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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue - 2

Updated on March 14, 2013

Our Highest Self is the Observer of our life

Along every beach the larger pengins, Kings, Royals, Gentoos are found,competing for space with the numerous seals.
Along every beach the larger pengins, Kings, Royals, Gentoos are found,competing for space with the numerous seals.

No one is special, we simply need to be fit for the job

Welcome to Chapter Two of Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue.

In Chapter One I expressed my views, that is my ‘little self’s views. Here, I call upon my Higher Self to provide advice. For the God-part of ourselves, our Higher Self, as I have already mentioned, is with us all the time. She knows what I wrote. I now call on Her to expand on what I said in the opening chapter, and add as She thinks fit.

Automatic Writing

Notice, Tom, that you said, “as She thinks fit.” You did this, because you do not think that you are fit. You are fit, Tom. You are indeed fit. Fit for this task. This is why I have chosen you to do it. But I won’t expand on that.

There are infinite ways we can be in communication with our Highest Self

What I will expand on is your belief that, in order to talk with God, one needs to be able to take down written communication in the way you espouse- Automatic Writing. That is certainly not the case. Written communication of this type comes through your mind. It comes from Me. It is interpreted by you. That is its major failing. That is its main shortcoming. It is not one hundred percent accurate.

You see, Tom, every bit of information which comes to you comes to you through the colouring of your own views. It is not objective truth. It cannot be. And what comes through in words is even more coloured than that which comes by pure Intuition. Intuition is beyond words. Though intuition is often ‘converted into’ words; generally succinct, terse sentences, or even one apt word, at the very moment that it is needed.

Yes! One picture is indeed worth a thousand words

Pictures are also another form of direct contact by Me. I can place a picture in a soul’s mind and have that picture register within their consciousness. I can also create a situation whereby that person can ‘sense’ that I, Higher Self, have created it. Indeed, know I have created it especially for them to understand. I can provide a ‘revelation.’ Words, on the other hand have less reliability. Let me explain why.

The words written here will not be correctly interpreted one hundred percent by you. I’ve said that already. Words being written by you will not be interpreted one hundred percent by your readers either. So already a great deal will have been lost. So you can see where this is leading. The more ‘intermediary’ minds (involved) the less the accuracy.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Nevertheless, by a reader learning how to take down messages from his or her personal Higher Self (that is Me, their personal God-part, as you would put it) that person will be enabled to advance towards Me at a far faster rate than if they simply chose to evolve through what is called ‘natural evolution.’ With the natural processes of evolution, that is ‘unconscious’ evolution, progress is made towards Self Realization. However, it is much speeded up if that evolution is being ‘consciously’ achieved.

By using Automatic Writing skills, such persons are undertaking a more conscious form of evolving. Thus they will gain in insight more quickly. Thus they will attain to Me more quickly. And that is the goal of all Seekers.

Close up of a King Penguin, MacQuarie Island 1977
Close up of a King Penguin, MacQuarie Island 1977

Highest Self says: " In the beginning...There really was no beginning"

Indeed it is the goal of all sentient beings- to come back to Me; to rejoin and intermingle and commune and be The All, once more.

You see, Tom, everyone was and is of Me. Let me explain that.

In the Beginning -there really is no beginning, Tom, I am using human phraseology here, human concepts, so that human beings can understand, so I shall say, “In the Beginning.”

God created the seeming divisions which exist for His/Her/Its purposes

In the Beginning, when I created the heavens and the earth, what did I really create? I created ‘division.’ That is a seeming division. I divided Myself into the many and this included ‘the heavens and the earth.’

When people think of ‘the heavens’ they think of the stars and the moon and the night sky. But this is only a part of it. The heavens I refer to, as far as human kind is concerned, are those elements of space which are contained not only in physical distance but in linear distance between the various ‘planes of existence’ on which human souls reside. There are seven such planes. Each interpenetrates the other. Earth is less subtle than those planes which envelope it.

There are heavens above heavens above heavens

My explanations here are simply a crude description to enable your readers to understand that I interpenitrate all, but that there are many beings -all of whom are My creations- who reside in a multiplicity of worlds beyond the understanding of most -no, all human minds. Yet some of these worlds are vaguely comprehensible. You have your imaginary hell and your imaginary heaven. But these imaginary heavens and hells bear little resemblance to what you will experience when you pass beyond the ‘veil of death,’ as you call it. There are heavens, above heavens, above heavens.

