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Summer Solstice Living Easy With a Blue Print

Updated on May 8, 2023
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

The Blue Print in His word


Welcoming the Lazy days of Summer

Summer Solstice arrives each year, welcoming long-awaited lazy days as they undulate with exciting anticipation of carnivals, picnics, and pool parties. The sun's warmth is finally finding its way back from winter’s slumber, ushering in the sweet smells of honeysuckle and kettle corn. They fill the air with an ambiance and a wafting of familiarity.

Time is passing, like watching the sand fall from an hourglass; each grain slips fast and takes longer than expected. If one were to sit and watch each particle, it would take a while. When waiting time passes, the moments of life seem to speed up at an sped up rate.

Tick Tock goes the clock, with a lyrical dance of change, creating ambivalence to time and its historical sway. Confusion hovers with our desire to rewind while continuing to soar ahead as we contemplate the beautiful circle of life. No wonder we look forward to the solstice. It brings a new season.

Amidst the summer vacation are gatherings with family and friends from near and far with their ever-changing shapes and faces. Regardless of the time of physical separation, a temperament of historical importance maintains when in a reunion.

The weaving of memories and stories becomes a natural consequence of these gatherings. The practice of silly antics only shared in the present creates a zone of comfort, allowing for the condition of closeness. A relationship happens in these moments, solidifying a warm place in our hearts.

The variety of people and stories at our reunions is so refreshing. These gatherings are necessary for the completion of a family tree. Each piece or person takes place in the story's development, adding input to the history. The individuals contribute to the making of a family legacy. While the imprint remains unique to the individual, the experience is cohesive, and all are important to the making of memories that we share.

Each time before these sharing events, the expectancy comes with the thought of reconnecting. Curiosity rambles in our minds thinking about how things will be. Will there be an awkward hello?

Though we expect a re-acquainting period, usually normal rhythms ensue, with most picking up right where they left off. This comfort is natural as a relationship occurs on a continuum, constantly adding to, working through, and deciphering the next phase.

People change at the reunion meetings; some get taller, and others add the extra couple of pounds they hope will not arrive before another swimsuit season. Some are experiencing firsts in a new relationship, while older faces show a slight deepening of the subtle lines from the previous year. The matriarchs are less active, but the action occurs almost in a respectful circle around them; they include and appreciated for their place in the hub of family activity.

Those with wisdom are far more observant of the scene as it plays out. They are the “go-to” for past remembrances when others get stuck in sharing the past. Even if the stories shared by the elders change with their recollection, others tune in, waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse of where they came.


Follow His Blue Print

A relationship is a process that will flourish if it starts with a firm foundation. The building blocks will slowly collect in time; what we need will be available and mature into a beautiful tapestry. When we look forward to the difficulties, already knowing through the knitting of time and experience, all things are possible if the center is stable and firmly planted in the blueprint supplied by God.

The greatest and the most selfless relationship is the one we have with our creator and Father; He is Agape love.”

Agape love is the free love our God has for humanity and the reason He gave us His son.

God gave of Himself, so He could come alongside and live in our present. Christ suffered and died for our sins, paying the debt for all of us, unselfishly and sacrificially sharing Himself with us. He then rose again with a glorious resurrection. Thus, His grace supplies the needs for our existence.

His stories are our past, present, and future. He is the answer to our questions, the recollection of our history. ’God’s presence is so beautiful in the gatherings of family and friends; the simplicity of relationship occurs when we give our time and attention to it. Those that come into fellowship with us become the building blocks as we build our houses in the blueprint of His word. As we envelop with the design of His word, we increase the awareness that He provides all we need.

Christ will address all punch lists when He is your center; no construction crisis is too harsh with Him. All things become apparent if you adhere to His master plan. There will be structures around you can observe for placing your building blocks. However, they construct here on earth in this time and place and, therefore, weathered and imperfect.

With Christ at their center, they may be helpful. Be careful to note imperfections we all have them, but, His plan and purpose for the provision of growth. Remember, the greatness of a relationship is that He is constant, and you can do all things with His direction.

Remember to wear your hard hat when in the construction zone. This way, debris can deflect, and you can always go back to the blueprint for the next step. Your building can reach high; there, your structure will shine significantly in the distance by ’God’s grace.

There will be times when the influence of this world will spill over your blueprint, blotting the lines and confusing the boundaries; this may slow your pace, but give attention to the details, and clarity will come to the surface. When misguided by the noise, alternatives, bias, and wants, we need to clamp down and stick to the plan. Look for those with a hard hat of helpfulness and a desire for kindness similar to your own. Their cap may be slightly off-kilter, but they want to stick to the exact blueprint, and together you can achieve a balance of progress toward a beautiful truth.

The next time you’re sitting on a picnic blanket amidst the rumblings of those surrounding you, just as the sun sets, while fireflies are dancing above your head, remember how great our God is and how much He loves you, just the way you are.

He loves your brokenness, your beauty, and your heart. We see clearly your heart in His eyes and not in the image of others. He knows you, sees you in all circumstances, and sees you as His child made in His image. The plans He has for you are specific to your purpose. No worries if the blueprint seems blurry. He is the one at the head of your project.

Others will make assumptions as to placing your next building block. They may even attempt to sway its investment and distract your focus from all that is purposeful for Him. At this moment, release the hold of confusion on you, trusting that His blueprint has a clear image of the design He created just for you.

Keeping His plan in front of you at all times and referring to it often, He will guide your structural build with His Holy Spirit. His grace will be the whispers in the wind that encircle you in the storms. Surrender allows an eventual means to understand our trials.

His purpose may not always seem clear unless you seek Him and give attention to His blueprint as His gospel. He will be there on every building and rain-out day; He will wait with you. He is the covering you need and the roof to your home, and He lives in your rooms.

Let your heart seek Him when amongst the clouds. All you need to do is move from behind the clouds; beyond them, He will light your way in a dark world.

The only Blueprint needed

Follow Him and the living is easy

Next time you’re enjoying the lazy days of summer while sitting in awe of His landscape, take a deep breath and know His Spirit is ready to fill you with all the strength needed to complete your build.

He is your developer sitting beside you, holding the blueprint for your view. Try hard not to get distracted, for there will be severe delays and derailments, many will have their interpretations of your plans, but they’re not the “boss of you.”

Take things as they are and keep an open mind, always willing to reflect the blueprint of His word. Be careful not to get caught in the assumptions of others or the limitations of this life, for you are more.

People change, places change, but God is the master of truth. He has planned our communities. He is constant, and He is in control. He switches things up and brings about unusual twists that allow for a continuum in a relationship with Him. When we least expect His plan to make sense, it does, and its flow surprises us.

When it makes sense, it’s easier to understand that what came before to get us where we’re going. We understand the why’s and hows of life’s circle and see He is completing work in us.

These progression experiences allow for a helpful reflection on those frustrating punch lists along the way. He helps us quickly knock them out as we reflect on His teachings. When following His call, we relish the joys of His allowance of trials and praise Him, in awe of how He uses everything to bring us where He needs us to be. There, He can use us fully for His purpose.

Summer is a glorious time of reunion and respite, but none of the beautiful days of summer can compare to the meeting that awaits us with Christ, our Glorious King. He is worth everything, and He wants to see our buildings flourish.

Summer Solstice is the beginning of a season, but God is the Orchestrator of all seasons. With Him at your core, the living is comfortable as long as you stay tuned into His BluePrint.

You gave your life away ...

© 2014 Kathy Henderson


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