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Suffering- Optional or Unavoidable?

Updated on January 30, 2017

Unnecessary Actions

Much of the suffering in life could be avoided if before we decide to act we look at all aspects of the issue at hand.Some of the facts may not be available at the time but if we look at what is known, the outcome will be much improved and much suffering avoided.

Unfortunately we usually make up our minds long before we have taken an honest look at what we are dealing with. We do ourselves and others concerned a great injustice by not being as objective, as honest and informed as possible before we act.

Once A Decisions is Made

After we have already chosen to respond to a situations, it is often too late to change much of the results of our actions.

Fore thought is our best hope for changing the results of what our decisions create. We often jump to conclusions and live to regret our actions when it is too late. Suffering is the unavoidable results.

Our Ego Gets In The Way

When someone hurts or insults us, our knee jerk reaction is to allow our ego to get the better of us. Our hurt feelings cause us to react in a way that is not our true nature. In time we come to regret the choices we made. That is when we begin to suffer.

Once time has passed and all of the facts of what truly happened are known, we often begin to regret our choices and we feel guilty. We find that had we waited until we could sort thru the facts, we might have made a different decision or reacted in a way more true to our nature. Much suffering is the outcome of our allowing our ego to take charge.

It Requires Dicipline

If the desire is to suffer less we must consider our willingness to change. Change comes thru dicipline. There is no easy way. Our habits are deeply ingrained and only diligent attention to our behavior will create change.

There are no short cuts that will give us the results we desire. The most important ingredient is remaining aware of our behavior moment-to-moment. When we are behaving in a mindless fashion, we become open to unexpected circumstances, we are blindsided by that of which we are unaware.

Being conscious of our actions and of the happenings in our lives on a moment-to-moment basis is the only hope one has of avoiding unwanted circumstances. Being Conscious every minute is next to impossible and is the reason for practicing at every opportunity.

There are many good books and the internet offers much help in the form of videos and podcasts on the subject of meditation. A habit of daily meditation is the surest way to raise ones level of consciousness and awareness of that which is around you.

There are often classes offered in ones community. Group meditation helps greatly in increasing ones ability to stay aware. This all takes a true desire to create change in your level of consciousness.

Attachment Brings Suffering

The degree to which we expect our lives to be a particular way is the degree to which we suffer. If we can become less attached to the outcome, the less disappointment we will experience.

If we can become less attached to the things life brings our way, we will experience more peace.This takes a willingness to let go of our need to control people and things in our lives.The peace and contentment we wish for is to be had indirect proportion to our willingness to Let Go.


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