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Spha the Philosopher

Updated on June 19, 2016

Spha the philosopher

Baba Sphamandla Moses Spino Ntombela‎.

Thank you for being there unconditionslly.
Thank you for being a thoughtful friend, ever present, guiding, humorous witty and full of compassion.

Spha I don't think you realise what a blessing the hip hop lessons are.

Your school of music equips your artists vocalists producers excess and poets the skills to know their worth, equipping us with the skills not to get screws by the industry.

Know your worth.

Ngamla, Spino, Nkosi, ‎Anitha your producers.

You have a great team.

I smell a few double platinum cds.

Artists that are grounded, and that will generate millions for themselves their families and the label.

Rest well my dear, good friend Love Nathi Poetic King God's Poet Nkosi
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