conversation in one of my groups, where others were interested in learning about soul retrieval. I was asked to share what I know, when I realized that there is an awful lot of information involved in this topic, even on a basic level.

So instead of just filling up a forum with the topic, where it would one day be washed away by future posts, I thought it might be useful to create a hub about the subject, so that it's easily available for those looking for it.

So here we are, and here is where I will begin.

Soul Retrieval...

Soul Retrieval is actually a multifaceted subject, because it can mean different things to different practitioners. It also depends on your perspective of what exactly a soul is.

For most, your soul is your own special inner light. The divine part of you that was created to be yours and yours alone. Though for others who have spent much time meditating and researching the idea, a soul is many layers of energy that make up the self. The being that we are no matter what body we inhabit, no matter what plane we are on and no matter how many life times we may go through.

You could consider the soul to be sort of like an energy onion. At it's core, there certainly is a special kind of energy that can never be taken from you, nor given away. Though there are lots of layers of energy that surround that core. These bits of energy help to make up who you are, and they can sometimes be lost, given away or hidden from the self. So one form of soul retrieval is about bringing back these energies to yourself. It is also sometimes known as personal power retrieval. Which brings back every bit of energy that you've ever lost, given away or had taken from you. When this is done, you'll have to battle through issues that you haven't thought about in a long time, but you'll also gain back quite a bit of personal energy that you might not have even known you needed.

Another form of soul retrieval, is the art of retrieving the lost souls of those who are in the middle planes. This can be aiding those who have died and need to get to their next life. Or it can be helping those who are catatonic or in coma's, to bring their souls back to their bodies. There are many systems of belief that feel that the soul is not super glued to the body. The body is simply one vessel that the soul uses to explore the world, which means that the soul can travel outside of the body, and it often does so when we dream. It also does so when we go on vision journey's or through meditation, and sometimes the soul can get lost in another plane and find itself unable to get back to the body.

In some cases, the soul has also been known to "jump ship" and leave the body in instances of severe trauma. Rape, car accidents, natural disasters, wars and other traumatic events, can cause the soul to leave the body to avoid the sensation of the pain it must deal with. This can happen and still leave the body to operate, and the soul might even still be slightly attached to the body, but the person in question, is often like a sleep walker or zombie. They don't seem "real" or awake to this world because their soul is somewhere else. So in some forms of soul retrieval, a person could help the traumatized to get their souls back into their bodies. 

Last but not least, I'm sure just about everyone has heard of "exorcism". This too can be considered a form of soul retrieval. Though there are often other energetic beings inhabiting the body, and sometimes the soul of the person is simply crammed away in the same body. Either way, by getting rid of the invader through an exorcism, you would be aiding the persons soul in coming back to the body to be healthy and have active control again.

As you can, see even these basic explanations are pretty complicated and leave a lot in the open. I'm sure there are even more avenues and practices of soul retrieval, and many other definitions. Though I hope that this hub has at least brought to light a basic idea for those who need a place to begin their study of soul retrieval.


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    • profile image

      Plutarco 6 years ago

      Hi BizGenGirl :

      I am not finishing your article here, because I am in a hurry... but I might add that Soul Retrieval has to do with calling the spirit / soul / consciousness of the patient TO COME BACK TO HIS PHYSICAL BODY, in cases when the person lacks will to live, I mean not as bad as that but when " something " is lacking in the person's character ( personality ) and the person seems detached from life in a very noticeable way...Then the healer has to know the method to call the " wandering " spirit / soul / consciousness away from the call him back THREE TIMES, in front of the patient... I have seen it, and IT WORKS...done by a honest, pure of heart healer, those healers who don't charge money to perform it. I hope my comment serves too many people suffering from this kind of " emotional pain ".