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Surrender for Peace

Updated on March 20, 2016

Iraqi War Flyer

Pictorial instructions on flyers dropped over Iraq prior to ground troops going inside ...
Pictorial instructions on flyers dropped over Iraq prior to ground troops going inside ... | Source

Surrender Instructions in Gulf War 1991

CEASE RESISTANCE -- BE SAFE  ............ Do this and you will not die
CEASE RESISTANCE -- BE SAFE ............ Do this and you will not die | Source

I Learned this in Combat

While serving in the Gulf War, I retrieved one of many flyers I found upon the ground that had been dropped in previous days by bombers rather than dropping actual destructive bombs. They were dropped in hopes of saving lives and alleviating bloodshed. They were dropped giving troops on the ground more options to choose from and they included specific instructions in two languages as well as pictured depictions.

Prior to finding these flyers I had wondered why we had met so little resistance. I was grateful to not have to participate in much bloodshed, I was grateful to see people seeking peace rather than war. Even the highly proclaimed Republican Guard was shouting, "Go USA". and we were throwing meals of MRE's out of our trucks as we passed by rather than throwing hand grenades.

Then I found the flyer, just a little peace of paper. (See Pictures). I have kept that paper tucked inside plastic these many years, 26 years actually almost to the date, just a month more. Peace was declared in Feb 1991 through a conditional surrender, Soldiers followed the instructions which told them how to gain life versus death and mayhem.

It began with, "CEASE RESISTANCE - BE SAFE" and it had 4 basic simple instructions followed by the 5th which was a statement reading, "If you do this, you will not die". On the flip side was one picture showing results of resistance and the other showing results of surrender.

This little piece of paper I realized had saved more lives than I could ever count ... maybe even mine. I wondered what may have been the result had these little flyers not been scattered through the potential battle fields. What if they had not known to consider these options, what if they wanted to surrender but had no idea how to effectively do so? What if ...

Surrender in War

Position is the same as in the photo below ... So we see surrender has a physical mode by which we body talk surrender ...
Position is the same as in the photo below ... So we see surrender has a physical mode by which we body talk surrender ... | Source

Surrender in Spirit

Christ surrendered .. not to people but to a higher power he called Father and God.. This position is similar to the above,, minus the duress ...
Christ surrendered .. not to people but to a higher power he called Father and God.. This position is similar to the above,, minus the duress ... | Source

When & Whom to Surrender To

Recently when it was my turn to teach in our Relief Society women organization, my assignment to teach was about Peace from our Savior and of course surrender was the mode by which this Peace is found. I immediately saw the direct correlation to my war experience and the flyer I shared above.

We can not surrender to just anyone or anything, especially if we are seeking peace. Peace is not found in the arms of a tyrant or in the backroom deals. We must be careful we know to whom we are surrendering and what to expect. Then most importantly as the flyer depicted, we need to know how to surrender.

There are 2 depictions to the right, both depicting surrender and the body language is eerily similar, however, the feeling inside and result is not exactly the same.To find true peace anytime, all the time and for ever, we must surrender to Christ, The Savior, The Redeemer, who as we see has surrendered to The Father, God, The Great Spirit. We must never surrender in this way to anyone or anything else and expect to receive the great peace only this can bring. The terms are very clear and the results never fail. The Lord Savior Jesus Christ is referred to as the Prince of Peace ... this makes him the ruler or guardian or expert on peace and this is his role and purpose and function within the scope of all things temporal as well as spiritual.

I saw this correlation so clearly and saw the surrender so well, yet the important discussion became the instructions and the terms. Without these, ... well... we may die. We may not know the available choices to save our own lives and the lives of all others. These instructions saved bloodshed and sorrow on the battlefields in Iraq and knowing the instructions to surrender to the Prince of Peace will save the same as well as sorrow or loss in the spiritual minefields. Knowing and following these simple instructions can save all who know and follow from ever suffering or causing another to suffer both temporally and spiritually on all levels and layers of life

Surrender Conditions

All surrenders have terms and rules and instructions that are agreed upon or imposed for Peace to exist
All surrenders have terms and rules and instructions that are agreed upon or imposed for Peace to exist | Source

Terms of Surrendder

Know the terms of surrender. As the flyer depicted, if they did not surrender war and mayhem would ensue and if they did surrender they would see their families again and be happy. Also. I have shared the newspaper headlines from yet another war announcing many terms and conditions.

Always there are things we must do, terms and conditions that must be met and always there is a pay off ... Peace. This is the goal and this is the payoff. The payoff is not power, control, or wealth of any sort whether it is in the battlefields or in the everyday life or eternities. It is the basics of life, family, hope, love, ... yes ... Peace.

To surrender in war there were 4 simple steps and when they were followed, peace and the rewards of safety and food and family were fulfilled. To surrender to The Prince of Peace it is just as simple maybe even easier. And, if we know the terms and instructions we will have peace and we will not die ...

Faith is the first requirement, belief it can happen and that there is a Savior who loves us and is The Prince of Peace .. Submit to the laws that He has taught govern peace ... Love the Lord thy God with all thy might mind and strength .. Love thy Neighbor as thyself .. and lastly Never give up or look away. Stay firm in the resolve. Do this and you Will find Peace and you will not die .. you will find the blessings of peace and family well past this temporary temporal experience far into the eternal spiritual experience.

Do you believe ...

Do you believe in a Prince of Peace .. A Redeemer .. Jesus Christ ..

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Peace .... Love ... Faith

Peace is found, Love continues to cultivate and Faith keeps it alive ...

I want to tell you it is my firm belief and resolve that there is a Prince of Peace , there is a Redeemer , I call him Jesus Christ ... that has passed through this temporal experience and into Eternal Peace preparing a way and acting as an advocate and a guide and protector if we just follow the instructions. I write this article so that as the flyer that saved so many in Iraq in 1991 .. maybe even me .. that this may also save many lives even me ..

For all those who read and follow the instructions .. CEASE RESISTANCE - SURRENDER
Do this .. and you will not die ... Peace be unto you ..

© 2016 Sioux Ramos


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    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 2 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks! Love Light and Blessings Always Paul

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 2 years ago from east coast,USA

      Nice thoughts, and I like the comparisons. Thanks.


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