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Soul Splitting

Updated on October 10, 2012

In my third installment of parallel dimensions I'm going to talk about soul splitting, another highly debated concept with no scientific proof. I've talked about parallel worlds, timeline theory of which there isn't alot of information about it and now this concept.

Soul splitting is defined by Jacqueline Lichtenberg: "quantum mechanics postulates the existence of multiverses, where various versions of “us” exist in different states of being. We are split into various levels–or dimensions, or fields–of existence based upon choices we make. If every decision splits us into sub-categories of universes, then there are infinite numbers of us out there, following different tracks."

Soul splitting breaks off from the concept of timeline theory and alternate realities. It can also be related to reincarnation. Some don't believe in soul splitting as some don't believe in reincarnation. I subscribe to neither theory but am open minded to both with possibly a little scientific proof. Some believe that a soul can live in more than one body at once.

Some believe that if you feel particularly connected to a specific individual not in your family that it could be someone from a past life. It's hard to refute that idea however there could be multiple possibilities for this connection. You could see something in that other person that reminds you so much of yourself that you think you are seeing a mirror image of yourself when in reality you see someone who is alot like yourself. It could be someone you feel sorry for and because of this deep empathy you feel a connection. The person could be a spirit guide placed in your path to help you look deep within yourself to direct you to change. And without that so called mirror image you might never be motivated to make changes. It could also be someone who is related to you by blood but you simply don't know it because at some point in history your families were pulled apart.

The idea of a soul living in more than one body at a time is called parallel lives. Awhile back a man made the claim that he indeed was living in more than one body. He said that part of him was living in Canada with one identity and in another US city with another identity. He claimed he was spiritually developed enough to do this. Another person(a self described expert) says the soul is energy therefore can live in more than one place at a time which the soul decides. Quite honestly, this sounds preposterous.

The expert bases his information on objective research, past life regression, meditation, related subjects and recalling more than 100 past lives of his own. First off, when you go back, how do you know it is your life you are recalling? How do you know it isn't someone else's? How do you know the idea hasn't been planted in your brain?

If a person already has the idea that they may have past lives then it isn't very difficult for them to believe that what they've recalled is really their own life when in reality they don't know.

I don't know why someone would recall someone else's life. For that matter I don't know why they would recall their own when others never have any memory of a past life at all. Does that mean if reincarnation is real that that particular person has never had a past life? Very unlikely since the earth has been around for a very long time.

The big question here: Why do some people recall a past life while others never will? Part of the answer lies in upbringing and beliefs. If you've been raised with the idea that reincarnation is not real and goes against christianity then it is highly unlikely you will ever accept supporters view whether right or wrong.

In my case my dad did believe in reincarnation and yet I don't.

Yet more people believe that when you die and are reborn you leave part of your soul energy behind in the spirit world and you are reincarnated with a piece of your soul. This belief means you are reborn over and over again with a piece, fragment of your soul and this continues forever. Therefore the possibilites are endless to how many "you's" are out there. There could be an infinite number of "you's". Taking this into consideration it leaves little room for an original you. Certainly there would be one created probably thousands or even millions of years ago but what about in the last few centuries? There would be many pieces of you out there .And what would be the purpose? To right wrongs or do things differently in a new life? With so many carbon copies it leaves little to no creativity. You are bound to do the same things over and over again making the same mistakes throughout eternity. Afterall, you are tied to your soul. Your soul is you. Unless you come back with a completely different soul and totally different DNA you are going to most likely repeat history and even if you don't you are still tied to past diseases, illnesses, personality, etc. through DNA. You can't escape your DNA.

I'm not opposed to the idea that a person who experiences what they believe is a past life experience could be recalling memories from an ancestor. They are tied to that person through DNA. That's why you see generation after generation often being struck with the same illness.

Some believe that we bring only a very small amount such as 5 or 10 % of our soul to earth and the rest we leave behind.

"Reincarnation presupposes that energy itself never dies, but is merely recycled into other forms. Much as the felled tree becomes paper, or the dead plant becomes compost, so do we become something/someone else after our physical death in this lifetime. The cycles of birth, death and rebirth shown us by the revolving seasons point to a cyclical way of looking at the world which includes the idea of reincarnation.

For those who believe in reincarnation, the soul itself never dies, but takes on different physical forms in different lifetimes. Although there is disagreement and debate among believers in reincarnation in other aspects, this idea remains consistent. Our physical bodies die, but our souls, our essences, live on and at some point return again in physical form."

Some believe that animals can come back as humans and vice versa and cats and dogs can more easily make the leap to human than say an insect. This belief is more widely accepted in Eastern belief systems.

The law of karma is also accepted. What you do here will come back to you and will be part of future lifetimes. If you put out negativity that negativity will follow you in another lifetime.

I read about a woman who believes that some people are born without souls because there are more people being born than there are souls to inhabit the bodies. This makes sense if you look at the horrible killers, rapists and child molesters inhabiting our world. However, I don't agree with this conclusion.

But with all of this hoopla about reincarnation and soul splitting what is the difference between a soul and a spirit?

"We are a spirit being, we live in a body and we possess a soul. The real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Our bodies are obviously what we live in while we are here on earth."

Soul means life. And according to the research I've done it dies when we die. Spirit in latin(spiritus) means breath but also spirit, soul, courage and vigor from the proto-indo-european language. In greek pneuma(spirit) means breath, motile, air and psycke is soul. Another definition is the animating force within us.

In essense our soul is the life within us and our spirit is the energy within us.


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