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Strange Things Today

Updated on July 17, 2012

History Today

The human race collectively, right now, has failed. And I realize that is a broad statement. But our race is playing God. Actively and passively. This is happening through the arrogance of the scientific community, which is basically left unchecked by any real regulatory body. Yes, scientists are overstepping all of humanity's governing principles and laws, and transgressing God's divine boundaries, possibly to the tipping point of destruction.

Ask yourself a few questions. Do you meet with others in a building to praise and worship? If so, who there is addressing or combating the scientific "big wigs" who are running amok?

By intended silence, or by ignorance, some churches are condoning behavior and practices that directly hurt us physically and spiritually.

In today's world food is rampantly sold to us containing flavor enhancers. One company that produces flavor enhancers is SENOMYX. This company uses something called HEK 293 to develop their flavor enhancers. HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidneys.

The HEK cells are harvested from electively aborted babies, and used to produce receptors for food flavor enhancers.

Please look for lists of companies who use HEK 291 in their products. I had found one at the link below, but after publishing this article I clicked on the link and there was an error on the site. Go figure.'contain-aborted-fetal-cells/ This is a good site to begin research, however. (The list pubished there was not current, as Pepsico has stopped using HEK 293 after a boycott compelled them to do so. Campbell Soup has also stopped using HEK. But the list of products from companies who still deal with Senomyx is long. Sorry the link disappeared into the cyber outer limits just moments after putting the link up).

Ask yourself if you want to consume these products, and pass them on to your family for consumption.

Ask yourself if anyone in a place of leadership in your religious institution has mentioned HEK 293 to your congregation. And please ask your pastor, preacher, priest, or rabbi if he or she has knowledge of HEK 293. If not, ask them to find out about it, and advise the congergation.

Have you heard of a company called MONSANTO? Well, Monsanto, a huge chemical giant that gave us such products as Roundup, along with some of the most toxic substances ever created, has also become an "agricultural company".

In 1980, the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision, in effect turning seeds into "widgets"... in so many words. This decision extended patent law to cover "alive, human made micro-organism". The micro-organism at stake was Pseudomonas, a bacterium developed by General Electric to clean up oil spills. (So where was it durning the B.P. disaster?)

This precedent was set in stone and opened the flood gates. Since that ruling, Monsanto has obtained 674 G.M. patents.

There are no laws in place to protect us from G.M. (genetically modified) foods... a.k.a. Frankin Foods. No labeling is required to alert the public when buying G.M. foods. The best we can do is read the numbers on the stickers affixed to our produce.

If you see a 5 digit number on a piece of produce beginning with the number 9, it is organic. If it is a 4 digit number on the piece of produce, it has been conventionally produced. If it is a 5 digit number beginning with the number 8, it is G.M. produce.

This "sticker/labeling" system tells us nothing about canned foods, dried foods, or frozen foods. So we just don't have knowledge of what we are actually eating. It could be grain growing it's own chemicals. A tomato spliced with fish genes to prolong shelf life. Monstrous Frankin Food.

Visit a particial list of Frankin Foods.

Once certain situations are noticed, patterns can be noticed also. Patterns do sometimes turn into structures, and structures into systems. Systems can become ideals, even when they didn't start out that way. Ideals can lead to divine sovereignty, or counterfeit interdependance.

Our times urgently ask us to choose who we identify with. Humanly and spiritually. Think about the esoteric aspect of emerging technology.

At Leviticus 19:19 we see... "Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed, neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thy".

Does this verse also spesk to our time? A time when the mingling of different genetic componants are being handed to the public without our consent and many times without our knowledge?

Are we, by ignorance or compliance reaching for forbidden fruit? While scientists go beyond the boundaries of nature. The very nature God created. Are our church leaders bringing us to knowledge and understanding of the current trends in what we consume as food, and the correspondence possibly found in scripture?

The Devil may very possibly be in the details.

Wasn't Noah spared because he was righteous, and "perfect in his generations"? The root word in generations is the same root word in genetic.


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