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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 7

Updated on April 9, 2013
The writer shortly after arrival on MacQuarie Island, summer of 1976, contemplating a year in isolation
The writer shortly after arrival on MacQuarie Island, summer of 1976, contemplating a year in isolation

Chapter Seven

“Once the practitioner has had a few successes he is on his way.” Thus says my Higher Self, referring to the practice of Automatic Writing. Okay. But what does one regard as a success? Contact? What sort of contact? - A message from God! If one is expecting the result Neale Donald Walsch got on his first try, then one might be expecting too much. It is rare for our Higher Self to reach us in this manner straight away. Walsch is the only Automatic Writer I’ve ever heard of who was contacted by the ‘Highest part of himself’ at the very first go. Certainly I wasn’t. And from what I’ve learned from the reading of books by other Automatic Writers, neither were they. It is usually a matter of starting off by being contacted by very ordinary souls, i.e. Lower Level spirits. And messages from ‘ordinary people’ are generally ‘ordinary’ messages. So don’t expect profundity early on.

God has a myriad ways of communicating with us

Of course, God has a myriad ways of communicating with us, and is doing so all the time. Unfortunately most of us are either unaware of it, or don’t believe it, or refuse to listen. But we are referring here to a specific and systematic method, namely: Automatic Writing.

I’ve never been to a séance or Spiritualist session where people have sat around holding hands, such as are depicted in certain types of B-grade movie or on popular television. In fact, in my thirty-three years of practice with Automatic Typing I doubt I’ve been to more than half-a-dozen Spiritualist Meetings. But from what I gathered at those meetings, there are obviously people who go along so that they can identify, and then develop their skills, under the tutelage or supervision of more experienced mediums. I never did this. I’ve always practiced alone.


MacQuarie Island.  My freind and fellow expeditioner, Plumber, Col Watson getting a reaction from a young elephant seal
MacQuarie Island. My freind and fellow expeditioner, Plumber, Col Watson getting a reaction from a young elephant seal

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Mediumship has many facets. There are people who can see auras around other people. There are people who can see both auras and spiritual beings. There are people who can pick up ‘character’ from an object previously handled by another, whether that person is still alive, or no longer of this world. There are people who can both see and manipulate the flow of ‘Ki’ or ‘Chi’ in and around a client’s Etheric Body. There are people who hear the voices of spirits but do not see them. There are people who can both see and hear spirits, etceteras. Among this lot, Automatic Writing has very little ‘glamour.’ It’s low key.

Far more people can do automatic writing than those few who write books about it

Automatic Writing is largely a personal affair. Far more people do it than ever write books about it. And of the books written, only a select few make it to publication. Though there are a lot more published today than there were a few decades back. In those days many book companies were frightened their credibility might be impugned for publishing ‘such nonsense.’ ‘Channeling’ had a bad press. About the only place you could buy so-called New Age books in those days were the Adyar Bookshops associated with the Theosophical Society.

Home for a year. The Isthmus on a fine weather day

Base camp as it was before we built the big warehous in 1976-1977
Base camp as it was before we built the big warehous in 1976-1977

All you have to do is to be able to read and write and 'be willing.'

Nonsense or not however, today publishing houses are making an awful lot of money out of the works of the like of Neale Donald Walsch, who’s books have now been translated into twenty-six different languages at time of writing, and who’s first book, “Conversations with God, Book One,” was, apparently, on the best seller list in America for seven years straight. ‘Channeling’s’ press is no longer quite as bad.

Still, Automatic Writing is very low key when compared with Clairvoyance, for example. Or being able to manipulate auras and energy flows with one’s hands in order to heal. Yet it is probably one of the easiest of ‘Spiritual Communication Techniques’ to learn. As my Higher Self said, ‘ All you have to be able to do is read and write,’ and, ‘be willing.’

Let’s assume you are that. What is likely to happen, perhaps after the first one or two (or dozen or so) failures?

The pen will move.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It will move because it is pushed by an energy which seems to come from outside of your self. I say seems, for it will be an unconscious part of you that is providing the energy. I’m pretty well convinced this has to be so. The energy of a spiritual entity is of a higher vibrationary rate. So, using your subconscious mechanism, which is also available to it -because of your willingness- it is able to impose its messages upon a part of your psyche which is oscillating at the same rate as itself. Then you - through your willingness- in some mysterious way, are able to ‘step these frequencies down’ through your mind-body.

