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Sounds have profound effect on space and silence is powerful than speech!

Updated on June 15, 2016

Baby listens!

The effects of Sounds and speech!

Sound waves abound in space. There are both positive and conducive sound waves as well as sounds with full of negative energy. Many people think that whatever they utter become ineffective after some time! They are absolutely wrong. The sound waves are never destroyed. Especially waves of anger and hatred remain in space for a considerable period. The effects of sound on human psyche are profound. There is a story that goes to prove this theory. In a village school, a teacher was confronted by an Inspector of Schools one day. The Inspector of schools was highly educated person and naturally this lend to his proudly disposition.

The teacher was teaching his students some lessons in an old fashion. The Inspector was intrigued with the teaching methodology and he rebuked the teacher, ‘how his students will learn by dull teaching? How his words will impact the students. The teacher was old, wise and experienced. He asked one of his students to get up and send the Officer out! Instantly, the Inspector got annoyed and shouted at the teacher, ‘how dare you show disrespect to your superiors? The teacher told him, “My student has not even got up and came near you! To prove that words possess effects, I have demonstrated this small episode. After hearing my instructions to the student, you get worked up and became angry! It is only to prove the effect of sound; I demonstrated this’. Kindly bear with me!

Sound affects DNA

The sound effects are proved by a village teacher!

The Inspector saw the truth and without even telling, he moved out of the class room. The devastating world wars commenced due to some negative sounds uttered by the rivals. Words infuriate, words calm, words give peace and happiness. It depends on who addresses whom. A soldier will talk harshly, while a saint will speak in a pleasing way. Hence be cautious while talking with others. Do not just go on bragging. Talk sweetly and talk to the point. The pitch should be just enough to reach the hearer and none others. This is how we should talk. In fact, conserve sound by remaining silent. Yes, talk only when it is essential. By this way, many unpleasant situations could be easily avoided.

The words we utter cannot be taken back. Hence, think twice before you talk! It is said, “silence is more powerful than speech’! Shri Ramana Maharishi of Tiruvannamalai in South India demonstrated this truth during his life. He will always remain silent. Only when there was an absolute necessity, he replied in one or two words. Sometimes, he would prefer to write the reply on a slate instead of talking. He proved to his visitors that silence enable them to clear their doubts on spiritual topics. All the visitors there used to sit silently for hours gazing at his form. A mere look of the Master is enough to solve the riddles of the mind. Many devotees were happy to see his silent pose and form.

Silence can teach!

Silence can transmit truths!

We may wonder, ‘how silence can transmit lessons of truth’. In the present technological universe, we have seen gadgets communicating with each other silently. Wi Fi and Blue Tooth are some examples. We are able to communicate to distant places through electronic mails. Scientists at ground stations were able to communicate to space stations orbiting around the globe. All this happens in ‘wireless technology. Hence we have got both the systems of communications. Through landline as well as through mobile phones adopting wireless signals!

Around fifty years ago, none would have thought about the rapid innovations in computers and Information technology. Now, we cannot think of carrying out any task without the aid of computers. The hardware form factors may change but the underlying technology remains the same. Once desk top computers occupied the space in many offices, work stations, hospitals, business houses, educational institutes, heavy industries and Financial Institutes like Banks, Stock Exchanges etc. Then came laptops, which could be carried wherever we go, compact and connected through data cards. Then came tablets, phablets and smartphones. Now the world is connected and nothing is a secret. Social platforms increased and everyone whether in office or home or moving is hooked to those hand held gadgets!

human brain is mysterious!

Human brain is superior to technological inventions!

Sitting in the comforts of my home, I am able to post and the same is published by hub pages which could be accessed by anyone anywhere in the globe! I am just thinking of the old methods. Typing a manuscript in a Remington typewriter, making corrections by correcting fluid, putting it in an envelope, address it to the publisher with proper postal stamps affixed. It may or may not be seen in the print. Here, due to advancement of technology, I could finish everything within one hour and if I am lucky, I will get comments in few hours from anybody around the world.

When all this is possible through electronic invasion, why we don’t believe in silent transmission of truths from one mind to other? This category comes under ‘metaphysics’. Hence there are lot of terms like hypnotism, tele transmitting one’s thoughts and even tele porting things from one place to another. Telepathy was prevalent among ancient yogis. They are aware what is happening in a distant place? Hence those benevolent yogis saved the life of many devotees in distant lands by presenting themselves in energy form and rendering all help.

Human brain is mysterious but we hardly utilize 5% of the capacity of the brain. We marvel at technological innovations but fail to grasp the power of human brain!


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