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How to know the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 10

Updated on November 26, 2013


 As I was preparing to invite my Higher Self to ‘write this chapter,’ a single word popped into my mind.    That word was “Fishing.”   Why it came, I do not know.   I am not a fisherman.   I have little interest in angling.   Does that word have any significance as far as this chapter is concerned?  I ask.   Or was this a random ‘happening.’    Why did this word drop into my consciousness?


Automatic Typing

Tom.   That word was presented by me that you might stop “fishing around” for a new subject for your next class. The subject is already there right before your eyes.   You don’t have to look further.  Use William Zorn’s book, Yoga for the Mind.   It is the right book, in the right place, at the right time.


            That out of the way, we shall get on.

Use Automatic Writing as a tool to making yourself more worldly wise

Your book on Automatic Writing is far from complete, so do not stop at a mere ten chapters. I have more to say on the subject, and no doubt you will have to, as more occurs to you.

I suspect that those of your readers who wish to experiment with Automatic Writing will want to know how best they can get the most out of their experiences; how they can use Automatic Writing as a tool to awakening their interests, and as a tool in making them more ‘worldly wise.’

“Worldly wise?” you might ask. Why worldly wise? Surely we are talking about heavenly things here? Surely we are talking about spirituality?”



Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

We are, Tom. But being ‘worldly wise’ does not simply mean being able to cope with the problems which beset one whilst one is living in the world of flesh. It means, also, that one must be able to shed any illusions about what living in the world of flesh is all about.

You are born into the denser worlds, such as the one in which you at present inhabit, so that you might learn to master that environment. By mastering that environment, I mean learning how to live so that you can live happily and sufficiently. By this, I mean, that each and every one of you ‘whilst in that world’ can ‘realize your higher potentials’ in the physical sense.



Do not abandon worldly desires for personal achievement

Do not abandon worldly desires for personal achievement. Don’t think that your life is over when you turn sixty or seventy, and that from hereon you are simply an old person waiting to die. Carry forward your earthly ambitions, whatever they might be, right up until the time you ‘die.’ Then you shall have those things (not earthly things such as possessions and the like, Tom, of course, but those qualities and skills you’ve earned by dint of hard application) when you come over to the next level of existence.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Carry those desires for being a champion, for example. Don’t say, “I’m over the hill,” or “What’s the point now.” The point is that you are extending yourself in all areas. Yes, all areas. Spirituality does not limit itself only to being ‘spiritual.’ You don’t have to be a ‘Holy Joe’ and abandon, say, your desire to be a world champion golfer, or the world’s best eye specialist, or the world’s best speaker, in your case, Tom.

These desires form very much the essence of the personal you. You might think that because you are a part of The Whole that, knowing this, you now need to cut right back on your own personal ambitions for development, and fall into line with what you think I, your Higher Self, want of you.


Your Higher Self wants nothing from you

I want nothing of you, Tom, but for you to experience life. That life, if it is to be a happy one, need be directed by your inner yearnings and promptings. These come from Me as well as you. But it is you that need them. I do not.

I can see that this is confusing you a little. To explain.

Your life is one of experiencing ‘bigger and better’- of expansion. This is called by scientists, Evolution. That is, evolving into better, bigger (not in the sense of quantity or mass here, Tom, but in ‘grandeur’) beings. You are a human being. You will become an advanced human being. You will become a super human being. You will become, then, the next step of Human Evolution, a spiritual being who bears little or no resemblance to what you now are- except for that centre of beingness which is both you and I in combination. But there will still be separation. There has to be. For if there is no separation from The All, there is no way of experiencing The All.


Black panther

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

So you must pursue that which gives you pleasure in its pursuit. I talk not now of hedonistic pursuits. Though I do not condemn these. We learn by what we have undertaken and found wanting. That is the way every one of my creations evolves. No, I talk of those pursuits which bring to you the ‘sense of achievement’ which resides in your heart. The writer writes, the runner runs, the gardener grows his flowers or his crops with joy. He or she ‘loses themselves’ in their activities, seemingly to become them, almost. And this is how it should be. This is how I have made you.

"Give it your best shot"

Yet, there must also be this awareness that one is doing this for one’s own advancement and enjoyment. You have captured this admirably in your own activities, for the most part, Tom. This must be made clear to others.

Once this book has been completed and is ready for publication you will, in all probability, be looking towards ‘another challenge’ something more to do. Whatever that is, take to it with a vengeance. ‘Rip into it,’ as the Australian vernacular would describe it. ‘Give it your best shot,’ as the sporting fraternity would put it. Take to it like the proverbial duck to water. For whatever it is that comes into your mind that you find desirable as an earthly pursuit will have been put there by Me- for it is natural to you.


We have innumerable lives - Indeed, we are life

You have had innumerable lives. Indeed, you are life. Some of these lives in which you have lived you have left a great deal undone, unfinished. You can take up on any of these so-called ‘unfinished projects’ where you left off. And you will quickly find your old skills -and the enthusiasm which went along with these- at your disposal.

You recall the various interests you had as a young man which you laid aside? These things were once so dear to you that only death in the world of flesh would have you leave them. Now, you are alive once more in the world of flesh. So, when one project is complete, let another come naturally to you. And when it does, take to it with joy. Yes, ‘Like a duck to water.’


Cougar or Mountain Lion

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Why do I use that phrase? I use it because the mental image of a duck is not just one of natural inclination -strong as that might be- but of joy. A duck without a pond or lake upon which to swim, is a duck from which the central part of its life has been taken. I did not give ducks webbed feet that they might walk around in a penned enclosure. I did not give them wings that they might be hemmed in. I gave them these for their freedom and their enjoyment. I give you, my human creations the same. Whatever you have is there for you.

