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Stay Lucid and make your Lucid Dreaming more Powerful

Updated on August 15, 2019
Szabolcs-Istvan Kisded profile image

I read many books on lucid dreaming, and I am able now to create a lucid dream, whenever I want to, using some of these simple techniques.

It has often been witnessed throughout history that the loss of one sense or characteristic will heighten others. Blind people can have uncanny abilities to hear and feel. Idiot savants can not function well in normal society but have remarkable skill sets that are unmatched by others. What these types of people have in common is the highly sought after knack of taking outside distractions and limitations and removing them while maintaining and keeping extraordinary lucidity in certain tasks and endeavors.
Although we might not be able to reach and stay at the lucidity levels of those placed in difficult or obscure predicaments, there are many aspects of our lives that, when utilized right, allow us to stay in very lucid and beneficial states. The dream state is one such area that we not only can become lucid, but stay that way for extended periods of time. Once we learn more about staying lucid while dreaming we will be in a much better position for advanced lucid dreaming success. After we review a few exercises that may help us to remain lucid throughout the dream process and what it takes to stabilize our dreaming we will be able to avoid the pitfalls of the many dream interruptions we may face.

How complex our Dreams are

As hard as it is to get to the lucid dream state in the first place, it is even harder to maintain this mind set for any extended period of time. The more we become involved in lucid dreaming however we can realize that there are certain practices we can implement that will allows to accomplish prolonged lucid dreams states. Staying calm is one of the most basic but important prerequisites to holding on to dream lucidity.

Once we realize we are actually dreaming with complete awareness and control we get so excited or enthralled that clarity breaks and we are awoken by our own revelry. Focusing on our hands by doing things like studying vein and line details or rubbing them together often encourages further lucid dreaming. Movement and minute points call for increased self awareness and in turn can stop us from waking up. When a dream is fading away or becoming less dramatically experienced, lucid dreamers lean on spinning, turning around in circles or falling backwards. When a dream is ending, the act of spinning or falling becomes very reliable in bringing back our dream awareness.

Your dream will often completely change after you spin or drop but your lucidity should come back into focus regardless of where or how your new dream begins. This is normal. Finally, verbal cues and statements are very effective in helping us remain lucid while sleeping. By demanding and willing our dream perceptions to stay on track out loud can often get us right back into the lucid dream groove. Now that we know how to stay lucid longer what does this mean for us as far as performance or insight.

The greater amount of time we spend lucidly dreaming, the more powerful and worthwhile our dreaming can become. Lucid dreaming is a fun and exciting experience that relies heavily on time and continuance to assure impact. If we can not remain lucid while dreaming we will never fully realize the capabilities and true benefits of this scientific art.

We must try to increase the intensity of our dreams so that it becomes much harder for outside influences to break our lucid potential. Essentially we want to draw attention away from the sleeping body and towards the minds reality of dreaming and being consciously aware. Lucidly acquired memory is the perfect way to begin building within oneself a strong, consistent, and conscious core and staying lucid while dreaming is one way to accomplish this.

Of course we will not be able to stay lucid over our entire sleep cycle. Reachable and reasonable time based lucid dreaming goals are about half hour or hour intervals. Staying lucid while dreaming for six to eight hours in the same dream is usually just not possible. When we set our expectations correctly and really strive to keep and develop solid lucid dreaming practices staying lucid should become less difficult over time.


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