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Souls Forever Trapped Inside The Queen Mary

Updated on February 4, 2017

The RMS Queen Mary was constructed by John Brown and Company out of Scotland. The ship’s maiden voyage took place on May 27, 1936, leaving port in Southampton, England. When World War 2 began, the ship was turned into a troopship, transporting soldiers. When the war ended, Queen Mary was converted to a passenger ship, but sadly, by the late 1950’s the ship began to decline and show a lot of wear and tear due to the amount of use. When the ship began to loose profit, she was retired in 1967 and sent to Long Beach California where she is now permanently docked. Internal parts of the ship have been removed and the Queen Mary is now a popular tourist attraction. Since the ship found its forever home, there has been speculation that it is haunted.

The Interior

The Queen Mary was built with elegance and class for the rich passengers who booked tickets to cross the transatlantic. The ship housed amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a music studio, libraries, children’s nurseries, dog kennels, beauty salons and much more. At the time the ship was in operation, it was divided by class. First class passengers had access to rooms such as a grand salon, lecture halls and upper deck swimming pools that spanned an entire deck, a sun deck and a Starlight Club.

When the Queen Mary was remodeled to transport troops, items from the inside of the ship were removed and wooden bunks were constructed to accommodate approximately 15,000 soldiers per voyage and the inside was repainted the color grey. It was then the ship was nicknamed the Grey Ghost. After the war, the ship was repurposed for passengers and air condition cabins were installed as well as an upgrading of her berth to make room for over 700 first class cabins.

Tourist Attraction

The Queen Mary opened as a tourist attraction on May 8, 1971. These guided tours allow visitors to get up close and see the inside of the ship and learn its history. There are different packages tourists can choose from, depending on the type of experience they seek. These packages consist of the First Class Passport, the Grand Voyage Passport, Queen Mary Passport, Royal Passport and more. However; do to the nature of the ship; some of the locations are off limits to visitors. Anyone interested in touring the famous Queen Mary, please feel free to visit their website at for ticket information.


There is no doubt that the Queen Mary’s walls have seen many things. If only wall could take, we might hear stories that would quite possibly blow our minds. It has been stated the ship is haunted, apparitions walking the halls, forever stuck at sea in this ocean liner for all eternity.

The ship now houses a museum and hotel and visitors have reported the sounds of screams throughout the hallways, the sound of scratching metal and the feel of spirits roaming the ship. The locations of most of the reported haunting are in the ships engine room and the second class swimming pool. Guests have been known to have seen women in 1930’s attire and swim suits around the swimming pool. Along with seeing these women, visitors have noticed wet foot prints on the deck next to the pool, as well as the sound of someone in the pool splashing water and swimming.

Additional reports have claimed the ship has unknown smells and temperature changes in certain locations. Some hotel guests have also reported hearing knocks on the doors, as well has doors slamming and high pitch squeals throughout the hotel portion of the ship.

Stateroom B340 is no longer available to be rented out do to the amount of ghostly activity reported in that room. There are reports that the bed sheets come off the bed by themselves and fly across the room, as well as the water faucets turning on and off by themselves.

In addition to these ghost stories, employees of the restaurant now available onboard the ship gave reported paranormal activity. It seems when the hostess checked the reservations there were more people standing there in the group then the number of people for the reservation. When the hostess mentioned the reservation was only set for two and there are three people, the guests reply, “It’s just for two.” When the hostess looked back up, there were only two guests and the third had disappeared.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Queen Mary seems to be filled with souls from throughout the years of passengers and crew members who have lost their lives aboard this famous ocean liner.


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