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Helping Your Loved Ones Last Days

Updated on September 7, 2014
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Catharine Leona Joy Minter Parks published several books on Amazon including Eye Rings,For the Shattered Soul, Stop Killing Your Obese Child

A Mother's Hope for Her Children

My mother worried about how her children would take her passing, and she expressed what she thought of them, and what she would like to see all of her twelve children achieve in life. To grow together in love and unity, to bond together as a family and not drift apart.

When you can overcome obstacles by showing love and forgiveness, you have achieved much, and the enemy of our souls is left wounded. Love can really move mountains, and overcome a multitude of sins.

Past Issues Needed to be Resolved

I had the opportunity to speak with my mother about her past, on issues that had bothered her for years. I let her know that forgiving herself for what she could not do or change was the only thing that was required during this phase of her life. When there is unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, constant strife, anger, hatred in our hearts, the stress of these emotions is what causes diseases to afflict our bodies.

When situations occurred where my mother gave into fear I was able to talk to her about it, and help her to understand that crippling fear can make our natural instincts to protect disappear. We become victims of an unseen enemy, and it manipulates to satisfy and increase its power.

Fear in itself is like a disease, it cripples us, manipulates the mind to act in situations that you normally would not act. It is one of the most debilitating diseases known to man, and more research is needed to understand how fear affects the body, and how it begins in the mind, and how to combat this enemy.

Her Hope was with God

Above all else, she loved to talk about her Lord and Savior and tell us how much she loved him, and she was looking forward to seeing her sisters and brother again.

For a woman who lay dying, her body wasting away daily, her mind remained sharp, and her thoughts clear for they were always on her Lord.

I have never witnessed a more courageous battle of the body, while the soul and spirit waxed stronger daily. As her body weakened, her spirit grew stronger. Watching my mother's body deteriorate daily taught myself and my siblings that love can conquer anything, even death.

I love you Mother, for you have passed on a legacy of unconditional love.


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