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Spirit Stalkers

Updated on December 17, 2014

Paranormal Witnesses

Have you ever felt uneasy feelings, tingling sensations on your neck or heard strange noises, or eerie whispering, which can make the hairs on the back of your neck, stand up? Better yet, have you seen someone or something, outta the corner of your eye that just could not be explained? If so, you might have just been the victim of a haunting, by a real spirit stalker.

Angels, ghosts, and demons have been intricately intertwined with countryside folklore, since the beginning of time. Whether they actually exist or not, is hard to say. It is hard because so much of the circumstantial evidence comes from eyewitness accounts. Your judgment call depends entirely on how much you find the person, telling the story trustworthy, and whether or not you believe their remarkable. Despite those factors for some people like myself, who has had her own personal experiences with an entity not of this world, ghost really do exist.

Acute Awareness

  • My natural born mother has the gift of acute awareness, which is that she is able to see things before they happen. I have witnessed her predicting someone's sudden death, on two separate occasions. Like clockwork those men died within hours after she made her prediction. Because her predictions often are surrounded by death or devastating events, she personally believes that her special abilities are actually tools of evil.

Tell Me Your Story

Have you ever experienced a spirit stalker in anyway, shape or form?

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Being Haunted by Spirits

As for myself, personally I have had two different angelic encounters, several ghostly encounters, and currently am living with one spiritual stalker whom I believe to be my decease husband, Bucky. Bucky lives with us and stalks us on a regular basis. He tends to scare the bah-jeepers out of my cats, and frankly they do not like him one bit. Animals are usually the first to sense an unforeseen presence, and too alert us of it's presence.

My husband, Bucky Knippel committed suicide in 2004. I cremated him after his death, and have kept his ashes stored with us in our home. When my son evidently grows up, and becomes settled in his life, I figured that I will give him his daddy's ashes. That way he can do what he wishes with his daddy's ashes, and bury them if he'd like too, where ever he sees fit to do so.

Bucky's presence was made known to us from the very get go. Ever since his death, strange things started to happen to my son and I. It took us a bit to catch on with what was taking place in our home, but, it eventually came to the point where we could not overlook these peculiar events any longer. For instance, we would leave the house for dinner, and we would go around the house and turn off all the lights. Only to drive back home an hour later, to a fully lit up house. He would even turn on a closet light, that lit up an upstairs, closet, stairway. Funny thing is, I kept that particular door locked to keep Zach and his friends out of it. I can vividly remember this one beautiful, Spring day, when Zach and I had to step out to go uniform shopping for school. We had all the windows opened in the house. So we naturally went around and shut all the windows in the house, and locked them because we knew we would be out for a while. Again, only to come home with the windows wide open, or unlocked.

Another prank Bucky likes to play on us, is that he will either turn on our heat thermostat way up high. and we have even had him turn the darn thing completely off one time in the winter. That was crazy. We all woke up freezing cold the next morning. But that was also the first time, my new boyfriend stayed over and spent the night with me too. I look at Bucky's, ghostly, presence at times as a curse, and at other times of course, his presence is much appreciated and I then looked upon his presence as a gift of sorts. There are times that I don't always feel safe when he is around, he can become moody, like he was before his death- eerie, dark, and scary.

Bucky was a very depressed man when he killed himself. He was even starting to show signs of split personalities. One time, not too long ago I had a rather disturbing encounter. It is the only time that I felt his presence had devilish intentions, and that nothing good could come from his visits. He appeared to me in a nightmare. But I woke up with bruising to my triceps, as if he actually had grabbed me and shook me. But I was in bed with my husband, so I could not explain the bruises next morning to my husband Michael, nor could I explain to him the overall soreness I felt over my entire body. They did tell me one thing, that maybe I had more than just another nightmare. His presence since then has been somewhat limited, because I try now not to feed the frenzy he needs to appear. I learned that these entities feed on our energy. Therefore, I try not to put out any negative energy his way, and have limited my conversations about him to only lighthearted memories. It has seemed to help. Though the other day, our cat Lola Bell sensed something upstairs. She started to chatter, hiss and arched her back, but no one was up there. It is times like that that are the spookiest for me. It makes me wonder, if Bucky can make connections with us through a portal of some sort, can another spirit sneak in also?


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  • profile image

    Faolan 6 years ago

    Dude. I would either spread his ashes or bury them. Soon. Part of his presence and his increasingly erratic behavior are probably his way of trying to tell you to let him go, and to be at peace.

  • lisadpreston profile image

    lisadpreston 7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

    Very interesting hub. My husband died and we cremated him as well. I know he still makes his presence known. Some really crazy things happened in the first year after he died. I thought he was just showing me that he was still with me. I never thought of it as a stalker situation but that is an interesting concept. So much to the spirit world that we just don't know about and is confusing. Thanks.

  • Bendo13 profile image

    Ben Guinter 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

    That is very interesting, that kind of stuff has always interested me... It's hard for most to believe unless they've experienced it, which I haven't...

    But I do believe that it's possible and want to believe in that sense but really who wants to go through that on purpose, you know?

    It'd be an interesting experience but I'm sure it gets old fast.

  • RKHenry profile image

    RKHenry 8 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Creepy stuff here IE. I think I'd bury the old guy before it's too late. Cheers and happy haunting!