That's not pebbles you're looking at...

A bird's eye view of some of the half-million King Penguins at Lusitania Bay, MacQuarie Island 1977
A bird's eye view of some of the half-million King Penguins at Lusitania Bay, MacQuarie Island 1977

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - a Divine Dialogue

Now, for the sake of that human being living upon the Earth Plane who chooses to undertake Automatic Writing, there are a wealth of ‘imaginary planes of existence’ with whom that person can make contact. I say, ‘imaginary planes because all is of the imagination -My Imagination. You are imaginary, Tom. I, your God, have created your soul, and your soul has ‘imagined into existence’ the world in which you live. Total Humanity, living at present upon the Earth Plane, has ‘imagined’ into existence Its situation, its Environment, the World.

To get on.

From Highest Self: The Earth Plane of Existence is a range of energy frequencies

The ‘World Plane of Existence’ is a range of energy frequencies covering a particular band or spectrum. At its upper end it is already merging with the next ‘plane of existence,’ what you might call the lower end of the ‘Astral Worlds of Being.’ So the lower worlds of Astral (These are simply labels, Tom, which you have put on these places for your own edification. But at least they enable Me to explain them) are the ‘closest’ to you. There is a lower level too, below you. But the beings of that world cannot communicate with you. They are not advanced enough in spiritual development for that. That will change, of course, as all of my creations are advancing towards Me, that is raising their frequency (or vibratory rate) towards the limitless Me.

You don’t appreciate all of the ‘Limitless’ stuff I can see. I continue.

The lower Astral Worlds are made up of the 'mind stuff' of those who inhabit them

The lower Astral World is what you have termed Hell, or Hades, or Sheol. It is not a place filled with fire and brimstone. That is a concoction of many sick minds. It is not of Me. No, the Lower Astral Worlds are made of the ‘mind stuff’ of those who inhabit them. There is no judgmental God sending people to hell here, Tom. What happens, is people have created their own environment with their own ‘mind stuff.’ If they have hell in their minds during their lives, they have every chance of having it manifest into an environment which ‘seems like a hell to them’ when they die.

‘Dying,’ being a concept which is held in the ‘minds of humanity,’ by the way. It is not a reality. No one dies.

Imaginary? It all seems so real to us...

Friendly littler critters.  If you get down low they think you're a penguin too
Friendly littler critters. If you get down low they think you're a penguin too

The nearest plane actually interpenitrates the upper reaches of the Earth Plane

Hell or Hades- this imaginary ‘Realm of Relativity’ which is so close to those of you still in flesh upon the Earth Plane - is filled with human souls who can have an influence upon the thinking of those of the Earth. As I have already said, it is the nearest plane and actually interpenetrates with the upper reaches of the Earth Plane.

There are dangers to the unwary

Because it is the nearest plane, it is that which can most easily be reached by the ‘thought-forms’ of those who reside on earth. And it is also the easiest with which those in the Earth Plane can be contacted by its dwellers. So the dangers in Automatic Writing are such that if one does manage to contact ‘something outside,’ that is, what seems to be outside of oneself, one could very well be in contact with a spirit residing in this lowest of Astral Levels.

Now, it could well be that if a person who is practicing Automatic Writing is a little bit naive, a little ignorant, that person will assume that the contact being made is by some ‘God-like’ creature, when in actual fact that contact might be that of a spirit

(a spirit to you, being something or someone no longer of your world) who might not be very moral. Somebody who, if still residing on the earth plane, you would be inclined to avoid, shun, ‘have nothing to do with,’ because of their seemingly evil ways.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - a Divine Dialogue. Some important advice

You have read that there is ‘no such thing as evil’ and, also, ‘that evil exists’: a divine dichotomy. But for those living still on the earth plane as human beings, evil does exist. And you certainly do not want to be influenced by it- particularly if you are being ‘tricked.’ So the advice I give here is important.

For those who practice Automatic Writing there is every likelihood that in the earlier stages of their communication with worlds beyond there own, they will be communicated by lower level entities. These entities are ordinary humans who have died and have awakened into the next level of existence- that nearest to the plane they recently left. I say, ‘recently,’ even though they might have been there for years in earth time.

The Higher Self says: "Treat every communication with care. Be aware!"

Those who dwell on this plane are often filled with hatreds and resentments, longings and yearnings for things of earth, things of the flesh. They might try, indeed, there is every possibility that they will try, to have some influence upon that being on the Earth Plane who is communicating with them.

