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Suicide, Mania, Psychosis.

Updated on December 27, 2015

Reality, pain and dreams.


Suicide, Mania, and Psychosis.

Suicide, Mania Psychosis‎.

Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.

in memory of my mum and dad.

My niece and nephew.

As well as all souls that have a dream.

What is Suicide?

When one ends his/her own life, commonly believed to be financial stress or broken, toxic relationships.

Yet what is the root cause of ending your own life?

Feelings of guilt.

Resentment of self.

A reality that you are a failure to your peers and society.
Where does it all go wrong.Making the wrong choices.Being in emotionally and physically abusive circumstances.
A low self esteem can lead to an excessive use of drugs and alcohol, to help you numb the pain perhaps forget your circumstances.

When it rains at times it pours.Rain drops on soil that is naked and not rooted in grass is muddy, even if you are wearing appropriate foot gear, you are advised to tread carefully, as the ground is slippery, and may be hazardous for your well being.

Taking your shoes off when you get home after a muddy storm, or you shall fill the house with filth.The mind absorbs all our thoughts, fears and emotions, that is why we snap at times.Even acting out of character, being mean and hurting the feelings of those that love us dearly.
Pushing away those that love us, alienates usfrom a much needed support structure.Should we become reckless it can get alarming to the calmness in our reality.


The lack of compassion towards a fellow soul human being or living form of life, plant or part of our universe.If you can hurt another being, you are a danger to ‎yourself and society.


Grandeur thoughts.

Lack of appetite.

Lack of sleep under 5 hours a day or night.

The inability to concentrate on a single task for a reasonable amount of time.

Being reckless and spontaneous, which causes impaired judgement.

Lack of sound reasoning.
A state of elation.

Heightened energy levels.Fear is suppressed, and being brave at times putting your life in harms way.


Could be a state of Nirvana.‎

Where you are one with your mind, soul, and deepest,feelings,desires and dreams.‎A state of consciousness where you are awake yet in a world of sleep with the living and the dead.Our angels and demons.Perhaps that is why we lose our minds, only to be certified, medically boarded, and temporarily declared clinically insane.


A fixed false believe. Delusions.Impaired thought patterns.The inability to separate reality and illusion.Being socially unexceptable. ‎Lack of grooming.Lack of appetite for doing your daily routine and responsibility.A sense of hopelessness.
Feeling like dying.
Being a danger to yourself society and the community.


What is one to do?

Count your blessings.

Learn from your mistakes.

Be cautious.

Love self above all else, the world has to offer.

Give back to those that are willing to receive and learn

Make sure you are cosy.Make the best of your immediate surroundings.

Eat your favourite food at least once a day in moderation.

Learn something new everyday.

Have something to look forward to daily.

Plan your day.

Take control of your life.

‎Nourish you‎r dreams with time they become your reality.

Should you fail to walk towards your destiny it shall perish with your demise, glory least not empathy and shame.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala

Jabu Jnr "43"‎


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