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Spirituality In Our Life

Updated on April 25, 2020


spirituality is the reformation of the soul back to its original state.

it speaks of our inborn feelings. Those feelings originated from our conception and it lives with us until we die...

Many times in life one wonders why certain feelings of the inner conscience never go away, no matter what you can't shake the feeling off...

Every waking moment, every turn you make it comes back to hit a sharp prick in the mind, that jolts you to a real thinking mood. We all experience these gut feelings once or more in our life...

All of us are born under some form of religious belief... All of us were at some point in our life thought about God ... In childhood, if we can remember we were all taken to church, even if we didn't want to go, we went, because we like the clothes we wore... In many instances, we hardly understood what the priest read, most of the time we doze off... But those are the imprint that is left in our hearts and soul... Many of us after we reach teenage years we stop going to the church we make up some excuse to skip, we want to socialize with our friends, we now experiment in things that might be just what God is forbidding us to do...

As our hormones kick in, so too our mood changes, we can't explain the ups and downs, the highs and lows... the angry outburst; the self-isolation, and even worse the out of control substance abuse... It is during this very vital period of our rapid growth and development, that we become addicted to some bad practices, that later in life we cannot kick... One such habit is smoking, even though we all know its dangers, we still persist, we look at the ancient movies, and we want that cool look that makes the opposite sex fall...

Spirituality is that inner inborn food that the soul needs to sustain itself and purify our conscience... It helps us stay on the right track, it keeps us from sin, even though we may not go to church, we don't conform to any particular religious belief, we might still believe in God and fear him...God is the center of the universe, he is the driving force behind everything that goes on, nothing happens without his will... His will is the power to make it happen... We are the instruments to carry out his will... One such way is the willpower that he has placed in man; to use, and use wisely... Not to abuse for the sake of power (self) ...


Spirituality is important for mankind because it is his inner guide to self-purification... If mankind sits for a moment and looks at his very existence; he will realize that he was created by someone and he didn't just evolve out of nowhere. .. Also, he was created for a purpose. that purpose is not for evil means which most of us fall prey...

The big question: Why were we created?

Mankind was created to serve God and do his will... God's purpose is explaining in the religious text... Religion was sent as a guide to aid mankind; to teach right from wrong, to explain good and evil, and to warn us of the hereafter... God has not compelled us to follow his path, no!! he has given us the choice, the good ( steep and narrow path to paradise), the evil (which glitters and beckons us to the fire)... Yet we failed to see either side and we just go blindly on... No matter what choice we make, or path we follow, one day our spirituality will not rest until it finds peace...


Why is spirituality necessary in our life??

Spirituality is a necessary tool to help cleanse our heart and soul of all the impurities that we harbor over time... it helps us understand our purpose, it keeps our focus on the goal of our life... it makes us better human begins...

spirituality takes precedent over our actions in time of danger... it helps us to recognize our faults, it helps us stem our bad habits, it reminds us of a higher presence, it jolts us back to reality...

Our world is going through a very deadly period, a time when all the wealth cannot buy our life, This COVID 19 is a reminder of how fragile our very existence is, our very breath depends on God the creator... Mankind has deviated far away from the true meaning of life and living... We have played God and wants to prove his non- existence ... Today we are seeing the wake-up call that" I God am still in control"... No man has ever succeeded in becoming another God-head... For God is one and He alone deserves praise and worship...

Spirituality will always have a place within man... only time will tell when it will wake up and arose that feelings in man... The man was not created and left alone... No!! man always has God by his side... God is waiting for that sinner to confess his sins and to be purified of all evil...

Now is the time to reflect, to ponder, to question the mind and to analyze where you are, where have you come from, and where you are headed?

Ask yourself which path am I headed, the good/ the evil? Whatever is your answer now is the time to repent... Now is the time to continue even harder if you are on the good... God bless you all!!!!!


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