Thus be warned!

Treat every communication with care. Be aware! Know that you might not always be receiving words that are meant to help you evolve. Know that there are souls which have such darkness within that they will, if they can, endeavour to lead you astray.

Many individuals but only One Infinite Life experiencing Itself through its forms

The Royal Penguin rookery at Hurd Point, MacQuarie Island.  Photo taken in 1977
The Royal Penguin rookery at Hurd Point, MacQuarie Island. Photo taken in 1977

Most people are good

All right. That is the blackest picture. It isn’t all like that. Certainly there are dark spirits, if I might put it that way. But they are the minority. Most people, even those who still inhabit the lower realms of the astral worlds, are good. They might be self-centred, selfish, self-seeking, and shallow, but at their hearts they are good. Very few give over to total evil voluntarily.

The level to which people of earth are able to contact is dependent upon their own morale standing. Yes. ‘Good’ people -if I might put it that way - are always able to communicate with other ‘good’ people. Indeed, the higher your own spiritual advancement and development upon the earth plane, the higher up in the ‘Worlds of the Astral’ you are able to communicate. Did you know, for example, that when you say a heart-felt prayer, you are communicating with people in the very highest realms of the worlds to which humanity can at present aspire?

There are beings without form who hear your prayer

You think you are talking with God here and you are. But I am of the world’s beyond worlds known to Humankind. I am beyond and above. Yet there are ‘beings’ (I say beings, but they would be incomprehensible to you, for they are without form) who hear prayer and are ‘set’ by Me to answer that prayer. This they do willingly, and seemingly without effort, because they are far, far closer to Me than you- as little self- are.

To get back once more.

Automatic Writing has many advantages. The disadvantages we have spoken of briefly at the beginning of this chapter. The advantages are, to name a few: the ability for the writer to measure his or her progress. The ability to progress ‘up the scale’ as far as the quality of messages which come down to him or her. In the early years, as with you, Tom, contact will be made with those of the lower realms. Not necessarily Hades, generally it is the level above that, the ‘mid range Astral’ or even higher, where most people pass on to when they leave earth. Another advantage is the records they can keep. They can read these and gain in wisdom.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - a Divine Dialogue

Initially, people who are successful in contacting the worlds or planes of existence which people go to after they die, are interested in talking with dead relatives or friends. They wish to establish in their own minds not only whether these relatives and friends still exist, but whether they, the writer, is actually receiving information from these people, and not fooling oneself with some figment of their own imagination. Once this is established, and they are convinced of the genuiness of their communications -and this might take years, or even a lifetime- then they can get on with obtaining things of spiritual value.

As I said, the higher the level they can reach to, the higher their own spiritual development will become. So it behoves them to make a deliberate effort to improve themselves spiritually.

We are doing wonderfully well here, Tom. Going like the proverbial ‘house on fire.’

Highest Self says: "All people, religious and irreligious are receiving messages from Me all day and ever day"

All right. The next thing I wish to tell you is that it is not necessary to be spiritually inclined to receive messages from Me. People, ordinary people who are not the least bit religious, or even inclined consciously towards spirituality, are receiving messages from Me all day and every day. I never stop showering my messages into the heads and hearts of human beings. I do this in a million ways in a million different settings. It can be done by a word of praise from a stranger or a friend. It can be done in the lyrics of a song which catch a person’s breath and make them feel glad to be alive. I do it by bringing them some saving grace when they are in dire need.

I say, ‘I ‘ bring it. Yet, in actual fact it is the Higher part of themselves which brings it. What I am saying here, Tom, is that the Personal Higher Self attached to an individual soul is part of that soul- the already enlightened part- the part of Me which already knows Me. Thus the Higher Self of any person, any sentient being, is directly concerned with that part of it which has not yet ‘seen and come to’ the light. This is how a seemingly unconcerned Deity can intervene continually in the matters of those ‘parts of itself’ which are experiencing life in the world. Remember, we are All One.

A word on my (little self's) editing

All right.

You are wondering whether the editing you have provided to this chapter has changed any of its meaning. A little. But not seriously. Your endeavours to ensure that you are recording as ‘close to’ what is being put to you is appreciated. You’re doing just fine. But I’ve said enough in this chapter. This is to be a ‘dual’ work. Both you and I will be contributing, eh- little self?

I hope you enjoyed reading Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 2


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