The spiritual being’s thoughts are therefore transposed in some way upon your own ‘mind-material’ and then rendered into words- your words.

Let me try to explain as best I can with my limited knowledge.

The big warehouse, built to take Army Larcs, under construction
The big warehouse, built to take Army Larcs, under construction

It's your vocabulary that's being used

Imagine, if you can, two spools of wire with an equal number of windings around their cores. If you move an electric current through one coil- and the other is close enough to it- it will induce a similar current into the other. It does this by a process known in electronics as ‘induction.’ This is the basis of radio.

Like nearly every other invention of Man, the concepts of inventing a radio seemed very simple, once they’d been discovered. It always seems that way- after the event. Likewise, it is likely the phenomenon of Automatic Writing will be deemed simple, once its secrets have been revealed. In the meantime we know that radio frequencies can be ‘stepped down’ in the simple circuitry of a radio receiver. Why then could not the ‘frequencies-of-thought’ on one plane of existence be stepped down so that it can be converted to words on another?


The emergency hut at Lusitania Bay, far south on the east coast
The emergency hut at Lusitania Bay, far south on the east coast

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It needs be noted that, in the human mind-body, the magnitude of the electrical energies involved are minuscule. However, before you jump to any conclusions about such a transference in this way being impossible, you need remember that the human body in a healthy adult can carry an electrical potential of up to one volt between one’s left and one’s right hand. This I have verified myself.And when you think of the tiny amount of electrical energy used in some of the technologies we use today, it does not seem so incredible that a tiny charge could be utilized in ‘Inter-plane Communication’ in this way.

If everything is energy, then thought is energy

Now I am not saying that this is how it works. I am saying that this is how it could work. If everything is energy (and our scientist say it is) then thought is energy. If light can be broken down in a prism, so that its lowest frequency, red, can be separated out from the others, why can’t something along these lines happen in the human mind-body?

In Automatic Writing the contacting spirit or entity is accessing not only the words of the medium. That entity is also using the muscles, nerves and to some degree, the sensory organs.

This can be disconcerting stuff. As I’ve said earlier- frightening stuff.

Lusitania Bay's King Penguin Rookery

Note the boilers in the far background.  These poor creatures were killed for their oil for almost a hundred years
Note the boilers in the far background. These poor creatures were killed for their oil for almost a hundred years

You are in charge of your life

However, the learning process is generally very gradual. The prospective medium can stop his or her advancement at any time. You are in charge of your life. You are in charge of your destiny. And never let any one else try to convince you otherwise, be they people living in this world, or the next. If you remember this, you will not get into trouble.

In my own case, I started my Automatic Writings almost as if I were learning to write again. The entity or entities working through me actually formed long lines of ‘e’s and ‘l’s. for example: ‘elelelelelelel,’ all in continuous handwriting. When the end of a line was reached the pen would not leave the page at all. Instead, it would whip back suddenly to the left-hand margin again, leaving a long unbroken line right across the page, before it recommenced its writing practice. Other letters were also practiced. Series of ‘g’s and ‘q’s for example.


Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Whether this happens with all people consciously setting about to learn this sort of mediumship, I do not know. It was certainly something I never expected.

When words did start to come they were frequently mispelled. There was no punctuation. No dotting of ‘i’s or crossing of ‘t’s. Yet an increasing sense could be made out of it. The writing was also arduously slow.

Gradually this gave way to my consciously breaking off at the end of a line (so that that unbroken line right across the paper no longer occurred) Then I started to consciously edit. I found I could break off at every word ending without losing momentum. Also I put in full stops and commas. Then I began to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.

As a 'conscious' medium, I was consciously doing these things.

As a ‘conscious’ medium I was ‘consciously’ doing these things. What I wasn’t doing is consciously making up the sentences. They were coming through an unconscious part of me.

Very early in the piece I was introduced to my main spiritual guide: U.R..

I also had a number of other spiritual entities very interested in my welfare. Before I’d hardly progressed at all, U.R, was there, ensuring that ‘unwelcome’ spiritual entities did not impose themselves on me. He also insisted on time limits to my communications, stating that the dangers lay in being overtired, and the like. Very early in these communications I realized that U.R was most helpful. And after a short time I always called upon him at the beginning of a session.