And so, I reiterate what I have said. Take no heed of what age you might think you are. Say not, “I’m too old for this,” or “not suited to that.” If the desire is within you to undertake a project because you find it interesting, undertake it. Do it!

But I think I’ve said enough on this subject. I hope you enjoyed reading How to know your higher self.

Success is governed by our thinking

Your book on Automatic Writing is going to be as successful as you, yourself, allow it to be. This is governed by your thinking.

Do not imagine that its acceptance is governed by those others who take it and read it. They are part of you. You are part of them. If the book is good enough, both in your mind and in their minds, it will be good enough for both you, as writer, and those readers who read it.



Cheeta and cub

Words are tools. They are not the message

Because there really is no separation between you. The words must close any imaginary gap. If they close it sufficiently enough for your meaning to come across to their minds, and captures also, their hearts, then you will have a readership.

Words are tools. They are not the message. The message is what you have in your heart. The tools are what you have in your mind-body. The deciphering is exactly the same in reverse. But you know this. So concentrate on the message. Be strong with the message -and let the words and their interpretation by others take care of themselves.

All right.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Let us look at that chapter you wrote a few days ago and finished yesterday.

I know that you are concerned that you might not have enough (content) in this book to make it a publishing proposition. You think it has to have more body, more substance.

Perhaps it does.

Have you exhausted your knowledge on Automatic Writing? I don’t think so, Tom. Certainly I haven’t. Ah, so you are expecting Me to provide the knowledge? All right. I do so here.

You are able to take down any message which comes into your mind via Automatic Typing. Any message. Some, you do not take, because you have chosen not to listen. All are heard. But I have made a marvelous instrument. That is the ‘discriminative’ faculty of the human intellect.


Frightened 'moggy'

The human mind has its many dimensions

The human mind has its many dimensions. The intellect likewise. It can ‘sift out’ that which you have built up, over many lifetimes, with what you term your personal soul. That is the ‘finger-tip in the water concept’ without the delusion of being part of the stream; that part of your soul (not the Higher Self which is Me, who am connected to and ‘am’ an integral part of The Whole) but the ‘little’ self.

These are your phrases, your words, Tom. That is what is causing this awkwardness. Still, we are getting there.

I have this marvelous instrument which I have devised, created, made, for you, My ‘individual’ parts. You call this ‘Intellect.’ It is that which selects, discriminates. It is that which decides. It is that which knows within itself that which is less false. For every thing is false. It is a matter of degree. The intellect, which is a facet of Me, is that which you are. This, along with will and consciousness, make up each individuation of The Whole.


Very frightened moggy

I am leading you to perfection. I am leading you to Me

Where am I leading with all this? I’ve long ago lost you, Tom, I know.

I am leading you to perfection. I am leading you to Me. Though you will never get to Me. For I am The Whole and you are but a part of The Whole. A magnificent, splendid, wondrous part who can, at times, amalgamate and blend with greater parts of itself. But never every part. For if you, or any of my creations blend with The All, they, and you, could not longer exist experientially. Your experiences would end.

If your experiences end so, too, do you. Not in the context that you have gone into oblivion, into ‘the void.’ That cannot happen. But you will have come back into Me and in Me you know nothing experientially -except in memory. You are the light without shade. But the darkness is necessary to give the light its shape. You see now why the endless Realms of Relativity in which the Earth Plane, with you in it as human beings, was created. It was that you might experience yourself, and that I might experience Myself through you. I have no other way in which to do this.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

So there will always be greater and lesser. There will always be more advanced and not so advanced. There will always be more-knowing, and less-knowing among My variegated parts, be they constellations or microbes.

I think you get the picture.

And speaking of ‘pictures,’ picture this:

You are in a tunnel, a long, dark tunnel. There appears to be no source of light, but there is obviously enough for you to work out that it is a tunnel that you are in. You walk, seemingly forever. But it isn’t forever. For you come to a fork. You can turn either to the left or to the right. There is nothing to indicate whether one way is better or more favourable in its outcome -by this I mean, you are seeking away out of the tunnel. Which way do you choose to go?


Lynx or Bobcat

We cannot go back. It is impossible to do so

Self: Well, obviously there are three ways in which I can go. Back where I came from would be one option. A second would be to take the left hand tunnel. A third, the right.

My choice is not to go back. As to the other two choices, if they were exactly the same, I would just leave it to my sense of intuition, hoping that it would be the right one. However, I qualify that last. For I have no idea whether either of them would be the right (the best) one to take. Both might lead nowhere. By this, I mean, neither might bring me out ‘into the light.’

Automatic Typing

Good answer, Tom. You would choose not to go back. You would take a risk, choosing either one or the other which leads you forward. Good.

This is how I have devised the universe for my creations. They cannot go back. It is impossible to do so. Always there is a choice along the path which leads forward. But once you have chosen a path you stay on that one until another choice occurs. That is, it is presented to you. Do not simply stay put. Do not go back. Move forward into your life constantly and, as the forks in the road occur, take whichever one you care to. It matters not. For you go on forever and- wait for it- There is always enough light along the way. Always, and All Ways.

This chapter is complete.

I hope you got something out of How to know your higher self.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you Paradise7. For me, at seventy-four, this is obviously something troubling, hence the advice from my Higher Self. Motivation seems to drop away once we're well into the last quarter of our life. Placing these Hubs from a book I've already written and having them read by someone like yourself, is rewarding. But it does not seem enough.

  • Paradise7 profile image


    8 years ago from Upstate New York

    Terrific hub, Tom, and a lot to mull over. I really like the part about continuing to pursue personal development goals, no matter what age. Nobody should be sitting around, just waiting to die. It makes the gift of life so pointless.


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