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Strange Humming Metal Boxes on Oregon's Beaches

Updated on March 15, 2012

One of the Metal Boxes

Is this a strange alien object? Is it a Chinese Naval secret weapon? Or is it a dock float?
Is this a strange alien object? Is it a Chinese Naval secret weapon? Or is it a dock float?

The Metal Boxes on Oregons Beaches; What are They?

Story By: Cow Flipper

Is something strange washing up on the shores of the Pacific Northwest? Well according to the internet buzz metal boxes emitting a strange sound have washed up on the shore of Southern Oregon; the beaches near the Lincoln County and Lane County lines on the Oregon Coast are the location some of these boxes have washed up. Some images of the boxes can be looked up on search engines connected to Internet websites talking about the boxes; the image to the right is one of those images. There are apparently seven of these boxes.

These boxes are 5ft x 5ft wide and 1ft tall and it is rumored that they can't be moved by persons or equipment and are said to have no noticeable openings, welds, seams, or bolts of any kind. Though some sites claim that the boxes are unmovable it has also been said that when people returned to see the boxes for a second time that the boxes had been removed from their original locations. It has been postulated that it is possible government agents or that the Navy may have already removed the boxes from the beaches to research or study them. Others think that a rise in UFO sightings are connected to these boxes and that they were planted and removed by these UFOs. Still other reports say it may all be part of a hoax. Investigator Linda Moulton Howe of states these boxes may be linked to the Japanese tsunami of last year. She has interviewed experts on the subject of the tsunami debris and the ocean currents should be carrying debris to the North American shoreline about now.

Update: Terry Dillman states in the comments a possible explanation...

"The "mysterious" boxes are, according to marine science experts, fiberglass dock floats (fiberglass covering around wooden frames) that either escaped from river sites during the January storm that wracked the Oregon coast, or possibly - but not certain - ones washed out to sea by the tsunami that devastated Japan almost a year ago."

So are these objects from Japan and if so what are they? (dock floats anyone?) Interestingly enough the boxes are said to have shown up at the same time that the Oregon coast is experiencing a rise in UFO sightings. But does this mean that there is a connection between the two or is it a coincidence? Some believe these boxes are linked to a report published by the British Government which found boxes like the ones described above in the late 90s and in 2004 and 2005 that had washed up in Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. But couldn't it be possible that those boxes were part of the debris from the Tsunami from the July 17th 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami and the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami?

Comment 1: Oh yes and on a personal note: I think this story begs for more concrete evidence to support its truthfulness or it leaves to many gaps and open questions as to what may be going on.

Comment 2: Considering the information that has been brought to light because of the connecting Tsunami factor I believe that these boxes are floating debris that has washed up in the shores of distant continents. Case solved until stranger information can be brought to bear to prove that this one isn't simply Occams Razor!

Story by: Cow Flipper


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