Plenty of time to contemplate the wilderness.  No roads on MacQuarie
Plenty of time to contemplate the wilderness. No roads on MacQuarie

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Naturally, I asked U.R. who he was. I had a sneaking suspicion that the letters ‘U.R.’ meant ‘your are.’ I was told this was not the case. U.R. was the initials of a being who’s name could not be pronounced in English. (He tried on a number of occasions to write it out but it was gibberish to me) But the most surprising thing was that U.R. claimed that he had never lived on earth. He was not a deceased spirit from our world, but a prior resident of a different world entirely.

There was a certain ‘vagueness’ about all this. This was in the very early days of contact, and I cannot recall ever taking it further than this. The natural expectation, when one reads about the ‘Spirit Guides’ of other Automatic Writers, indeed other types of medium as well, is that these guides are people who formerly resided on Planet Earth. U.R. wasn’t.

But to return to Automatic Writing.

Death doesn't suddenly make us more intelligent or more wise

Despite the intercession and policing of my sessions, U.R was not always able to stop unwanted personalities from making their presence felt- particularly if I blocked him by willingly listening to them. I should have known better. For they tried a number of seemingly harmless pranks which could have, nevertheless, got me into trouble.

A typical example of this sort of behaviour from mischievous spirit entities -who probably reside on the level nearest to us- was to provide false information. Another is to try to get you to do things. Often things which could lead to embarrassment should you be caught out. If any of this happens to you, draw on your common sense. Don’t do anything you would not normally do. Just because a spirit has passed into the next dimension does not make him or her any more intelligent or wise. And it certainly does not appear to make them more moral. If such ‘lower level’ entities can have a joke at your expense, it seems they will.

Speed of progress.


Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

As you progress with your Automatic Typing you will find that you become faster at it. The speed picks up naturally. Don’t try to force anything. Let it come as it does. But once you are off and running, do not be surprised if you reach a writing speed similar to that which you can normally achieve consciously within two or three months. I did. After that I had to ‘hold back’ the rate at which these messages flowed. That’s when I turned to the typewriter. But I’ve already written about that.

I am told that there are two distinct forms of mediumship. The first, and the one I’ve studiously avoided- and I suggest you do, too- is unconscious or ‘trance’ mediumship. This is popular with Spiritualists, I’m told. This is where the medium voluntarily surrenders his or her consciousness and goes into a deep trance.

The incoming entity then uses the medium’s body and speaks and acts through it.

When the trance medium awakes they can’t recall a thing which went on. I keep away from that sort of stuff. Sounds too much like ‘possession.’ The second type is where you retain wakefulness and are fully aware at every instance what is going on. This is the sort I advocate for those who wish to become Automatic Writers.

The writer in MacQuarie's wilds; mountain streams everywhere
The writer in MacQuarie's wilds; mountain streams everywhere

 You are responsible for how you live your life.  None other.  Friends can help you where they can and will.  And these friends can be in the world of flesh or in the spirit worlds.   But, ultimately, you are, as it says in the poem.  ‘the captain of your ship, the master of your fate.’   Remember it!   And keep in control.


If you are the type of person who reads New Age literature with the intention of learning the truth about yourself, or someone who wishes to become more knowledgeable about the really important things in life, you will probably already have a Spirit Guide, or Guardian Angel, call him or her what you may, looking after your welfare.  This more highly developed spirit will, in all probability, make your acquaintance early.   From then on this ‘mentor’ is likely to provide you with as much learning as you are capable of receiving at this time.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

With me it was U.R. for years. Though, later- many years later- U.R. was replaced by others. U.R. also advised me on several occasions that, because of my ‘progression,’ I had now come under the scrutiny and then, the advice, of entities of ‘higher dimension’ than himself. And finally, I graduated to receiving messages from what I call my Higher Self. This, I believe to be that part of me - which we all have, and ultimately are- the God part of yours truly.

You will receive higher and higher levels of spiritual guidance

So this is what your practices of Automatic Writing should be leading towards. It might take you years to get there. It might not. But if it is years, as those years go by, if your motivation is right, your heart is pure, your intentions noble, one thing is certain- you will receive higher and higher levels of spiritual guidance.

And when your Highest Self enters the scene in this way you will be....communicating with God.



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