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Spirituality and Inspiration Come from Within

Updated on May 18, 2011

Life can pass us by without even a thought or a notion that we have missed anything. We tend to spend our days working, raising our children, and being distracted by many material gains we have been brainwashed into believing will give us some sort of happiness. Do these material gains give us anymore than a temporary satisfaction?

In a moment of reflection I wonder why I am here on earth, why any of us are here. Were we put here to live toiling for personal gain? Or are we each here to learn lessons of patience, virtue, wisdom and appreciation of our “hidden” blessings? Do we each have unlocked gifts that we ignore because we are on a path to immediate self satisfaction? Are we shutting out the gifts of compassion, empathy and love for fellow man and our living surroundings?

In any case, we have an earth that lives and breathes as we do and right now it is choking on what we are doing to it. The once blue skies in Shanghi, China are now covered over with a constant smog. It is trying to maintain order but the rapid environmental changes is making it harder and harder for the earth to maintain its balance. We, like the earth, need balance and order and we too are lacking.

Religion is professing that we are coming into a time of Armageddon, as is according to Revelations, a book in the bible. Each of the religions on this earth are professing a time of change and yet the high powers of this earth have all the money and are not interested in making changes that will help us save ourselves and our earth. Religion is different than spirituality. Spirituality is our individual practice of knowing our Divine Creator, even before we were ever taught. It is a peaceful feeling that there is higher power and more than meets the eye to us and to the heavens. With the vast expanse that surrounds our earth, how can we deny it, unless of course we are distracted by our own personal gain. We each have in us the potential to connect to the Divine and increase our own spirituality. There are many ways that we can do this but one of the easiest and best known way is to pray. Praying to the Creator and thanking him/her for all of the blessings, even ones that we take for granted, such as food or shelter. Children that are not born with health conditions, our own good health, the nature that is around us, our own thinking minds to appreciate the goodness.

Once we have discovered how miraculous it all is and how our Creator has made everything so perfect and just so, we can share our thoughts with friends and family. Point out the obvious, sometimes we miss the obvious in our journey to self preservation. Comment on their many blessings and your own. Appreciate what you have and learn to be at peace with it. This adds to your own feelings of satisfaction and contentment.

Our potential on this earth is massive, but we tend to forget. Remember your spirit is valuable. You are a worthy soul and so is each of us on this earth intending the best. Repeat these statements to yourself many times a day. Be aware of your body and its reactions to others and always, beyond any doubt, believe your intuition. It never lies.


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    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ontario

      I believe the same, I wrote this just to bring out some thoughts for those reading. Not everything is black and white...thanks for commenting Mrs. J.B.

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Talk about food for thought. I believe we are here for a lesson and to share with others what we have learned. I thought this was beautifully written. It has made me think and wonder. Thanks for a great topic.


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