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Speaking in Tongues, Truth Is...

Updated on July 26, 2011

The Truth About Speaking in Tongues

Thank you all for your input. Actually, by actually reading the account in Acts you'll see that there was no "speaking to the angels" as many say they are now doing. But there was a speaking of different languages that actually did exist. People in the area heard the good news of Christ and his message of hope being spoken of in their native tongue yet in a strange land where their language was not generally spoken. There was no babble, and there is no need for us to talk to the angels now. The angels receive their instruction from GOD and they are sent out to do his bidding. We have no need to communicate with them as there is but one mediator between GOD and man...Jesus.

That is why the bible instructs that there be someone there to interpret. Yet when all the babbling goes on in today's church no one stands by and interprets do they? How about in YOUR church? Also, Church is supposed to be a gathering of people in worship and praise united. It is not a place for individual displays of "righteousness" or commune with GOD. It is a corporate(group) worship.

The true origin of the modern day "speaking in tongues, strange as it may seem has it's roots in ancient pagan African rituals as does the convulsing and as we call it, "getting the 'holy Ghost'".This came about when the slaves of America were forced to convert to "Christianity" and only allowed to read the Bible and no other book. As is the case of Catholicism and many other religious practices, they simply blended their existing rituals in with that which they were forced to accept. In time this became the norm for many so-called christian faiths. There is indeed a "spirit" involved, but is it not the spirit of GOD.*The ONLY people in the bible that were convulsing and carrying on the way they do in church today were possessed with a demon(s)...marinate on that a little and get back to me...

While I am sensitive to the beliefs of others, it is far more important to me as a messenger of GOD to enlighten as He does the final gathering in these the "last days" spoken of in the Bible. I encourage and stress to all readers to examine the history andorigins of your religious beliefs a re-examine whether you are willing to jeopardize your salvation simply because you insist and persist in practices that were with you or your forebears as long as you can remember. That does not make it acceptable to GOD, only to you and other men. As always I encourage you to take it to GOD in prayer and allow him to guide you and instruct you in the matter...but be mindful that when He does enlighten you it is up to you and your free-will to accept it and then refrain from former practices... Be thankful that GOD loves you enough to reteach you and help you learn what He really accepts and wants from us. It is not only admonition, but loving correction and a reason for hope!

Ask yourself, when you spoke in tongues did you actually HEAR someone speaking back in that tongue? What did they say? Can you interpret? DID you interpret for the edification of those around you? Have you seen ANYONE do the same? Was it communicating with angels or were you more so (likely) overcome with a wave of emotion and caught-up in the moment? This is NOT how GOD really works, think long and seriously honest with yourself on that. Also consider the people who automatically say the same words often( and I mean often) and seemingly are righteous spirit-filled persons. We need to really take GOD and our worship of him seriously and stop playing church and playing the "good christian". You only fool other people and yourself and actually are disgusting to GOD.

I am certain that there will be many detractors and folks who "strongly" disagree; but there were many who rejected Jesus' message also as it was out of the norm from what they had been doing as well as what had been acceptable for centuries before he came. Not many liked the messages of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others in the Bible. But they continued to deliver their message as it is GOD we as messengers must obey and not men. Time is running out on mankind and particularly those who claim to serve GOD as He offers too many chances to us to align with truth and serve him as He says and not the way we want to.1Timothy 4:3,4 Judgement begins in the church and when Jesus spoke of separatingsheep from goats he was talking about people IN the church! People who stubbornly hold on to tradition and ritual as opposed to accepting the real truth.Truth Is...That is the exact way it was in Jesus' day; if you actually read your bible and open your mind you'll actually get the real message. We tend to make the bible's message complicated when in truth it is quite simple.

Truth Is...


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